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oak boards [1 subentry]

oak plank [1 subentry]

oak timber [1 subentry]

oak wood [1 subentry]

oars [1 subentry]

oaths [1 subentry]

oats [2 subentries]

O'Brien, Capt. (master of Aurora) [1 reference]

O'Bryen (O'Brian, O'Brien), Richard [4 subentries]

Official Letters to the Honorable American Congress (John Carey) [3 subentries]

Ohio [1 subentry]

Ohio river [2 subentries]

olive culture [1 subentry]

Olivier, Pedro [1 reference]

onions [1 subentry]

Orange, Prince of [See redirect]

Oregon river [1 subentry]

Orléans, Louis Philippe Joseph, Duc d' [1 subentry]

orrery [1 subentry]

Ostend, Austrian Netherlands [3 subentries]

Ott, David [1 subentry]

Ottawa Indians [1 subentry]

Otto, Louis Guillaume [1 subentry]

oxen [1 subentry]