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Ratification by the States | Volume X: Virginia, No. 3 | Appendices

Supplement: Edmund Pendleton LettersAppendix I: Speculation About the Prospects for the Ratification of the Constitution in Virginia, 23 October 1787–7 July 1788
[Headnote]Nicholas Gilman to John Langdon, New York, 23 OctoberPhiladelphia Freeman's Journal, 21 NovemberBoston American Herald, 17 DecemberPennsylvania Herald, 19 DecemberRoger Alden to Samuel William Johnson, New York, 31 DecemberUnitas, Trenton Mercury, 1 January 1788From Thomas Hutchins, New York, 10 JanuaryThomas Hartley to Tench Coxe, York, Pa., 11 JanuaryCharles Carroll of Carrollton to Wallace, Johnson, and Muir, Annapolis, 8 FebruaryPierpont Edwards to Philip Burr Bradley, Danbury, Conn., 12 FebruaryNew Hampshire Spy, 21 MarchRufus King to John Sullivan, New York, 16 AprilNathan Dane to George Thatcher, New York, 20 AprilNew York Daily Advertiser, 21 AprilJohn Montgomery to William Irvine, Carlisle, Pa., 27 AprilMassachusetts Spy, 1 MayNew York Daily Advertiser, 1 MayNew York Daily Advertiser, 3 MaySamuel A. Otis to Benjamin Lincoln, New York, 8 MayHenry Knox to George Washington, New York, 25 MayFrom William Duer: New York, JuneBaltimore Maryland Gazette, 3 JuneAbraham Baldwin to Seaborn Jones, New York, 5 JuneNathaniel Hazard to Mathew Carey, New York, 5 JuneRufus King to John Langdon, Boston, 10 JuneHugh Williamson to James Iredell, New York, 11 JuneVirginia Journal, 12 JuneRufus King to Henry Knox, Boston, 16 JunePhilip Richard Fendall to Christopher Richmond, Alexandria, 19 JuneRobert Gilmor and Company to Nicholas Low, Baltimore, 20 JuneJames Cogswell Diary, Scotland Parish, Windham, Conn., 21 JuneMark Pringle to John Holker, Baltimore, 21 JuneMassachusetts Centinel, 21 JuneRoyal Flint to Andrew Craigie, New York, 22 JuneHenry Knox to Jeremiah Wadsworth, New York, 22 JunePeter Van Schaack to Henry Van Schaack, Kinderhook, N.Y., 22 JuneWilliam Duer to James Madison, New York, 23 JunePennsylvania Packet, 23 JuneEbenezer Hazard to George Washington, New York, 24 JuneTench Coxe to Timothy Pickering, Philadelphia, 25 JuneEbenezer Hazard to Jeremy Belknap, New York, 26 JuneNew Haven Gazette, 26 JuneNew York Journal, 26 JunePennsylvania Packet, 27 JuneMaryland Journal, 27 JuneAbraham Bancker to Evert Bancker, Poughkeepsie, N.Y., 28 JuneMassachusetts Centinel, 28 JuneNew York Journal, 30 JunePennsylvania Packet, 30 JuneNew York American Magazine, JuneWilliam Hooper to James Iredell, Hillsborough, N.C., 2 JulyVermont Gazette, 7 July