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 Ratification of the Constitution Indexes | Index to Volumes 4–7: Ratification of the Constitution by the States: Massachusetts | B |  Bill of Rights


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– Articles of Confederation does not contain [1 reference]

– Constitution already has some elements of [1 reference]

– Constitution described as [4 references]

– Constitution is not a bill of rights [3 references]

– criticism of Mason’s advocacy of [1 reference]

– danger to omit any [1 reference]

– Hancock’s first amendment amounts to same as [2 references]

– impact of Mass. recommendatory amendments [1 reference]

– importance of [3 references]

– as important issue that Federalists in Mass. Convention argue is not important [1 reference]

– as compact between governed and governors [1 reference]

– Mason opposes prohibition on ex post facto laws [1 reference]

– Mass. Declaration of Rights [4 references]

– motion for a committee to consider in Constitutional Convention [2 references]

– necessary at state level but not at federal [1 reference]

– need for [42 references]

– no need for [27 references]

– of states will be confirmed under Constitution [1 reference]

– origin of [2 references]

– peculiar to America [1 reference]

– proposed amendment making each state’s bill of rights valid in federal court [1 reference]

– protects natural rights [1 reference]

– purpose of [1 reference]

– seven state constitutions do not have [1 reference]

– should be in place in federal capital [1 reference]

– and standing army [3 references]

– state bills of rights do not protect people from federal government [2 references]

– supremacy clause endangers state bills of rights [1 reference]

– have been violated [2 references]

– would make Constitution more dangerous [2 references]

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