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Convention Debates, 19 January [Ratification by the States 6:1256]


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– America is surrounded by enemies [1 reference]

– Articles of Confederation helps prevent [1 reference]

– Congress needs tax power in case of [4 references]

– Constitution will prevent [1 reference]

– danger of if U.S. shuts its ports [1 reference]

– description of how they are started in neighboring commercial states [1 reference]

– direct taxes should only be levied during [8 references]

– possibility of war in Europe [9 references]

– in Europe is uncertain [2 references]

– in Europe will benefit U.S. [1 reference]

– false threat of by creditor nations attacking U.S. and taking commerce [1 reference]

– general government for U.S. needed to avoid European wars [1 reference]

– Great Britain will suffer from European war [1 reference]

– only time habeas corpus can be suspended under Constitution [1 reference]

– imminent with Indians [4 references]

– increased danger of under Constitution [1 reference]

– need for military preparedness to prevent [2 references]

– needed to implement new government [1 reference]

– New England has maintained manly virtue necessary for [1 reference]

– no danger of to require immediate ratification [1 reference]

– no passion for helps America come up with viable government [1 reference]

– power to levy direct taxes needed to prevent [1 reference]

– prevention of is important function of federal government [1 reference]

– states limited to engage in under proposed Antifederalist substitute plan [1 reference]

– threat of should allow defensive measures to be taken [1 reference]

– U.S. as separate confederacies will be perpetually at war [1 reference]

– U.S. secure from European wars because of distance [1 reference]

– U.S. should avoid in Europe [5 references]

– usual employment under Greek and Roman republics [1 reference]

– will be prevented if men replace vengeance with benevolence [1 reference]

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