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 Ratification of the Constitution Indexes | Index to Volumes 4–7: Ratification of the Constitution by the States: Massachusetts | N |  Northern States


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– adhesion of to each other [1 reference]

– can monopolize carrying trade through legislation with only simple majority vote [1 reference]

– commercial laws passed by Congress will favor [1 reference]

– commercial acts should have required two-thirds vote in Congress [1 reference]

– want to strengthen Congress’ commercial powers [2 references]

– have predominated in Congress [1 reference]

– consumes fewer foreign goods than South [1 reference]

– Constitution would benefit [1 reference]

– mainly farmers [1 reference]

– inhabitants are sober and active [1 reference]

– jury trial of facts is more sacred in than in South [1 reference]

– longer life expectancy in than in South [3 references]

– Maine independence will be encouraged since it would give two more senators to [1 reference]

– population of is more dense than in South [1 reference]

– quality of land compared to South [1 reference]

– separate confederacy of if Constitution is not ratified [1 reference]

– slave trade provision deleted from Declaration of Independence [1 reference]

– not responsible for Southern slave trade [1 reference]

– people are different in from Southerners [2 references]

– sub-confederation of should be formed [1 reference]

– taxed most heavily under Articles of Confederation [1 reference]

– three-fifths clause works against interests of [2 references]

– will be more heavily taxed under Constitution [1 reference]

– independence of Vermont will be favored as it will give two more Senators [1 reference]

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