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 Jefferson Papers Indexes | Papers of Thomas Jefferson, Cumulative Index to vols. 1–20 |  Y

Yadkin Ford [2 references]

Yadkin river, N.C. [5 subentries]

Yale College [2 subentries]

Yancey, Charles [1 subentry]

Yandsto [1 subentry]

Yarbrough, Lieut. Charles [1 subentry]

Yard, James [6 subentries]

Yardley, Benjamin [1 subentry]

Yates, Betsy [1 subentry]

Yates, Charles [1 subentry]

Yates, Lieut. John [1 subentry]

Yates, Robert [5 subentries]

Yates, William [2 subentries]

Yates, Rev. William [1 reference]

Yazoo Companies [4 subentries]

Yeates, Jasper [1 subentry]

Yeaton, Capt. Hopley [3 subentries]

Yellatt, Capt. [1 reference]

Yellow creek [1 subentry]

yellow jasmine [See redirect]

Yelverton, Barry, first Viscount Avonmore [1 subentry]

Yohogania [2 subentries]

Yohogania (Youghiogany) co., Va. [9 subentries]

Yohogania Court House, Va. [1 subentry]

Yohogany river [See redirect]

Yonge, Sir George [1 subentry]

Yonne, France [1 subentry]

York, Archbishop of [1 subentry]

York, James Stuart, Duke of [3 subentries]

York (Yorktown), Pa. [3 subentries]

York, Va. [See redirect]

York and Albany, Frederick Augustus, Duke of [3 subentries]

York co., Va. [13 subentries]

York river, Va. [8 subentries]

Yorktown, Va. [13 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Youghiogheny (Youghagany) river [3 subentries]

Young, Capt. [2 subentries]

Young, Mr. (Eng.) [2 subentries]

Young, Mr. (Md.) [1 subentry]

Young, Arthur [2 subentries]

Young, Edward [1 subentry]

Young, Fort (Va.) [1 subentry]

Young, Capt. Henry [8 subentries]

Young, James [1 subentry]

Young, Capt. John (master of Boyd) [1 reference]

Young, Luke [1 subentry]

Young, Moses [2 subentries]

Young, Notley [2 subentries]

Young, Richard [2 subentries]

Young, Capt. William [2 subentries]

Young, Sir William [1 subentry]

Younghusband, Pleasants [1 subentry]

Young Mary (ship) [1 reference]

Yquem, M. d' [4 subentries]

Yriarte y Oropesa, Tomás de [1 subentry]