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Constitutional Documents and Records, 1776–1787 | Volume I: Constitutional Documents and Records, 1776–1787 | Documents

I: The Declaration of IndependenceII: The Articles of ConfederationIII: Ratification of the Articles of Confederation by the States in Congress, 22 June 1778–1 March 1781
IntroductionA. Maryland, 22–23 June 1778B. New Hampshire, 23 June 1778C. Massachusetts, 23 June 1778D. Rhode Island, 23 June 1778E. Connecticut, 23 June 1778F. New York, 23 June 1778G. New Jersey, 23, 25 June 1778H. Pennsylvania, 25 June 1778I. Virginia, 25 June 1778J. South Carolina, 25 June 1778K. Eight States Sign the Articles of Confederation, 9 July 1778L. North Carolina Signs, 21 July 1778M. Georgia Signs, 24 July 1778N. New Jersey Signs, 26 November 1778O. Delaware Signs, 22 February 1779P. Maryland Signs, 1 March 1781
IV: Amendments to the Articles of Confederation, Grants of Power to Congress, and Ordinances for the Western Territory, 3 February 1781–13 July 1787V: The Calling of the Constitutional Convention, 21 January 1786–21 February 1787VI: Appointments of Delegates to the Constitutional Convention, 23 November 1786–15 September 1787
IntroductionA. New Jersey, 23 November 1786B. Virginia, 4 December 1786C. Pennsylvania, 30 December 1786D. North Carolina, 6 January 1787E. Delaware, 3 February 1787F. Georgia, 10 February 1787G. Massachusetts, 3 March 1787H. New York, 6 March 1787I. South Carolina, 8 March 1787J. Connecticut, 17 May 1787K. Maryland, 26 May 1787L. New Hampshire, 27 June 1787M. Rhode Island's Reasons for Refusal to Appoint Delegates, 15 September 1787Delegates Who Attended the Constitutional Convention
VII: The Resolutions and Draft Constitutions of the Constitutional Convention, 29 May–17 September 1787VIII: The Report of the Constitutional Convention, 17 September 1787IX: The Confederation Congress and the Constitution, 20–28 September 1787
IntroductionA. Proceedings of Congress on the Constitution, 20–28 SeptemberB. Commentaries by Members of Congress on the Proceedings of Congress on 26–28 SeptemberC. Public and Private Commentaries on the Proceedings of Congress on 26–28 September