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 Jefferson Papers Indexes | Papers of Thomas Jefferson, Index to volume 28 |  D

Dabney, John [1 reference]

Da Costa [See redirect]

Dallas, Alexander J. [1 subentry]

dams [1 subentry]

Danton, Georges Jacques [3 subentries]

Darien [See redirect]

Darmstadt, Joseph [1 reference]

Davanzati, Bernardo [1 subentry]

Davies, Augustine [See redirect]

Davies, Henry Landon [1 reference]

Davies, Sir John [1 subentry]

Davies, Nicholas [5 subentries]

Davis (Davies), Augustine [5 subentries]

Davy (TJ's slave) [1 subentry]

Dawson, John [2 subentries]

Dayton, Jonathan [4 subentries]

Deas, William A. [2 subentries]

Debnam, Mordecai [1 subentry]

debts [2 subentries]

debts to British creditors [5 subentries]

Decisions of Cases in Virginia, By The High Court of Chancery (George Wythe) [1 subentry]

deeds [2 subentries]

deer [1 subentry]

Definition of Parties (John Taylor) [1 subentry]

Deipnosophistes [See redirect]

Delamotte, F. C. A. [7 subentries]

Delaware [4 subentries]

de Legibus et Consuetudinibus Angliœ (Henry de Bracton) [1 reference]

Deluc (De Luc), Jean André [2 subentries]

Démeunier, Jean Nicolas [4 subentries]

democratic societies [1 subentry]

Democratic Society of Kentucky [1 reference]

Democratic Society of New York City [1 reference]

Democratic Society of Pennsylvania [1 reference]

Denmark [5 subentries]

Denmark, King of [See redirect]

Denys d'Halicarnasse [See redirect]

Department of State [See redirect]

Derieux, Justin Pierre Plumard [9 subentries]

Derieux, Maria Margarita Martin (Mme Justin Pierre Plumard Derieux) [2 references]

Description of the Monument consecrated to Liberty [1 reference]

Detroit [2 subentries]

Deville, Nicolas [1 reference]

Dexter, Samuel [2 subentries]

Dick (Wood slave) [1 subentry]

Dickinson, John [1 reference]

Dictionnaire Historique et Bibliographique Portatif (Jean Baptiste Ladvocat) [1 subentry]

Didier, Jean Emmanuel [1 reference]

Dillion, Thomas [1 subentry]

Diodati-Tronchin, Jean, Count de [2 subentries]

Diodorus Siculus [1 subentry]

Dionysius of Halicarnassus [1 subentry]

Disday [See redirect]

D'Ivernois, François [18 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Divers, George [3 subentries]

Divers, Thomas [3 subentries]

Dobson, Thomas (bookseller) [1 reference]

dogs [1 subentry]

Dohrman, Arnold Henry [2 subentries]

Dombey, Joseph [2 subentries]

Donald, Alexander [7 subentries]

Donald, Scott (Scot) & Co. [1 subentry]

Donald & Burton [1 subentry + 1 “see also” entry]

Donaldson, Joseph, Jr. [1 reference]

Donath, Joseph [4 subentries]

Don Quixote (Miguel de Cervantes) [1 subentry]

Dorchester, Lord (Sir Guy Carleton) [2 references]

Dorsay, M. [1 reference]

Douglas, William [1 subentry]

Dover (Randolph estate) [2 subentries]

Dowthwaite, Mr. [1 reference]

Dubois, Messrs. [1 reference]

Duby, Jean Louis [1 reference]

Dumas, Charles William Frederick [4 subentries]

Dumouriez, Charles François du Périer [1 reference]

Dunbar, John [1 subentry]

Dunbar, Mrs. John [1 reference]

Dungeness (Randolph estate) [1 subentry]

Dunlap's American Daily Advertiser (Philadelphia) [1 subentry]

Dunscomb, Andrew [2 references]

Duroveray, Jacques Antoine [1 reference]

Düsseldorf, Germany [1 subentry]

Du Val, William [1 reference]

Dyer, Sir James [1 subentry]

dyes [2 subentries]

Dyke, Margaret, 110 dysentery [1 subentry]