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 Ratification of the Constitution Indexes | Index to Volumes 4–7: Ratification of the Constitution by the States: Massachusetts | C |  Congress under Constitution, Debate over Powers of


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– authority will extend to powers over states [3 references]

– bill of rights needed to curtail power of [2 references]

– cannot amend Constitution alone [1 reference]

– checks upon abuse of powers by [3 references]

– Constitution allows it to make state constitutions [1 reference]

– can suppose it will be corrupt [1 reference]

– criticism of [45 references]

– criticism of inability of Congress to prohibit slave trade immediately [2 references]

– danger from its power to establish mode of criminal process [1 reference]

– danger that it can adversely affect President’s power to execute laws [1 reference]

– debate over control over [1 reference]

– defense of [26 references]

– to define Supreme Court’s appellate jurisdiction [2 references]

– to establish inferior courts [13 references]

– granted all legislative power [1 reference]

– has no more power than Confederation Congress [1 reference]

– has no power to establish a religion [1 reference]

– has no power to limit freedom of the press [1 reference]

– has only powers of national concern [1 reference]

– impost of will encourage manufactures [1 reference]

– jurisdiction over federal district [2 references]

– less likely to abuse power than Confederation Congress [1 reference]

– will have power to send militia abroad [1 reference]

– members of subject to all laws [10 references]

– members of are supposed to know state of the people [1 reference]

– much of sovereign power of people in [1 reference]

– must be cautious in giving powers to [3 references]

– not likely to abuse its powers [1 reference]

– numerous checks against power of [1 reference]

– only has delegated powers [4 references]

– over sword and purse [14 references]

– possessed of too extensive national powers [1 reference]

– power of Congress to enact punishments concerning piracy and murder on high sea [1 reference]

– power over immigration [1 reference]

– power over naturalization [5 references]

– cannot, interfere with states police powers [1 reference]

– power over territories and western lands [1 reference]

– power to declare punishment for treason [1 reference]

– powers granted are all necessary [2 references]

– powers are ill defined [14 references]

– powers of would increase if a bill of rights were added to Constitution [1 reference]

– powers regarding admission and creation of states [1 reference]

– and presidential veto [2 references]

– and public debt [2 references]

– proposed amendments restricting powers of [1 reference]

– to raise armies [8 references]

– to regulate commerce [6 references]

– to regulate militia [2 references]

– should have power to deal with foreign nations [1 reference]

– should have power to make people vote [1 reference]

– should not have discretionary powers [1 reference]

– taxation [16 references]

– said to be too weak [1 reference]

– will have excessive powers over lives, liberties and property [1 reference]

– will have more power than Great Britain had over America [1 reference]

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