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Rabat, Morocco [1 subentry]

Raigersfeld, Baron de [1 reference]

Rainbow (ship) [1 subentry]

Ralston, Robert [2 subentries]

Ramadan [1 subentry]

Ramsay, Mr. [1 subentry]

Ramsay, James [1 subentry]

Ramsay, Williamson & Co. [1 subentry]

Randall, Mr. [1 subentry]

Randall, Thomas [3 subentries]

Randolph, Ann Cary [1 subentry]

Randolph, Anne Cary (TJ's granddaughter) [7 subentries]

Randolph, Beverley [3 subentries]

Randolph, David [1 subentry]

Randolph, David Meade [4 subentries]

Randolph, Edmund [92 subentries]

Randolph, James [1 subentry]

Randolph, Martha Cocke (Mrs. Beverley Randolph) [4 references]

Randolph, Martha Jefferson (Patsy, Mrs. Thomas Mann Randolph, Jr., TJ's daughter) [13 subentries]

Randolph, Richard [1 subentry]

Randolph, Thomas Jefferson (TJ's grandson) [2 subentries]

Randolph, Thomas Mann, Jr. (TJ's son-in-law) [32 subentries]

Randolph, Thomas Mann, Sr. [2 subentries]

Randolph, Va. [1 subentry]

Ranger (pilot boat) [1 subentry]

Ranger (ship) [1 subentry]

rape seeds [3 subentries]

Ratisbon, Diet of [1 reference]

rattlesnake [1 subentry]

Ravara, Joseph [5 subentries]

Rawle, William [8 subentries]

Razer, Bernard [1 subentry]

Read, James [1 subentry]

Red Bird (Cherokee Indian) [1 subentry]

Rees, David [1 subentry]

register ship, Spanish [2 subentries]

Regulator (ship) [1 subentry]

Reliau, John Baptist [1 subentry]

Remsen, Henry [4 subentries]

Remus (TJ's horse) [1 reference]

Reply to Mr. Burke's invective against Mr. Cooper, and Mr. Watt (Thomas Cooper) [1 subentry]

Report of the Board of Trustees of the Sinking Fund [1 subentry]

Republican (French privateer) [4 subentries]

Republican (French privateer and British tender) [1 subentry]

Republican (ship) [1 subentry]

republicanism [4 subentries]

Republicans [9 subentries]

Resolution (ship) [2 subentries]

Respiracion (Cherokee chief) [1 subentry]

Résultats du commerce de la nation francoise avec les Anglo-Américains [1 subentry]

Reynolds, James [1 subentry]

Rhode Island [3 subentries]

Rhode Island, District Attorney of [See redirect]

Rhode Island, Governor of [See redirect]

Ricardos, Antonio [1 subentry]

rice [7 subentries]

Richards, William [1 subentry]

Richardson, Capt. (master of John) [1 subentry]

Richmond, Va. [7 subentries]

Rich Neck (Wilson Miles Cary's Va. plantation) [1 subentry]

Ricketts, John Bill [1 subentry]

Rights of Man (Thomas Paine) [1 reference]

Ritchie, Thomas [1 subentry]

Rittenhouse, David [5 subentries]

Rivanna river [1 subentry]

Riviere, Joseph [1 subentry]

Robbins, Roger [See redirect]

Robertson, James [2 subentries]

Robertson, James (Scotland) [2 subentries]

Robertson, John [1 subentry]

Robespierre, Maximilien Marie Isidore de [1 subentry]

Robins (Robbins), Roger [4 subentries]

Robinson, Capt. (master of Portland) [1 subentry]

Rochambeau, Donatien Marie Joseph de Vimeur, Vicomte de [1 subentry]

Roland (French privateer) [3 subentries]

Roland de la Platière, Jean Marie [3 subentries]

Rome [1 subentry]

Romilly, Samuel [1 subentry]

Rose, Charles [1 subentry]

Rose, Hugh [5 subentries]

Rose, Mrs. Hugh [1 reference]

Ross, Capt. (master of Hannah) [1 subentry]

Ross, Andrew [1 subentry]

Ross, David [1 subentry]

Ross, Robert [1 subentry]

Rotterdam [1 subentry]

Roussillon, France [1 subentry]

rum [2 subentries]

Rumsey, James [2 subentries]

Runnels, Abraham, & Son [2 subentries]

Runnels, Johannes [2 subentries]

Rush, Benjamin [3 subentries]

Russell, Nathaniel [1 subentry]

Russell, Thomas [2 subentries]

Russia [7 subentries]

Russia, Empress of [See redirect]

rust [1 subentry]

Rutherforth, Thomas [1 subentry]

Rutledge, Edward [1 subentry]

rye [5 subentries]