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 Jefferson Papers Indexes | Papers of Thomas Jefferson, Index to volume 28 |  A

Abelard, Pierre [1 subentry]

Abridgment of the Publick Laws of Virginia, in Force and Use, June 10. 1720 (William Beverley) [1 subentry]

Adams, Abigail [3 references]

Adams, John [15 subentries]

Adams, John Quincy [1 reference]

Adams, Richard [5 subentries]

Adams, Samuel [3 subentries]

Adams, Samuel G. [1 reference]

Adams, Thomas [1 subentry]

Adet, Pierre Auguste [13 subentries]

Aeneid (Virgil) [1 subentry]

Aeschylus [1 subentry]

Aesop [2 subentries]

Agamemnon (Aeschylus) [1 subentry]

agriculture [13 subentries]

Aij, France [See redirect]

Albemarle Co., Va. [7 subentries]

Albemarle County Court [5 subentries]

Alcock, Weston [1 reference]

Alexander, Eli [9 subentries]

Alexander, William (Augusta Co.) [4 subentries]

Alexandria, Va. [2 subentries]

Algiers [5 subentries]

Algiers, American captives in [1 subentry]

Algiers, Dey of [See redirect]

alien law [1 subentry]

Ali Hassan, Dey of Algiers [2 references]

Allegheny Co., Pa. [2 subentries]

Allegheny mountains [1 subentry]

Allen, Ebenezer [1 reference]

Almodóvar del Rio, Pedro Jiménez de Góngora y Luján, Duque de [1 subentry]

Alsace [1 subentry]

American Husbandry [1 reference]

American Minerva (New York) [2 subentries]

American Philosophical Society [5 subentries]

American Revolution [7 subentries]

American Universal Geography (Jedidiah Morse) [2 references]

Ames, Fisher [2 subentries]

Amherst Co., Va. [2 subentries]

Amsterdam [3 subentries]

Anderson, Mr. (son of Nathaniel) [1 reference]

Anderson, Francis [1 reference]

Anderson, Nathaniel [4 subentries]

Anderson, Richard [1 subentry]

Anderson, William (London merchant) [1 subentry]

Andrews, George [1 subentry]

Andrews, Mary Blair [1 reference]

Andrews, Robert [2 subentries]

Andrews, Rev. Robert [1 reference]

Antiquités romaines de Denys d'Halicarnasse (Dionysius of Halicarnassus) [1 subentry]

Anville, Madame d’ [See redirect]

Appomattox river [1 subentry]

arbitration [1 subentry]

architecture [1 subentry + 1 “see also” entry]

Argus, or Greenleaf's New Daily Advertiser (New York) [2 subentries]

Arnold, Benedict [1 reference]

Arnoux, Abbé [2 references]

Art de bien faire les glaces d'office (M. Emy) [1 subentry]

Arthur's distillery [1 subentry]

artichokes [1 subentry]

artisans [4 subentries]

Artois, Charles Philippe, Comte d’ [1 reference]

Askin, John [1 reference]

asparagus [1 subentry]

asses [1 subentry]

association, freedom of [1 subentry]

Ast, William Frederick [4 subentries]

Athenaeus [1 subentry]

Atkyns, John Tracy [1 subentry]

attorneys [2 subentries]

Auckland [See redirect]

Aurora (Philadelphia) [5 subentries]

Australia [1 subentry]

Austria [5 subentries]

Authentic History of the Origin and Progress of the Late Revolution in Geneva (François D'Ivernois) [1 reference]

Autun, Bishop of [See redirect]

Ay (Aij), France [1 subentry]