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 Jefferson Papers Indexes | Papers of Thomas Jefferson, Index to volume 28 |  K

Kames, Henry Home, Lord [1 reference]

Keith, Sir William [1 subentry]

Kelly, John [1 subentry]

Kelyng, Sir John [1 subentry]

Kent, James [1 reference]

Kent Academy (Maryland), 158n Kentucky [10 subentries]

Kersaint, Armand Guy Simon de Coetnempren, Comte de [1 reference]

Kersaint, Claire Louise Françoise de Paul d'Alesso d'Eragny [3 subentries]

Key, James [1 reference]

King, Rufus [4 subentries]

Kinsley, Apollos [1 reference]

Kinsolving, James [2 subentries]

Kippen & Co. [1 subentry]

kitchens [2 subentries]

Knox, Henry [4 subentries]

Knox, Lucy Flucker (Mrs. Henry Knox) [1 reference]

Kortright, Laurence [2 references]

Kosciuszko, Tadeusz (Thaddeus) [2 references]

Kuster, Ludolf [1 subentry]