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– proposed amendment to Articles of Confederation concerning [1 reference]

– proposed amendment prohibiting Congress entering into that take land from a state [1 reference]

– Americans able to enter before passage of Articles of Confederation [1 reference]

– potential abuse of under Articles of Confederation [1 reference]

– are void unless approved by Congress [1 reference]

– Confederation Congress authorized to enter into [2 references]

– Confederation Congress can prohibit states from entering into [2 references]

– Confederation Congress cannot alienate part of state without its consent [1 reference]

– Confederation Congress cannot enforce [2 references]

– Congress needs power to enter into [2 references]

– Constitution will aid U.S. in entering into [1 reference]

– criticism of call for states to enter into treaty of amity and commerce [1 reference]

– criticism of federal judiciary’s jurisdiction of [1 reference]

– criticism of power to make [1 reference]

– danger of use of American armies in support of foreign power through treaties [2 references]

– debated in Mass. Convention [1 reference]

– defense of provision for making and ratifying [2 references]

– federal government must be able to enforce [1 reference]

– must be approved by House of Representatives [1 reference]

– danger militia might be placed under control of another power because of commitment of [1 reference]

– information about negotiations of should be secret [1 reference]

– need for money would prevent troops from being sent around world [1 reference]

– The Netherlands entered into despite being a confederate republic [1 reference]

– nine states should be sufficient under Articles of Confederation [1 reference]

– objection to President and two-thirds of Senate making [13 references]

– only two-thirds of those present needed [1 reference]

– praise of limitations put on states to enter into by Constitution [1 reference]

– Senate power over [3 references]

– Senate role in requires longer term of office [2 references]

– states limited to join under proposed Antifederalist substitute plan [1 reference]

– states under Articles of Confederation should enter into tying themselves together [1 reference]

– danger that states may violate [2 references]

– support for longer terms for President and Senate to negotiate [1 reference]

– as supreme law of the land [12 references]

– text of proposed amendment to Articles of Confederation giving no preferences in to be given to ports of one state [1 reference]

– those in effect will be affected by Constitution [1 reference]

– Union necessary for U.S. to enter into [1 reference]

– U.S. has entered into with European powers [2 references]

– will be more enforcible under Constitution [1 reference]

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