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Ratification by the States | Volume V: Massachusetts, No. 2 | Documents

III: The Debate over the Constitution in Massachusetts, 28 October 1787–12 February 1788 (continued)
Cotton Tufts to Abigail Adams, Weymouth, 18 DecemberJoseph Ward to Penuel Bowen, Boston, 18 DecemberCassius VI, Massachusetts Gazette, 18 DecemberAgrippa VII, Massachusetts Gazette, 18 DecemberCandour, Massachusetts Centinel, 19 DecemberAnti-Cincinnatus, Hampshire Gazette, 19 DecemberJoseph Barrell to Nathaniel Barrell, Boston, 20 DecemberCandidus II, Independent Chronicle, 20 DecemberCassius VI, Massachusetts Gazette, 21 DecemberOcrico, Massachusetts Gazette, 21 DecemberMassachusetts Centinel, 22 DecemberJohn Quincy Adams to Abigail Adams, Newburyport, 23 DecemberChristopher Gore to George Thatcher, Boston, 23 DecemberChristopher Gore to Rufus King, Boston, 23 DecemberPoplicola, Boston Gazette, 24 DecemberCassius VI, Massachusetts Gazette, 25 DecemberAgrippa VIII, Massachusetts Gazette, 25 DecemberMassachusetts Gazette, 25 DecemberMassachusetts Gazette, 25 DecemberSalem Mercury, 25 DecemberCandidus (spurious), Massachusetts Centinel, 26 DecemberThomas a Kempis, Massachusetts Centinel, 26 DecemberMassachusetts Centinel, 26 December§ Editors’ Note: The Raising of the First Three Pillars to the Federal Superstructure, Massachusetts Centinel, 26 DecemberNathan Dane to Henry Knox, Beverly, 27 December, and Boston, 30 DecemberRemarker, Independent Chronicle, 27 DecemberAtticus IV, Independent Chronicle, 27 DecemberHelvidius Priscus I, Independent Chronicle, 27 DecemberNew York Journal, 27 DecemberAgrippa IX, Massachusetts Gazette, 28 DecemberCaptain M'Daniel, Massachusetts Gazette, 28 DecemberMassachusetts Gazette, 28 DecemberThe Circulation of the Letters from the Federal Farmer in Massachusetts, 28 December 1787–7 January 1788Nathaniel Gorham to Rufus King, Charlestown, 29 DecemberThe Republican Federalist I, Massachusetts Centinel, 29 DecemberThomas a Kempis, Massachusetts Centinel, 29 DecemberMassachusetts Centinel, 29 DecemberOur Liberty Tree: A Federal Song, Massachusetts Centinel, 29 DecemberChristopher Gore to Rufus King, Boston, 30 DecemberChristopher Gore to George Thatcher, Boston, 30 DecemberNathaniel Gorham to Caleb Strong, Boston, 31 DecemberIsaac Stearns to Samuel Adams, Billerica, 31 December“Z”, American Herald, 31 DecemberIsrael, American Herald, 31 DecemberBoston Gazette, 31 December“C.O.”, Boston Gazette, 31 DecemberMercy Warren to Samuel A. Otis: Milton, DecemberNathaniel Peaslee Sargeant to Joseph Badger, 1788The Federal Chariot: Bickerstaff's Boston Almanack for 1788Edward Bangs to George Thatcher, Worcester, 1 JanuaryEdward Bowen Diary, Marblehead, 1 JanuaryJeremiah Hill to George Thatcher, Biddeford, 1–2 JanuaryThe Printer's Lad: New Year's Verse, Boston, 1 JanuaryThe Editor of the Massachusetts Gazette, Massachusetts Gazette, 1 JanuaryAgrippa X, Massachusetts Gazette, 1 JanuaryPatrick O'Neil, Esquire, Massachusetts Gazette, 1 JanuaryKempis O'Flannegan, Massachusetts Gazette, 1 JanuaryCaptain M'Daniel, Massachusetts Gazette, 1 JanuarySalem Mercury, 1 JanuaryThe Reprinting of Excerpts from The Federalist 24, Salem Mercury, 1 JanuarySalem Mercury, 1 JanuaryJeremy Belknap to Ebenezer Hazard, Boston, 2 JanuarySamuel A. Otis to Elbridge Gerry, New York, 2 JanuaryThe Republican Federalist II, Massachusetts Centinel, 2 JanuaryPhilo-Musæ, Massachusetts Centinel, 2 JanuaryMassachusetts Centinel, 2 JanuaryMariot, Massachusetts Centinel, 2 January“A.B.”, Hampshire Gazette, 2 JanuaryAn Association of Christian Ministers to the Public, Essex Journal, 2 JanuaryJames Madison to Tench Coxe, New York, 3 JanuaryHonorius, Independent Chronicle, 3 JanuaryRemarker ad corrigendum, Independent Chronicle, 3 JanuaryCandidus III, Independent Chronicle, 3 JanuaryOne of the People, Independent Chronicle, 3 JanuaryWorcester Magazine, 3 JanuaryWorcester Magazine, 3 JanuaryJohn Adams to Thomas Brand-Hollis, Grosvenor Square, London, 4 JanuaryJunius, Massachusetts Gazette, 4 JanuaryMassachusetts Gazette, 4 JanuaryMassachusetts Gazette, 4 JanuaryKempis O'Flannegan, Massachusetts Gazette, 4 JanuaryNathaniel Freeman, Jr., to John Quincy Adams, Medford, 5 JanuarySamuel Osgood to Samuel Adams, New York, 5 JanuaryElbridge Gerry Defends His Conduct in the Constitutional Convention, Massachusetts Centinel, 5 JanuaryMariot, Massachusetts Centinel, 5 JanuaryPhiladelphia Independent Gazetteer, 5 January§ Editors’ Note: Massachusetts and the Ratification of the Constitution by Connecticut, 6–15 JanuaryRufus King to James Madison, New York, 6 JanuaryRufus King to Jeremiah Wadsworth, New York, 6 JanuaryHenry Knox to Jeremiah Wadsworth, New York, 6 JanuaryThomas L. Winthrop to John Todd, Boston, 6 JanuaryChristopher Gore to Rufus King, Boston, 6 JanuaryNathaniel Gorham to Henry Knox, Boston, 6 JanuaryThe Meeting of the Tradesmen of Boston on the Constitution, 7 JanuarySamuel Norton to Benjamin Lincoln, Hingham, 7 JanuaryAmerican Herald, 7 JanuaryAmerican Herald, 7 JanuaryNew York Journal, 7 JanuaryZabdiel Adams to John Wheelock, Lunenburgh, 8 JanuaryHenry Van Schaack to Theodore Sedgwick, Pittsfield, 8 JanuaryThomas B. Wait to George Thatcher, Portland, 8 JanuaryAgrippa XI, Massachusetts Gazette, 8 JanuaryMassachusetts Gazette, 8 JanuaryMassachusetts Gazette, 8 JanuarySalem Mercury, 8 JanuarySalem Mercury, 8 JanuaryRichard Henry Lee's Objections to the Constitution, Salem Mercury, 8 JanuaryHampshire Chronicle, 8 JanuaryNew Hampshire Spy, 8 JanuaryNew Hampshire Spy, 8 JanuaryJohn Quincy Adams Diary, Newburyport, 9 JanuaryChristopher Gore to George Thatcher, Boston, 9 JanuaryChristopher Gore to Jeremiah Wadsworth, Boston, 9 JanuaryJeremiah Hill to George Thatcher, Biddeford, 9 JanuaryBenjamin Lincoln to George Washington, Boston, 9 JanuaryThe Republican Federalist III, Massachusetts Centinel, 9 JanuaryA Farmer, Massachusetts Centinel, 9 JanuaryMassachusetts Centinel, 9 January“A.B.”, Hampshire Gazette, 9 JanuaryJames Madison to Edmund Randolph, New York, 10 JanuaryMark Antony, Independent Chronicle, 10 JanuarySamuel, Independent Chronicle, 10 JanuaryHelvidius Priscus II, Independent Chronicle, 10 JanuaryA Friend to Honesty, Independent Chronicle, 10 JanuaryEbenezer Hazard to Jeremy Belknap, New York, 11 JanuaryBenjamin Hoppin to Nicholas Brown, Boston, 11 JanuarySamuel P. Savage to George Thatcher, Weston, 11 January, post 14 JanuaryCommon Sense, Massachusetts Gazette, 11 JanuaryAgrippa XII, Massachusetts Gazette, 11 JanuaryMassachusetts Gazette, 11 JanuaryMassachusetts Gazette, 11 JanuaryPhiladelphia Independent Gazetteer, 11 JanuarySamuel Breck to Jeremiah Wadsworth, Boston, 12 JanuaryWilliam Lambert to Enos Hitchcock, Boston, 12 JanuaryNicholas Pike to Jeremy Belknap, Newburyport, 12 JanuaryThe Republican Federalist IV, Massachusetts Centinel, 12 JanuaryOld Fog, Massachusetts Centinel, 12 JanuaryMassachusetts Centinel, 12 JanuaryMassachusetts Centinel, 12 JanuaryMassachusetts Centinel, 12 JanuaryCyrus Griffin to Thomas FitzSimons, New York, 13 JanuaryHenry Knox to Jeremiah Wadsworth, New York, 13 JanuaryHenry Knox to George Washington, New York, 14 JanuaryTheophilus Parsons to Michael Hodge, Boston, 14 JanuaryHenry Van Schaack to Peter Van Schaack, Pittsfield, 14 JanuaryAmerican Herald, 14 JanuaryAmerican Herald, 14 JanuaryA Farmer, American Herald, 14 JanuaryBoston Gazette, 14 JanuaryNathaniel Barrell to George Thatcher, Boston, 15 JanuaryAgrippa XII, Massachusetts Gazette, 15 JanuaryMassachusetts Gazette, 15 JanuarySalem Mercury, 15 JanuaryHampshire Chronicle, 15 JanuaryTench Coxe to James Madison, Philadelphia, 16 JanuaryNathaniel Gorham to Henry Knox, Boston, 16 JanuaryHenry Jackson to Henry Knox, Boston, 16 JanuaryMassachusetts Centinel, 16 JanuaryRemarker ad corrigendum, Massachusetts Centinel, 16 JanuaryHampshire Gazette, 16 JanuaryCumberland Gazette, 17 JanuaryRemarker, Independent Chronicle, 17 JanuaryWorcester Magazine, 17 JanuaryTheodore Sedgwick to Henry Van Schaack, Boston, 18 JanuaryAgrippa XII, Massachusetts Gazette, 18 JanuaryMassachusetts Gazette, 18 JanuaryJohn Avery, Jr., to George Thatcher, Boston, 19 JanuaryWilliam Pynchon Diary, Salem, 19 JanuaryJoseph Savage to George Thatcher, Weston, 19 JanuaryMassachusetts Centinel, 19 January“M”, Massachusetts Centinel, 19 JanuaryThe Republican Federalist V, Massachusetts Centinel, 19 JanuaryNathaniel Gorham to Henry Knox, Charlestown, 20 JanuaryJohn Jackson to Keith Spence, Boston, 20 JanuaryHenry Knox to Egbert Benson, New York, 20 JanuaryFrom James Madison, New York, 20 JanuaryHenry Van Schaack to Peter Van Schaack, Pittsfield, 20 JanuaryA Countryman, American Herald, 21 JanuaryThe Alleged Bribery and Corruption of the Delegates to the Massachusetts Convention, 21 January–6 February§ Editors’ Note: The Massachusetts Reprinting of Governor Edmund Randolph's Objections to the Constitution, 21 January–11 MarchIsaac Stearns to Nathaniel Gorham, Billerica, 22 JanuaryAgrippa XIII, Massachusetts Gazette, 22 JanuaryA True Federalist, Massachusetts Gazette, 22 JanuaryMassachusetts Gazette, 22 JanuaryHelvidius Priscus III, Massachusetts Gazette, 22 JanuaryJunius, Massachusetts Gazette, 22 JanuaryJohn Adams to Cotton Tufts, Grosvenor Square, London, 23 JanuaryCaleb Bingham to Luther Holley, Boston, 23 JanuaryTench Coxe to James Madison, Philadelphia, 23 JanuarySilas Lee to George Thatcher, Biddeford, 23 JanuaryMassachusetts Centinel, 23 JanuaryPat: The Bulls and the Lion, Massachusetts Centinel, 23 JanuaryEzra, Massachusetts Centinel, 23 January§ Editors’ Note: Elbridge Gerry and the Massachusetts Convention, 23–28 JanuaryGeorge Washington and the Constitution, 23 January–2 FebruaryMatthew Cobb to George Thatcher, 24 JanuaryNorwich Packet, 24 JanuaryNathaniel and Francis Thayer to Champion and Dickason, Boston, 25 JanuaryAgrippa XIV, Massachusetts Gazette, 25 JanuaryJunius, Massachusetts Gazette, 25 JanuaryMassachusetts Gazette, 25 JanuaryThe Yeomanry of Massachusetts, Massachusetts Gazette, 25 JanuaryMassachusetts Centinel, 26 JanuaryHampden, Massachusetts Centinel, 26 JanuaryTench Coxe to James Madison, Philadelphia, 27 JanuaryCharles Tillinghast to Hugh Hughes, New York, 27–28 JanuaryMassachusetts Clergy and the State Convention, 28–29 JanuaryAmerican Herald, 28 JanuaryLucan, American Herald, 28 JanuaryShip News, American Herald, 28 January§ Editors’ Note: The Massachusetts Reprinting of the Report of New York's Delegates to the Constitutional Convention, American Herald, 28 January§ Editors’ Note: Massachusetts Reprintings of Unrest in Western Pennsylvania, American Herald, 28 January–28 FebruaryNewspapers and the Post Office, 28 January–21 FebruaryAgrippa XIV, Massachusetts Gazette, 29 JanuaryAgrippa XV, Massachusetts Gazette, 29 JanuaryCagliostro, Massachusetts Gazette, 29 JanuaryAmator Patriæ, Massachusetts Gazette, 29 JanuaryMassachusetts Gazette, 29 JanuaryMassachusetts Gazette, 29 JanuaryMassachusetts Gazette, 29 JanuaryCaptain M'Daniel, Massachusetts Gazette, 29 JanuaryMassachusettensis, Massachusetts Gazette, 29 JanuaryJames Madison to Tench Coxe, New York, 30 JanuaryThe Republican Federalist VI, Massachusetts Centinel, 30 JanuaryDwight Foster to Enos Hitchcock, Brookfield, 31 JanuaryNicholas Hoffman and Son to Nicholas Low, New York, 31 JanuaryA Real Federalist, Massachusetts Gazette, 1 FebruaryAn Honest Man, Massachusetts Gazette, 1 FebruaryMassachusetts Gazette, 1 FebruaryHampden, Massachusetts Centinel, 2 February (extra)The Republican Federalist VI, Massachusetts Centinel, 2 February (extra)Massachusetts Centinel, 2 February§ Editors’ Note: A Spectator: A Short History of a Recent Freak, Massachusetts Centinel, 2 FebruaryEbenezer Hazard to Jeremy Belknap, New York, 3 FebruaryEnos Hitchcock to Dwight Foster, Providence, 4 FebruaryWilliam Robinson, Jr., to John Langdon, Philadelphia, 4 FebruaryA Bostonian, American Herald, 4 February“O”, American Herald, 4 February§ Editors’ Note: The Massachusetts Reprinting of Luther Martin's Genuine Information, American Herald, 4 February–8 MayShip News, Boston Gazette, 4 FebruaryHelvidius Priscus IV, Massachusetts Gazette, 5 February§ Editors’ Note: False Reports of North Carolina's Ratification of the Constitution, 5–6 FebruaryMassachusetts Gazette, 5 FebruaryJunius, Massachusetts Gazette, 5 FebruaryMassachusetts Gazette, 5 FebruaryMassachusetts Gazette, 5 FebruaryAgrippa XVI, Massachusetts Gazette, 5 FebruaryWilliam Frost to George Thatcher, York, 6 FebruaryThe Republican Federalist VII, Massachusetts Centinel, 6 FebruaryEssex Journal, 6 FebruaryAdelos, Hampshire Gazette, 6 FebruaryHampshire Chronicle, 6 FebruaryJeremiah Hill to George Thatcher, Biddeford, 7 FebruarySilas Lee to George Thatcher, Biddeford, 7 FebruaryLewis R. Morris to Samuel Blachley Webb, Springfield, Vt., 7 FebruaryIndependent Chronicle, 7 FebruaryA Watchman, Worcester Magazine, 7 FebruaryPortius, Massachusetts Gazette, 8 FebruaryNew York Daily Advertiser, 8 FebruaryPennsylvania Herald, 9 FebruaryAbigail Adams Smith to John Quincy Adams, London, 10 FebruaryHenry Van Schaack to Peter Van Schaack, Pittsfield, 12 FebruarySalem Mercury, 12 February
IV: The Election of Convention Delegates, 19 November 1787–7 January 1788
IntroductionActon and Carlisle, Middlesex County, 10 DecemberAdams, Berkshire County, 24 DecemberAmherst, Hampshire County, 26 NovemberAndover, Essex County, 3 DecemberAshburnham, Worcester County, 3 DecemberAshfield, Hampshire County, 25 DecemberAttleborough, Bristol County, 26 NovemberBarnstable, Barnstable County, 19 NovemberBecket, Berkshire County, 3 DecemberBelchertown, Hampshire County, 3 DecemberBellingham, Suffolk County, 10 DecemberBernardston and Leyden, Hampshire County, 26 NovemberBerwick, York County, 18 DecemberBeverly, Essex County, 17 DecemberBiddeford, York CountyBoston, Suffolk County, 7 December
Nauticus, Massachusetts Centinel, 7 NovemberMassachusetts Gazette, 16 NovemberAn Elector, Massachusetts Gazette, 20 NovemberAmerican Herald, 26 NovemberAn Elector, Massachusetts Centinel, 28 NovemberMassachusetts Centinel, 28 NovemberCandor, Massachusetts Centinel, 28 NovemberIndependent Chronicle, 30 NovemberMassachusetts Centinel, 1 DecemberA Mechanick, Massachusetts Centinel, 1 DecemberThomas a Kempis, Massachusetts Centinel, 1 DecemberAmerican Herald, 3 DecemberCandidus, Boston Gazette, 3 December“C”, Massachusetts Gazette, 4 DecemberAn Elector, Massachusetts Gazette, 4 DecemberMassachusetts Gazette, 4 DecemberMany of Your Readers, Massachusetts Gazette, 4 DecemberMassachusetts Gazette, 4 DecemberA Bostonian, Massachusetts Gazette, 4 DecemberMechanicks of the North-End, Massachusetts Centinel, 5 DecemberFair Play, Massachusetts Centinel, 5 DecemberCivis, Independent Chronicle, 6 DecemberMechanicks of the North-End, Independent Chronicle, 6 DecemberIndependent Chronicle, 6 DecemberWeather on Election Day, Boston, 7 DecemberMassachusetts Gazette, 7 DecemberConcord, Massachusetts Gazette, 7 DecemberA Qualified Voter, Massachusetts Gazette, 7 DecemberMechanicks of the North-End: To the Tradesmen of Boston, Massachusetts Gazette, 7 DecemberTown Meeting, 7 DecemberMassachusetts Centinel, 8 DecemberMassachusetts Centinel, 8 DecemberChristopher Gore to Rufus King, Boston, 9 December“L”, Massachusetts Gazette, 11 DecemberNathaniel Gorham to Rufus King, Charlestown, 12 DecemberA Federalist, Boston Gazette, 17 DecemberChristopher Gore to Rufus King, Boston, 23 DecemberMany Citizens, Massachusetts Centinel, 29 December
Boxford, Essex County, 6 DecemberBraintree, Suffolk County, 3 DecemberBristol, Lincoln County, 17 DecemberBrookfield, Worcester County, 17 DecemberBrunswick, Cumberland County, 18 DecemberCambridge, Middlesex County, 17 DecemberCharlestown, Middlesex County, 3 DecemberCharlton, Worcester County, 10 DecemberChatham, Barnstable County, 19 DecemberChelsea, Suffolk County, 3 DecemberChesterfield, Hampshire County, 27 NovemberCohasset, Suffolk County, 3 DecemberColrain, Hampshire County, 4 DecemberCummington and Plainfield, Hampshire County, 3 DecemberDalton, Berkshire County, 27 DecemberDanvers, Essex County, 11 DecemberDunstable, Middlesex County, 3 DecemberEaston, Bristol County, 14 DecemberFalmouth, Cumberland CountyFitchburg, Worcester County, 20 DecemberFoxborough, Suffolk County, 30 NovemberFryeburg, York County, 6 DecemberGardner, Worcester County, 27 DecemberGorham, Cumberland County, 3 DecemberGranby, Hampshire County, 3 DecemberGranville, Hampshire County, 3 DecemberGreat Barrington, Berkshire County, 3 DecemberHallowell, Lincoln County, 27 NovemberHarpswell, Cumberland County, 10 DecemberHarvard, Worcester County, 17 DecemberHolden, Worcester County, 26 NovemberHolliston, Middlesex County, 24 DecemberHopkinton, Middlesex County, 10 DecemberIpswich, Essex County, 3 DecemberKittery, York County, 17 DecemberLancaster, Worcester County, 20 NovemberLee, Berkshire County, 30 NovemberLenox, Berkshire County, 17 DecemberLeverett, Hampshire County, 10 DecemberLittleton, Middlesex County, 17 DecemberLoudon, Berkshire County, 24 DecemberLudlow, Hampshire County, 11 DecemberLunenburgh, Worcester County, 3 DecemberLynn and Lynnfield, Essex County, 10 DecemberMachias, Lincoln County, 21 NovemberMansfield, Bristol County, 3 DecemberMedfield, Suffolk County, 25 DecemberMedford, Middlesex County, 22 NovemberMedway, Suffolk County, 6 DecemberMethuen, Essex County, 20 DecemberMiddleborough, Plymouth County, 17 DecemberMilford, Worcester County, 17 DecemberMilton, Suffolk County, 3 DecemberNewbury, Essex County, 4 DecemberNewburyport, Essex County, 20 NovemberNewcastle, Lincoln County, 27 DecemberNew Gloucester, Cumberland County, 10 December: William Widgery (N)New Marlborough, Berkshire County, 10 DecemberNorthampton and Easthampton, Hampshire County, 22 NovemberNorthborough, Worcester County, 24 DecemberNorth Yarmouth, Cumberland County, 4 DecemberOakham, Worcester County, 3 DecemberPalmer, Hampshire County, 6 DecemberPartridgefield, Berkshire County, 10 DecemberPaxton, Worcester County, 17 DecemberPelham, Hampshire County, 26 NovemberPittsfield, Berkshire County, 19 DecemberPortland, Cumberland County, 19 November and 31 DecemberPownalborough, Lincoln County, 11 DecemberPrinceton, Worcester County, 27 NovemberReading, Middlesex County, 17 DecemberRehoboth, Bristol County, 26 November
Richmond, Berkshire County, 17 DecemberRoxbury, Suffolk County, 17 DecemberRutland, Worcester County, 3 DecemberSalem, Essex County, 5 DecemberSandwich, Barnstable County, 11, 13 DecemberSanford, York County, 10 DecemberSheffield and Mount Washington, Berkshire County, 17 DecemberShelburne, Hampshire County, 11 DecemberSherburne, Middlesex County, 10 DecemberSherburne, Nantucket County, 22 DecemberShirley, Middlesex County, 17 DecemberSouthborough, Worcester County, 24 DecemberSpencer, Worcester County, 12 DecemberStandish, Cumberland County, 13 DecemberStockbridge, Berkshire County, 30 NovemberStoughton, Suffolk County, 3 DecemberStow and Boxborough, Middlesex County, 30 NovemberSturbridge, Worcester County, 3 DecemberSudbury, Middlesex County, 17 DecemberSunderland, Hampshire County, 3 DecemberSutton, Worcester County, 10 DecemberTaunton, Bristol County, 26 November and 7 January 1788Tewksbury, Middlesex County, 24 DecemberTopsfield, Essex County, 13 DecemberTopsham, Lincoln County, 31 DecemberTownshend, Middlesex County, 24 DecemberTruro, Barnstable County, 8 DecemberUpton, Worcester County, 17 DecemberVassalborough, Lincoln County, 1 January 1788Waldoborough, Lincoln County, 10 DecemberWare, Hampshire County, 31 DecemberWashington, Berkshire County, 24 DecemberWellfleet, Barnstable County, 26 DecemberWells, York County, 3 DecemberWendell, Hampshire County, 31 DecemberWestborough, Worcester County, 24 DecemberWestminster, Worcester County, 30 NovemberWest Stockbridge, Berkshire County, 22 NovemberWilliamsburgh, Hampshire County, 3 DecemberWilliamstown, Berkshire County, 24 DecemberWindham, Cumberland County, 13 DecemberWinslow, Lincoln County, 17 DecemberWorcester, Worcester County, 3 DecemberWrentham, Suffolk County, 17 DecemberYork, York County, 3 DecemberGeneral Commentaries on the Election of Convention Delegates, 29 November 1787–8 March 1788