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labor [1 subentry]

Laertius, Diogenes [1 reference]

Lafayette, George Washington Louis Gilbert du Motier de [3 references]

Lafayette, Marie Adrienne Françoise de Noailles, Marquise de [4 subentries]

Lafayette, Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de [10 subentries]

La Fontaine, Jean de [1 subentry]

Lake Superior [2 references]

lampblack [2 references]

Lancaster Co., Pa. [6 subentries]

land companies [4 subentries]

Langdon, John [1 reference]

languages [7 subentries + 4 “see also” entries]

Lapsley, Samuel [1 reference]

La Rochefoucauld, Alexandrine Charlotte Sophie de Rohan-Chabot, Duchesse de [2 subentries]

La Rochefoucauld d'Enville, Louis Alexandre, Duc de La Roche-Guyon et de [1 reference]

La Rochefoucauld-Liancourt, François Alexandre Frédéric, Duc de [3 subentries]

Latimer, Henry [1 reference]

Latin [2 subentries]

Latour-Maubourg, Marie Charles César Fay, Comte de [2 references]

Latrobe, Benjamin Henry [4 subentries]

Latrobe, Lydia Sellon [1 reference]

Laurance, John [3 references]

law [5 subentries + 4 “see also” entries]

Law, Thomas [1 reference]

law of nations [2 subentries]

Law of Nations, or, Principles of the Law of Nature (Emmerich de Vattel) [1 reference]

Leak, Elisha [1 reference]

Leak, Walter [1 reference]

Lear, Tobias [1 reference]

Le Blanc, Régis [2 references]

Lee, Charles [2 references]

Lee, Henry [4 subentries]

Lego (TJ's estate) [1 subentry]

Le Havre, France [2 subentries]

Lehman, Lyon [1 reference]

Leiper, Elizabeth Coultas Gray [2 references]

Leiper, Thomas [5 subentries]

lemon juice [1 subentry]

LeRoy, Herman [1 subentry]

LeRoy & Bayard (N.Y.) [2 subentries]

Letchworth, John [2 references]

Letter, to the Rev. Jedidiah Morse (St. George Tucker) [3 references]

Letter from George Nicholas, of Kentucky, to His Friend, in Virginia (George Nicholas) [2 subentries]

Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury, Accompanied with a Report and Estimates of the Sums Necessary to be appropriated for the Service of the Year 1800 [1 reference]

Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury, Transmitting a Statement of Goods, Wares and Merchandize Exported from the United States [1 reference]

Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury Transmitting Two Statements … for One Year Prior to the First of October 1797 [1 reference]

Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury Transmitting Two Statements … for one Year prior to the First of October 1798 [2 references]

Letters of Curtius, Addressed to General Marshall (John Thomson) [1 subentry]

Letters to the Inhabitants of Northumberland and its Neighborhood, on Subjects Interesting to the Author, and to them (Joseph Priestley) [4 references]

Lewis (TJ's slave) [1 subentry]

Lewis (E. Randolph's slave) [2 references]

Lewis, Mr. [2 references]

Lewis, Charles Lilburne (TJ's brother-in-law) [1 reference]

Lewis, James (Charlottesville) [2 references]

Lewis, Jane Jefferson [See redirect]

Lewis, Lilburne [1 reference]

Lewis, Lucy Jefferson (Mrs. Charles Lilburne Lewis, TJ's sister) [1 reference]

Lewis, Meriwether [1 reference]

Lewis, Mildred Hornsby [3 subentries]

Lewis, Nicholas [4 subentries]

Lewis, Nicholas Meriwether [5 subentries]

Lewis, Randolph [1 reference]

Lewis, Robert Warner [3 references]

L'Hommedieu, Ezra [2 references]

libel [3 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

liberty [2 subentries]

Liberty of Speech, and of the Press (Alexander Addison) [1 reference]

libraries [1 subentry + 1 “see also” entry]

Life and Adventures of Peter Porcupine, with a Full and Fair Account of all his Authoring Transactions (William Cobbett) [3 references]

lighthouses [1 subentry]

Lilly, Gabriel [1 subentry]

lime [2 subentries]

Lincoln, Benjamin [1 reference]

Lindsay, Reuben [1 reference]

linens [1 subentry]

Linn, William [2 subentries]

Linnaeus, Carolus [1 reference]

linseed oil [1 reference]

lions [1 subentry]

Lisbon [2 subentries]

Lisle, John, Jr. [1 reference]

Liston, Robert [4 subentries]

Litchfield, Conn. [1 subentry]

Little Jim (ship) [4 references]

Littlejohn, Joseph B. [1 subentry]

Little Sam (ship) [2 references]

Lively, Charles [2 references]

Livermore, Samuel [3 subentries]

Lives of Eminent Philosophers (Diogenes Laertius) [1 reference]

livestock [3 subentries]

Livingston, Brockholst [1 reference]

Livingston, Edward [9 subentries]

Livingston, Robert R. [7 subentries]

Logan (Mingo Indian) [10 subentries]

Logan, George [4 subentries]

Loge Française L'Aménité (Philadelphia) [2 references]

Lomax, John Tayloe [1 reference]

Lomax, Lunsford [1 reference]

Lomax, Thomas [7 subentries]

Lomax, Thomas Lunsford [1 reference]

Lombardy [1 reference]

London [9 subentries]

longitude [1 subentry]

L'Orient (Lorient), France [1 subentry]

Loudon, Samuel [1 reference]

Louis XVI, King of France [3 subentries]

Louis XVIII, King of France [2 references]

Louisa Co., Va. [1 reference]

Louisiana [6 subentries]

Louis of Parma [2 subentries]

Louisville, Ky. [2 references]

Lownes, Caleb [3 references]

Loyal Company [1 reference]

Loyalists [See redirect]

Lucy (E. Randolph's slave) [1 reference]

Ludlow, Daniel, & Co. (New York) [2 subentries]

lumber [See redirect]

Lumsden, William [3 subentries]

Lydia (E. Randolph's slave) [1 reference]

lye [1 reference]

Lyle, James [3 subentries]

Lyman, Samuel [1 reference]

Lynchburg, Va. [3 subentries]

Lyon, James [8 subentries]

Lyon, Mrs. James [1 reference]

Lyon, Matthew [3 subentries]

Lyons, France [1 reference]

Lyons, Peter [1 subentry]