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 Ratification of the Constitution Indexes | Index to Volumes 4–7: Ratification of the Constitution by the States: Massachusetts | D |  Debts, Private


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– American debtors no worse than European [1 reference]

– Americans accumulating in exchange for British imports [1 reference]

– Antifederalists accused of wanting to avoid payment of [19 references]

– denial that Antifederalists are dishonest debtors [1 reference]

– under Articles of Confederation debtors can pay off easily [1 reference]

– Boston shopkeepers hope to pay off [1 reference]

– Bristol County convention petitions legislature for debtor relief [1 reference]

– as a cause of Shays’s Rebellion [4 references]

– Constitution will enable payment of [2 references]

– debtors may discourage creditors by filing appeals in federal court [1 reference]

– debtors will suffer from creditors under Constitution [2 references]

– dishonest debtors thwarted by Constitution [2 references]

– dissipation causes [1 reference]

– foreign creditors look down on U.S. [1 reference]

– God will enable Americans to pay [1 reference]

– government should encourage punctual payment of [1 reference]

– injustice of abolition of [1 reference]

– obstructions have prevented courts from ordering payment of [1 reference]

– debtors as part of opposition in Mass. Convention [2 references]

– proposed amendment making officers of Congress subject to arrest for debt [1 reference]

– relief opposed [2 references]

– relief needed [4 references]

– strict accountability to law increases ability of people to pay [1 reference]

– are not being paid to traders [1 reference]

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