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Commentaries on the Constitution | Volume XV: Commentaries on the Constitution, No. 3 | Appendices

Appendix I: Newspaper Squibs or Fillers
Pennsylvania Gazette, 19 DecemberPennsylvania Packet, 19 DecemberBenjamin Franklin, George Washington, and the Constitution, Pennsylvania Herald, 19, 22 DecemberNewspaper Reports of the Calling of State Conventions, 20–26 DecemberAlbany Gazette, 20 DecemberPennsylvania Packet, 21 DecemberSalem Mercury, 25 DecemberPennsylvania Packet, 25 DecemberConnecticut Journal, 26 DecemberNew Jersey Journal, 26 DecemberPennsylvania Herald, 29 DecemberNewburyport Essex Journal, 2 JanuaryPhiladelphia Freeman's Journal, 2 JanuaryPennsylvania Gazette, 2 JanuaryThe Political Society of Richmond, VirginiaJohn Hancock and the Constitution, 3 January–4 FebruaryPhiladelphia Independent Gazetteer, 5 JanuaryNew York Journal, 7 JanuaryThe Pillars of the American Republic, 9–16 JanuaryPennsylvania Gazette, 9 JanuaryWorcester Magazine, Second Week in JanuaryMassachusetts Gazette, 15 JanuaryLansingburgh Northern Centinel, 15 JanuaryMassachusetts Centinel, 19 JanuaryPennsylvania Packet, 19 JanuaryThe Minority of the Connecticut Convention, 21–24 JanuaryMassachusetts Centinel, 23 JanuaryPennsylvania Gazette, 23 JanuaryPhiladelphia Independent Gazetteer, 25 JanuaryLitchfield Weekly Monitor, 28 JanuaryMassachusetts Centinel, 30 JanuaryPhiladelphia Freeman's Journal, 30 JanuaryPennsylvania Gazette, 30 January
Statistical Table of the Circulation of Newspaper Items, Broadsides, and Pamphlets Published in Volume 3 of Commentaries