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Namur, Austrian Netherlands [1 subentry]

Nancarrow, John [4 subentries]

Nantes, France [2 subentries]

Nanticoke Indians [3 subentries]

Naples [3 subentries]

Nassau-Siegen, Karl Heinrich Nikolaus Otto, Prince of [1 subentry]

Natchez [2 subentries]

National Assembly [2 See redirects]

National Convention [See redirect]

National Gazette (Philadelphia) [11 subentries]

national guard, France [1 subentry]

“Native Virginian, A” [1 subentry]

naval stores [1 subentry]

Navigation Act, British [1 subentry]

navigation acts, U.S. [1 subentry]

Navy, U.S. [See redirect]

Necker, Jacques [1 subentry]

nectarines [1 subentry]

Netherlands [25 subentries + 4 “see also” entries]

Netherlands, Austrian [8 subentries]

Neufchâtel, France [1 reference]

Neufville, A. M. (Mrs. John de Neufville) [1 subentry]

Neufville, John de [5 subentries]

Neufville, John de, & Son [3 subentries]

New Gate road, Va. [1 reference]

New Hampshire [4 subentries]

New Jersey [5 subentries]

Newman, John [1 subentry]

New Pigou (ship) [1 reference]

newspapers [5 subentries]

Newton, Thomas, Jr. [1 subentry]

New York [6 subentries]

New York, Treaty of [2 subentries]

New York City [1 subentry]

New York Co., N.Y. [1 subentry]

New York Daily Advertiser [1 reference]

Niagara, N.Y. [1 subentry]

Nice [1 subentry]

Nicholas, George [3 subentries]

Noailles, Emmanuel Louis Marie, Marquis de [1 subentry]

Nodin, John [1 reference]

Noël, François Joseph Michel [1 subentry]

Nomeny (TJ's servant) [1 subentry]

Norfolk, Va. [3 subentries]

Norris, Thomas [1 subentry]

North Carolina [6 subentries]

North Carolina, governor of [See redirect]

North Carolina Assembly [1 subentry]

Northwest Territory [6 subentries]

Norton, Capt. (master of Juno) [2 references]

Norton, Mr. [1 subentry]

Norway [1 subentry]

Notes of Cases in Points of Practice (Henry Barnes) [1 subentry]

Nougaret, Pierre Jean Baptiste [1 subentry]

Nourse, Joseph [4 subentries]

nudity [1 subentry]