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– some Antifederalists say Constitution is too popular [1 reference]

– Articles of Confederation creates [1 reference]

– Constitution described as democratic [1 reference]

– Constitution as opposite of [1 reference]

– danger from [3 references]

– democratic rights of Union not endangered by Constitution [1 reference]

– described as a volcano [3 references]

– dominance of agriculture in U.S. guarantees [1 reference]

– dominance of class of men in [1 reference]

– fear of excesses of [2 references]

– early history of [1 reference]

– House of Representatives as democratic branch [17 references]

– Indians have democratic governments [1 reference]

– juries as democratic balance in exercise of judicial powers [2 references]

– lack of property qualification as sign of [1 reference]

– laws of a monarchy or aristocracy will not work in [1 reference]

– has lulled America into unsafe environment [1 reference]

– Mass. House of Representatives more democratic than Senate [1 reference]

– needs good honest newspapers [1 reference]

– cannot exist in Mass. [1 reference]

– not enough of it in Constitution to suit many in Mass. [1 reference]

– cannot be prevailing kind of government in U.S. [1 reference]

– representative government better than direct rule by people [1 reference]

– can be a republican form of government [2 references]

– slim majority does not work well in [1 reference]

– some people oppose because of cost and irregularity of [1 reference]

– sovereignty of states ensures [1 reference]

– too much does not provide for a good government [1 reference]

– will not work in one consolidated continental government [1 reference]

– would be inadequately represented under Constitution [1 reference]

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