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Commentaries on the Constitution | Volume XVI: Commentaries on the Constitution, No. 4 | Appendices

Appendix I: Newspaper Squibs or Fillers
[Headnote]New York Packet, 1 FebruaryNew York Daily Advertiser, 2 FebruaryFalse Reports of North Carolina's Ratification of the Constitution, 5 February–5 MarchNew York Daily Advertiser, 5 FebruaryNew York Journal, 5 FebruaryNew York Packet, 5 FebruaryNewburyport Essex Journal, 6 FebruaryBoston Independent Chronicle, 7 FebruaryNewport Herald, 7 FebruaryNew York Journal, 7 FebruaryNew York Journal, 7 FebruaryPennsylvania Herald, 7 FebruaryNew York Daily Advertiser, 8 FebruaryPennsylvania Mercury, 9 FebruaryConnecticut Courant, 11 FebruaryNew York Daily Advertiser, 11 FebruarySpringfield Hampshire Chronicle, 13 FebruaryMassachusetts Centinel, 13 FebruaryPhiladelphia Freeman's Journal, 13 FebruaryNew Haven Gazette, 14 FebruaryNewport Herald, 14 FebruaryNew York Packet, 15 FebruaryNew York Independent Journal, 16 FebruaryAccounts from England, 18 February–22 MarchMassachusetts Gazette, 19 FebruaryMassachusetts Centinel, 20 FebruaryPhiladelphia Freeman's Journal, 20 FebruaryPennsylvania Gazette, 20 FebruaryNewport Herald, 21 FebruaryReports of South Carolina's Call of a Convention, 21–25 FebruaryPennsylvania Mercury, 21 FebruaryMiddletown, Conn., Middlesex Gazette, 25 FebruarySalem Mercury, 26 FebruaryPhiladelphia Independent Gazetteer, 26 FebruaryPennsylvania Mercury, 26 FebruaryPhiladelphia Independent Gazetteer, 27 FebruaryPennsylvania Gazette, 27 FebruaryPennsylvania Gazette, 27 FebruaryPennsylvania Mercury, 28 FebruaryNew York Packet, 29 FebruaryProvidence Gazette, 1 MarchNew York Morning Post, 3 MarchNew York Journal, 3 MarchPhiladelphia Independent Gazetteer, 3 MarchPhiladelphia Independent Gazetteer, 4 MarchProvidence United States Chronicle, 6 MarchPhiladelphia Independent Gazetteer, 7 MarchMassachusetts Centinel, 8 MarchPhiladelphia Federal Gazette, 8 MarchPoughkeepsie Country Journal, 11 MarchMassachusetts Centinel, 12 MarchPennsylvania Gazette, 12 MarchPhiladelphia Independent Gazetteer, 14 MarchMassachusetts Centinel, 15 MarchMassachusetts Centinel, 19 MarchPennsylvania Gazette, 19 MarchNew York Daily Advertiser, 25 MarchFederalist, Massachusetts Centinel, 26 MarchPennsylvania Gazette, 26 March
Appendix II: The Controversy over the Post Office and the Circulation of Newspapers
[Headnote]Centinel IX, Philadelphia Independent Gazetteer, 8 JanuaryThomas Greenleaf, New York Journal, 10 JanuaryCentinel XI, Philadelphia Independent Gazetteer, 16 JanuaryPhiladelphia Freeman's Journal, 16 JanuaryProvidence Gazette, 19 JanuaryNew Jersey Brunswick Gazette, 22 JanuaryDelays in the Circulation of Luther Martin's, Genuine Information, 22 January–8 AprilNew York Journal, 23 January“M”, Philadelphia Independent Gazetteer, 26 JanuaryBoston Gazette, 28 JanuaryNew Jersey Brunswick Gazette, 29 JanuaryNew Jersey Journal, 30 JanuaryCentinel XIII, Philadelphia Independent Gazetteer, 30 JanuaryPhilo Centinel, Philadelphia Independent Gazetteer, 31 JanuaryCentinel XIV, Philadelphia Independent Gazetteer, 5 FebruaryNorfolk and Portsmouth Journal, 6 FebruaryAlbany Gazette, 7 FebruaryPhiladelphia Independent Gazetteer, 8 FebruaryMassachusetts Centinel, 16 FebruaryCentinel XV, Philadelphia Independent Gazetteer, 22 FebruarySamuel A. Otis to James Warren, New York, 27 FebruaryJames Bowdoin to James de Caledonia, Philadelphia Independent Gazetteer, 27 FebruaryWilliam Goddard to Mathew Carey, Baltimore, 28 FebruaryMaryland Journal, 29 FebruaryEbenezer Hazard to Jeremy Belknap, New York, 5 MarchOriginal Letters, Philadelphia Freeman's Journal, 5 MarchThomas Greenleaf's Editorial Statement, New York Journal, 10 MarchMaryland Journal, 11 MarchJames Bryson to James Madison, Philadelphia, 12 MarchEleazer Oswald's Statement, Philadelphia Independent Gazetteer, 12 MarchJames de Caledonia to James Bowdoin, Philadelphia Freeman's Journal, 12 MarchNew Hampshire Spy, 18 MarchManco, Maryland Journal, 18 MarchPetition of the Philadelphia Newspaper Printers to the Pennsylvania Assembly, 20–29 MarchNew York Journal, 20 MarchMassachusetts Gazette, 21 MarchEbenezer Hazard's Defense, New York Journal, 21 MarchJohn Eager Howard to Jeremiah Wadsworth, Baltimore, c. 24 MarchA True Federalist, New York Journal, 25 MarchWatchman, Philadelphia Independent Gazetteer, 26 MarchPurported Letters from George Bryan to John Ralston, Pennsylvania Gazette, 26 MarchWinchester Virginia Gazette, 26 March–9 AprilNew Hampshire Spy, 28 MarchA Friend to Law and Order, Philadelphia Freeman's Journal, 2 AprilMentor, Petersburg Virginia Gazette, 3 AprilCentinel XVIII, Philadelphia Independent Gazetteer, 9 AprilAlgernon, Philadelphia Independent Gazetteer, 10 AprilNew Hampshire Spy, 11 AprilEbenezer Hazard to Jeremy Belknap, New York, 12 AprilThe Circulation of the Massachusetts Legislature's Answer to Governor John Hancock's Speech, Philadelphia Independent Gazetteer, 15–28 AprilA Friend to the People, Philadelphia Freeman's Journal, 16 AprilSamuel A. Otis to George Thatcher, New York, 19 AprilPhiladelphia Independent Gazetteer, 21 AprilPhiladelphia Independent Gazetteer, 6 MayConfederation Congress: Report of Committee on the Post Office, 7 MayMassachusetts Centinel, 7 MayEbenezer Hazard to Jeremy Belknap, New York, 10 MayEbenezer Hazard to Jeremy Belknap, New York, 17 MaySalem Mercury, 27 MayGeorge Washington to John Jay, Mount Vernon, 18 July
Appendix III: Statistical Table of the Circulation of Newspaper Items, Broadsides, and Pamphlets Published in Volume 4 of Commentaries