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Commentaries on the Constitution | Volume XIII: Commentaries on the Constitution, No. 1 | Documents

Introduction1. Resolution of Congress, 21 February 17872 A–B. Benjamin Rush and William Barton: Essays on the Means to Improve the Confederation3 A–C. The Idea of Separate Confederacies4. George Washington: To the Executives of the States (1783), Providence United States Chronicle, 15 March5 A–B. American Fear of British Domination, New York Journal, 15 March6. Charlestown American Recorder, 16 March7. Providence United States Chronicle, 29 March8. New Hampshire Spy, 3 April9. Philadelphia American Museum, 4 April10. George Washington's Election to the Convention, Philadelphia Independent Gazetteer, 9 April11. Virginia Independent Chronicle, 11 April12. Massachusetts Centinel, 11 April13. Newport Herald, 12 April14. Benjamin Franklin's Election to the Convention, Massachusetts Centinel, 14 April15. Thomas Jefferson: On Violence in America, New Haven Gazette, 19 April16 A–F. John Adams: A Defence of the Constitutions17. Baltimore Maryland Gazette, 24 April18 A–G. Agrarian Unrest and the Constitution19. Pennsylvania Herald, 9 May20 A–C. Speculation about a New Constitution21. Z, Philadelphia Freeman's Journal, 16 May22. Richard Price: On the American Government, Philadelphia Independent Gazetteer, 16 May23. An Enquiry into the Principles of a Commercial System, Philadelphia, 19 May24. Pennsylvania Herald, 19 May25. Connecticut Legislature Debates the Appointment of Delegates to the Constitutional Convention, 12 May, Connecticut Courant, 21 May26. Baltimore Maryland Gazette, 22 May27. New York Journal, 24 May28. To the Political Freethinkers of America, New York Daily Advertiser, 24 May29. Harrington: To the Freemen of the United States, Pennsylvania Gazette, 30 May30 A–M. Reports of Constitutional Convention Proceedings, 30 May–13 September31. Philadelphia Independent Gazetteer, 5 June32. Massachusetts Gazette, 5 June33. West-Chester Farmer: To the Citizens of America, New York Daily Advertiser, 8 June34. Pennsylvania Herald, 9 June35 A–B. Rhode Island and the Constitutional Convention36. Nestor, Massachusetts Centinel, 13 June37. New York Daily Advertiser, 18 June38. Richard Price to William Bingham, Philadelphia Independent Gazetteer, 20 June39. Pennsylvania Herald, 20 June40 A–E. The Opposition to a New Constitution, 20 June–6 September41. Albany Gazette, 21 June42. Civis, Pennsylvania Packet, 25 June43. Philadephia Independent Gazetteer, 26 June44. Philadelphia Independent Gazetteer, 27 June45. Massachusetts Centinel, 30 June46 A–D. The United States, Spain, and the Navigation of the Mississippi River47 A–F. Celebration of the Fourth of July48. Norwich Packet, 5 July49. Charleston Columbian Herald, 5 July50. Philadelphia Independent Gazetteer, 6 July51 A–F. Monarchical Tendencies in America52. Petersburg Virginia Gazette, 26 July53. Charleston Columbian Herald, 26 July54. Philadelphia Independent Gazetteer, 27 July55. Observations on the Articles of Confederation, New York, 27 July56. Pennsylvania Herald, 28 July57. 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Pennsylvania Gazette, 19 September80. Phineas Bond to the Marquis of Carmarthen, Philadelphia, 20 September81. Benjamin Franklin to Jane Mecom, Philadelphia, 20 September82. Elbridge Gerry to John Adams, New York, 20 September83. James Madison to Edmund Pendleton, Philadelphia, 20 September84. Robert Milligan to William Tilghman, Philadelphia, 20 September85. Matthew M'Connell to William Irvine, Philadelphia, 20 September86. Roger Alden: Memorandum, New York, 21 September87. Philadelphia Independent Gazetteer, 21 September88. Pennsylvania Packet, 22 September89. Don Diego de Gardoqui to Conde de Floridablanca, New York, 23 September90. George Washington to Former Virginia Governors, Mount Vernon, 24 September91. New York Daily Advertiser, 24 September92. St. Jean de Crevecoeur to le Maréchal de Castries, New York, 25 September93. William Samuel Johnson to Samuel William Johnson, New York, 25 September94. Daniel Shays to the Antifederal Junto in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Independent Gazetteer, 25 September95. The Confederation Congress and the Constitution, 26–28 September§ Editors’ Note: Connecticut Convention Delegates to Governor Huntington, New London, 26 September96 A–B. Destiny and George Washington97. Strictures on the Proposed Constitution, Philadelphia Freeman's Journal, 26 September98. Philadelphia Independent Gazetteer, 26 September99. Philadelphia Independent Gazetteer, 26 September100 A–C. An American Citizen: On the Federal Government101. Pennsylvania Gazette, 26 September102. Virginia Independent Chronicle, 26 September103. Cato I, New York Journal, 27 September104 A–B. Newport Herald and Providence United States Chronicle, 27 September105. Antoine de la Forest to Comte de Montmorin, New York, 28 September106. David Humphreys to George Washington, New Haven, 28 September107. Benjamin Rush to John Coakley Lettsom, Philadelphia, 28 September108. 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