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– Antifederalists appeal to [3 references]

– artisans coming to U.S. [1 reference]

– Boston meeting of [6 references]

– as Federalists in Boston [2 references]

– in Boston agree to boycott British goods [1 reference]

– and Boston federal procession [7 references]

– of Boston allegedly would be hurt by Constitution [3 references]

– of Boston asked to elect Federalists to Mass, Convention [1 reference]

– of Boston deceived by Samuel Adams [1 reference]

– of Boston pay for repast for Convention delegates following ratification [1 reference]

– of Boston reportedly oppose Constitution [3 references]

– of Boston thanked by Convention delegates for procession [1 reference]

– of Boston treat Widgery with politeness after ratification [1 reference]

– of Boston will be prudent in election of Convention delegates [1 reference]

– carpenters unemployed under Confederation [1 reference]

– Constitution will benefit [2 references]

– falsely said to be Antifederal [1 reference]

– farmers in accord with [3 references]

– as Federalists delegates to Mass, Convention [3 references]

– hardpressed workers will benefit from subscription to build three ships [1 reference]

– praise of as delegates to Mass. Convention [1 reference]

– resolutions of the Boston tradesmen’s meeting [6 references]

– will be employed under Constitution [1 reference]

– will be forced to wait long for Congress to exercise commercial power under Constitution [1 reference]

– will be overtaxed under Constitution [1 reference]

– will benefit if commercial affairs are straightened out [1 reference]

– will suffer under federal judiciary [1 reference]

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