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 Ratification of the Constitution Indexes | Index to Volumes 4–7: Ratification of the Constitution by the States: Massachusetts | O |  Officeholders, State


– as Antifederalists [1 reference]

– accused of opposing Constitution for selfish reasons [10 references]

– Antifederalists charged with wanting [1 reference]

– criticism of requirement of to take oaths to support Constitution [7 references]

– denial that Antifederalists are selfish officeholders [2 references]

– denial that they usually oppose Constitution [1 reference]

– do not deny their oaths by supporting U.S. Constitution [1 reference]

– dual in colonial Mass. [1 reference]

– in colonial period dependent on Great Britain for salaries [1 reference]

– in Mass. do not believe their state will ratify [1 reference]

– in Mass. impeachment of is tried by Senate [3 references]

– in Mass. would violate their oaths if they voted to ratify Constitution [4 references]

– limitation on dual in Mass. not sufficient [1 reference]

– must take oaths in Mass. [1 reference]

– oaths by to support Constitution protects against usurpation of power of general government [1 reference]

– pleased that Mass. officeholders are eligible to be Convention delegates [2 references]

– praise of fixed terms for in Mass. constitution of 1780 [1 reference]

– non-delegate officers of Mass. not permitted seats in Convention [3 references]

– proposal to lower salaries of [1 reference]

– required to take oath to support Constitution [2 references]

– state constitutions restrict clergy from holding state offices [2 references]

– too many Antifederalists in office costs much in taxation [1 reference]

– will be filled by merit under Constitution [1 reference]

– will come into conflict with federal tax collectors [1 reference]