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 Jefferson Papers Indexes | Papers of Thomas Jefferson, Index to volume 24 |  H

habeas corpus [1 subentry]

Hague, The [9 subentries]

Hainault, Austrian Netherlands [1 subentry]

Hale, Sir Matthew [1 subentry]

half cent [1 subentry + 1 “see also” entry]

half dime [See redirect]

half disme [1 subentry]

Hall, David [1 reference]

Hall, James [1 subentry]

Hallet, Mary Gomain (Mrs. Stephen Hallet) [2 subentries]

Hallet, Stephen [6 subentries]

ham [1 subentry]

Hamburg, Germany [1 subentry]

Hamet Bensadok [1 subentry]

Hamilton, Alexander [66 subentries]

Hamilton, John [1 subentry]

Hammond, George [18 subentries]

Hamtramck, John F. [1 subentry]

Hanah (TJ's slave) [1 subentry]

Hancock, John [2 subentries]

Hand, Edward [1 subentry]

Hanover [1 subentry]

Hanover, Elector of [See redirect]

Hanson, Richard [3 subentries]

Hardin, John [2 subentries]

Hargood, William [1 subentry]

Harriot (ship) [1 reference]

Harris, William [2 subentries]

Harrison, Benjamin [1 subentry]

Harrison, George [1 reference]

Harrison, Richard [7 subentries]

Harrison, Thomas [1 subentry]

Hart, Philip [1 subentry]

Hart, William [See redirect]

Hartley, David [2 subentries]

Harvie, John [2 subentries]

Harvie, John, Sr. (of Seven Islands) [1 subentry]

Harwich, England [1 subentry]

Harwood, Thomas [1 subentry]

Haskell, Elnathan [4 subentries]

Havens, Jonathan [1 subentry]

Hawkins, Mr. [1 subentry]

Hawkins, Benjamin [2 subentries]

Hawkins, Robert [2 subentries]

Hay, Mrs. [1 reference]

Hazelhurst, Robert, & Co. [1 reference]

Heath, Col. [See redirect]

Heathcote, Ralph [1 subentry]

Hedingham, England [1 subentry]

Hemings, James (TJ's slave) [1 reference]

Hemings, Martin (TJ's slave) [1 subentry]

Hemings, Sally (TJ's slave) [1 reference]

Hemming, Thomas [3 subentries]

Hemming, Mrs. Thomas [1 subentry]

hemp [1 subentry]

Hend Damen, Hermen [2 subentries]

Henderson, Mr. [1 reference]

Henderson, James [1 subentry]

Henderson, John [2 subentries]

Henderson's Line [1 subentry]

Hendricks [See redirect]

Henri [2 subentries]

Henry, John [1 subentry]

Henry, Patrick [5 subentries]

Henry, Walter [1 subentry]

Henry Co., Va. [1 subentry]

Herbaugh, Leonard [1 subentry]

Herkimer Co., N.Y. [1 subentry]

Hermit, James [1 subentry]

Hesse [1 subentry]

Hessian fly [5 subentries]

Heth (Heath), William [2 subentries]

Hickman, Capt. [2 subentries]

Higginson, Stephen [2 subentries]

Hill, Samuel [1 subentry]

Hinde, Robert [1 subentry]

Hinrichsen, Johanna Lucia Henrietta [1 subentry]

Histoire critique de Jésus Christ (Paul Henri Thiry, Baron d'Holbach) [1 subentry]

Histoire des mathematiques (Jean Etienne Montucla) [1 subentry]

Histoire Naturelle (George Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon) [2 subentries]

Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux (George Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon) [2 subentries]

Historical Narrative and Topographical Description of Louisiana and West-Florida (Thomas Hutchins) [1 subentry]

history [1 subentry]

History of Greenland (David Cranz) [1 subentry]

History of the American Revolution (David Ramsay) [1 subentry]

History of the Life of Marcus Tullius Cicero (Conyers Middleton) [1 subentry]

Hitchcock, Samuel [1 subentry]

Hoban, James [2 subentries]

Hodgdon, Samuel [1 subentry]

Hog Island, Pa. [1 subentry]

Hohenloe-Inglefingen, Friedrich Ludwig, Prince of [2 subentries]

Holbach, Paul Henri Thiry, Baron d' [1 subentry]

Hollingsworth, Henry [1 reference]

Hollingsworth, Jacob [4 subentries]

Hollingsworth, Levi [1 reference]

Holstein, Denmark [1 reference]

Holston, Treaty of [3 subentries]

Holy Roman Emperor [See redirect]

Holy Roman Emperor Holy Roman Empire [1 subentry]

Homassel, Charles [2 subentries]

Hombert, Mr. [1 reference]

Hopkins, Dr. James [2 references]

Hopkins, John [2 subentries]

Hopkinson, Anne Borden (Mrs. Francis Hopkinson) [1 subentry]

Hopkinson, Francis [2 subentries]

Hopkinson, Joseph [5 subentries]

hops [1 subentry]

horses [4 subentries]

Hortus Kewensis (William Aiton) [1 subentry]

Houdon, Jean Antoine [1 subentry]

House of Representatives [See redirect]

House of Representatives, Speaker of [1 subentry + 1 “see also” entry]

house rent [2 subentries]

Howland, Capt. (master of Harriot) [1 reference]

Hoyt, Capt. [1 reference]

Hubbard, Jame (TJ's slave) [1 subentry]

Hudson river [1 subentry]

Hull, George I. [2 subentries]

Humphreys, David [22 subentries]

Hungary and Bohemia, King of [See redirect]

Hunter, Adam [3 subentries]

Hunter, James [2 subentries]

Hutchins, Thomas [2 subentries]

Hyena (H.M.S.) [1 subentry]

Hyena, Morocco [1 subentry]

Hylton, Daniel L. [8 subentries]

Hylton, Mrs. Daniel L. [4 references]

Hylton, John [2 subentries]

Hylton, William [2 subentries]