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oats [3 subentries]

O'Brien, Richard [1 subentry]

O'Bryen, Dennis [1 subentry]

“Observations intended to favour a supposition that the Black Color (as it is called) of the Negroes is derived from the Leprosy” (Benjamin Rush) [1 reference]

Observations on Agriculture, &c. Addressed to, or Made by the South-Carolina Society for Promoting and Improving Agriculture, and other Rural Concerns (S.C. Society for Promoting Agriculture) [1 subentry]

Observations on Certain Documents Contained in No. V & VI of “The History of the United States for the Year 1796” (Alexander Hamilton) [6 subentries]

Official Letters to the Honorable American Congress (John Carey) [2 subentries]

Oglethorpe, Gen. James Edward [3 references]

Ohio [3 subentries]

Ohio Company [1 reference]

Ohio River [1 subentry]

Ohio Valley [1 subentry]

oil shrub [1 subentry]

Oliver, John [3 subentries]

Oliver, Robert (Bordentown, N.J.) [1 subentry]

Oliver & Thompson [1 reference]

Ontario, Lake [1 reference]

On the Prisons of Philadelphia (Duc de La Rochefoucauld-Liancourt) [1 reference]

Orange Co., Va. [1 subentry]

oranges [1 subentry]

orange trees [1 subentry]

Orléans, Antoine Philippe d' [See redirect]

Orléans, Louis Charles d' [See redirect]

Orléans, Louise Marie Adélaide de Bourbon, Duchesse d' [2 references]

Orléans, Louis Philippe, Duc d' [1 subentry]

Orléans, Louis Philippe Joseph, Duc d' [1 subentry]

Osgood, Samuel (N.Y.) [1 subentry]

osnaburgs (osnabrigs) [2 subentries]

Oswald, Eleazer [1 reference]

Oswego, N.Y. [1 reference]

Otis, Harrison Gray [2 subentries]

Otis, Samuel A. [2 subentries]

Otter, Peaks of (Va.) [1 subentry]

Ottoman Empire [1 subentry]

Ouabache [See redirect]

Outlines of an Historical View of the Progress of the Human Mind (Marquis de Condorcet) [1 reference]

Outlines of the Fifteenth Chapter of the Proposed General Report from the Board of Agriculture, on the Subject of Manures (Robert Somerville) [1 subentry]

Ovid [1 subentry]

Owen & Mosby (tobacco inspectors) [2 references]