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 Ratification of the Constitution Indexes | Index to Volumes 4–7: Ratification of the Constitution by the States: Massachusetts | D |  Debts, State


– adoption of Constitution will make it more difficult for states to pay [6 references]

– will be paid under Antifederalists’ plans [1 reference]

– being paid in Mass. [2 references]

– committee of Mass. House of Representatives reports on how to pay [1 reference]

– Congress will not pay under Confederation or Constitution [2 references]

– if Congress had taxing power Mass. state debt would have been paid [1 reference]

– what to be done with under Constitution [1 reference]

– creditors of should sue [1 reference]

– difficulty of paying after the war [1 reference]

– explanation of why they have not been paid [2 references]

– federal assumption of [4 references]

– federal court under Constitution will order payment of to state creditors [3 references]

– and Gerry’s position on [3 references]

– large but dwarfed by British debt [1 reference]

– Mass. cannot viably pay its debt through sale of its wilderness lands [1 reference]

– Mass. has not paid [1 reference]

– Mass. resources will pay off [2 references]

– Mass. should only be responsible for its fair share of [1 reference]

– proposal to lower value of Mass. securities to discounted price paid by speculators [1 reference]

– R.I. pays fraudulently [2 references]

– sale of Maine lands will help Mass. pay [1 reference]

– Shaysites want to abolish [2 references]

– states need tax power to pay [5 references]

– supporters of debt-cancellation as Antifederalists in Mass. [1 reference]

– U.S. is no worse than Europe in paying [1 reference]

– Virginia act to raise revenue to pay [1 reference]

– western lands being sold to pay [1 reference]