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 Ratification of the Constitution Indexes | Index to Volumes 4–7: Ratification of the Constitution by the States: Massachusetts | W |  Worcester County


– Antifederalist strength in former Shaysite area [2 references]

– continued opposition to Constitution in after Mass. ratification [1 reference]

– Mass. Convention committee approves election of delegates from except Worcester and Petersham [1 reference]

– Mass. convention delegates from are heavily Antifederalist [4 references]

– Mass. Convention delegates urge support for Constitution [1 reference]

– delegates to Mass. Convention vote against Constitution [1 reference]

– Mass. Convention delegates urge constituents to await amendments from first federal Congress [1 reference]

– delinquent in paying quota of taxes [1 reference]

– estimate of strength of parties in delegation to Mass. Convention [1 reference]

– fairly represented in Mass. Convention [1 reference]

– has chosen several good Federalists as delegates [1 reference]

– letter of acquiescing Antifederalist from [1 reference]

– many support Maine separatism in belief that town of Worcester will be new state capital [1 reference]

– no Federalist delegates needed from to ratify Constitution [1 reference]

– public opinion now conciliatory after ratification [1 reference]

– and publication of Antifederalist material in [1 reference]

– representation in Mass. Convention [1 reference]

– sends ten Federalists to Mass. Convention [1 reference]

– Shays’s Rebellion in [2 references]

– toast drunk to seven delegates from for supporting Constitution [1 reference]

– votes of Mass. Convention delegates on Constitution [7 references]