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Ratification by the States | Volume II: Pennsylvania | Documents

I: The Pennsylvania Assembly and the Constitution, 17–29 September 1787II: The Debate Over the Constitution in Pennsylvania, 17 September–11 December 1787
IntroductionA. Public and Private Commentaries on the Constitution, 17 September–6 October 1787B. The Assembly Election, 9 October 1787C. Public and Private Commentaries on the Constitution, 10 October–10 November 1787D. The Election of Convention Delegates, 6 November 1787E. The Assembly and the Issue of a Quorum in the Convention, 8–10 November 1787F. Public and Private Commentaries on the Constitution and the Convention, 7 November–11 December 1787
III: The Pennsylvania Convention, 20 November–15 December 1787IV: The Aftermath of Ratification in Pennsylvania
IntroductionA. Responses to Ratification and to the Dissent of the MinorityB. The Carlisle Riot and Its Aftermath, 26 December 1787–20 March 1788C. The Petition Campaign for Legislative Rejection of Ratification, 2 January–29 March 1788Biographical GazetteerThe Constitution