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Nancy (British privateer) [1 subentry]

Nancy (ship) [1 subentry]

nankeen [1 subentry]

Nansemond County, Va. [1 reference]

Nantes, France [3 subentries]

Nantucket whalers at Dunkirk [1 subentry]

Naples, King of [See redirect]

Natchez [1 subentry]

Natchez, Governor of [See redirect]

Natchez, Treaty of [2 subentries]

National Assembly [See redirect]

National Convention [See redirect]

National Gazette (Philadelphia) [16 subentries]

national guard, French [1 subentry]

National Treasury, French [1 subentry]

National Treasury, French, Commissioners of [1 subentry]

natural law [1 subentry]

naval stores [2 subentries]

Ned (British privateer) [1 subentry]

Neel, Capt. (commander of Patriote) [1 reference]

Nelson, William, & Co. [1 subentry]

Neptune (ship) [1 subentry]

Nesbitt, John M. [1 subentry]

Netherlands [11 subentries + 3 “see also” entries]

Netherlands, Austrian [1 subentry]

neutrality [80 subentries + 2 “see also” entries]

neutrality act [1 subentry]

New Bern, N.C. [1 subentry]

New Brunswick, Canada [1 subentry]

New Castle, Del. [1 subentry]

New Hampshire [3 subentries]

New Jersey [5 subentries]

New Madrid [2 subentries]

New Orleans [9 subentries]

New Providence, Bahamas [3 subentries]

newspapers [3 subentries]

Newton, Thomas, Jr. [4 subentries]

New York [6 subentries]

New York, District Attorney of [See redirect]

New York, Governor of [See redirect]

New York, Treaty of [6 subentries]

New York Bay [1 reference]

New York Chamber of Commerce [1 subentry]

New York City [9 subentries]

New York City, Mayor of [See redirect]

New-York Journal, and Patriotic Register [1 subentry]

New-York Journal, and Weekly Register [1 subentry]

Nice [1 subentry]

Nicholas, George [5 subentries]

Nicholas, John (Jack) [2 references]

Nicholas, John, Jr. [3 subentries]

Nicholas, John, Sr. (of Seven Islands) [1 reference]

Nicholas, Louisa Carter (Mrs. John Nicholas, Jr.) [1 reference]

Nicholas, Wilson Cary [4 subentries]

Nicholson, John [2 subentries]

Nightingale, Joseph [1 subentry]

Nivison, John [1 reference]

Nixon, John [6 subentries]

Noailles, Louis Marie, Vicomte de [3 subentries]

Noble, Mr. [1 subentry]

nobles [2 subentries]

Noel, John Young [1 subentry]

Nogales, Treaty of [1 subentry]

Nogèrè, Gaston de [1 subentry]

“No Jacobin” [1 subentry]

Norfolk, England [1 subentry]

Norfolk, Va. [12 subentries]

Norfolk County, Va. [1 reference]

Normandy, France [1 subentry]

Norman's ford [1 reference]

North Carolina [4 subentries]

North Carolina, Governor of [See redirect]

North Carolina sound [1 reference]

Northwest Ordinance [1 reference]

Northwest Territory [8 subentries]

Notbeck, Mr. [1 subentry]

Notes on the State of Virginia [4 subentries]

Nourse, Joseph [2 subentries]

Nouveau commentaire sur l'ordonnance de la marine (René Josué Valin) [1 subentry]

Nouveau voyage en Espagne (J. F. Bourgoing) [1 reference]

Nouvel, Pierre [1 subentry]

Nowell, James [1 subentry]