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 Jefferson Papers Indexes | Papers of Thomas Jefferson, Index to volume 31 |  A

abolition [1 subentry]

Abraham (Abram, TJ's slave) [1 reference]

Abridgment of the Public Permanent Laws of Virginia (Edmund Randolph) [3 references]

acacia [1 reference]

Accomack Co., Va. [1 reference]

Acts Passed at a General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Virginia; Begun and Held at the Capitol, in the City of Richmond, on Monday, the Third Day of December, One Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety-Eight [3 references]

Adams, Abigail [2 subentries]

Adams, Fort [1 reference]

Adams, John [8 subentries]

Adams, John Quincy [3 references]

Adams, Samuel [4 subentries]

Adams, Thomas [1 reference]

Adamson, Mr. [1 reference]

Addison, Alexander [2 subentries]

Address to the Congress of the United States, on the Utility and Justice of Restrictions upon Foreign Commerce (Charles Brockden Brown) [1 reference]

Address to the Government of the United States, on the Cession of Louisiana to the French (Charles Brockden Brown) [1 reference]

Adet, Pierre Auguste [1 reference]

Africa [1 subentry]

Aggey (E. Randolph's slave) [1 reference]

Agnes (ship) [2 references]

agriculture [8 subentries]

Albany, N.Y. [2 subentries]

Albany Gazette (Albany, N.Y.) [2 references]

Albemarle Co., Va. [17 subentries]

alcoholism [4 references]

Aldridge, William J. [2 references]

Alexander, William [2 subentries]

Alexandria, Va. [3 subentries]

Algiers [2 subentries]

Alien Friends Act (1798) [6 subentries]

Allegheny Co., Pa. [1 reference]

Allegheny Mountains [1 reference]

Allen, Richard H. [1 reference]

Allen, Wilson [1 reference]

Almon, John [1 reference]

Altona, Germany [1 reference]

American Academy of Arts and Sciences [1 reference]

American Philosophical Society [18 subentries]

American Revolution [15 subentries]

American Universal Geography (Jedidiah Morse) [2 references]

“Americanus” (pseudonym) [1 subentry]

Ames, Fisher [1 reference]

Amherst Co., Va. [2 references]

Amsterdam [5 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

anatomy [2 subentries]

Anderson, Bentley [1 reference]

Anderson, David [2 subentries]

Anderson, Garland, Jr. [1 reference]

Anderson, Joseph [1 subentry]

Andrews, Robert [2 references]

Anglesey, Wales [1 subentry]

Annapolis, Md. [1 reference]

Anthony, Joseph (Philadelphia) [2 subentries]

Anthony, Joseph (Richmond) [3 references]

Anthony, Joseph, & Son (Philadelphia) [1 reference]

Antichristian Conspiracy (Augustin Barruel) [1 reference]

Antimonarchical Conspiracy (Augustin Barruel) [1 reference]

Antisocial Conspiracy (Augustin Barruel) [2 references]

Appeal to the Candid upon the Present State of Religion and Politics in Connecticut (John C. Ogden) [1 reference]

Appendix to the Notes on Virginia Relative to the Murder of Logan's Family [7 subentries]

Appomattox River [1 reference]

Archimedes [1 reference]

architecture [See redirect]

Architecture of Andrea Palladio [2 references]

Argall, Sir Samuel [1 reference]

Argus (New York) [1 reference]

Armistead, B. D. [3 subentries]

Armstrong, John (1755-1816) [2 references]

Arnold, Thomas [1 reference]

art [2 subentries]

artisans [1 subentry]

Asia [1 subentry]

asparagus [1 subentry]

Ast, William Frederick [4 subentries]

astronomy [8 subentries]

attorneys [7 subentries]

Augusta Co., Va. [See redirect]

Augustine (Eppes's slave) [1 reference]

Aurora (Philadelphia) [20 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Austria [4 subentries]

Avery, Billy Haley [3 references]

Avery, Mrs. Billy Haley [2 references]

Avery, Edward [2 references]

Avery, Elizabeth [2 references]

Avery, Lucy [2 references]

Avery, Mary Ann [2 references]

Avery, William [2 references]

Azanza, Miguel José de [1 subentry]