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Kean, John [4 subentries]

Kentucky [5 subentries]

Kentucky coffee trees [2 subentries]

Kerrener, Peter W. [1 subentry]

Kilty, John [1 subentry]

King, Miles [1 subentry]

King, Nicholas [1 reference]

King, Rufus [4 subentries]

Kingfisher (Indian) [1 reference]

Kingston (ship) [1 reference]

Kingston, Jamaica [2 subentries]

Kingston, Stephen [2 subentries]

Kinsley, Apollos [1 subentry]

Kitty [See redirect]

Klingham, Mr. [See redirect]

Knox, Henry [93 subentries]

Knox, Lucy Flucker (Mrs. Henry Knox) [1 subentry]

Koch, Jacob G. [1 subentry]

Kritty [See redirect]