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nails [1 subentry + 1 “see also” entry]

Nancy (b. 1791, Nanny, TJ's slave) [2 references]

Nanny (wife of Gabriel) [1 reference]

Nantes, France [3 references]

Naples [8 subentries]

Natchez [8 references]

National Intelligencer (Washington) [4 subentries]

National Magazine; or a Political, Historical, Biographical, and Literary Repository [2 references]

Natural and Civil History of Vermont (Samuel Williams) [1 reference]

natural history [5 subentries + 2 “see also” entries]

Naturalization Act of 1798 [2 references]

Nature Displayed in her Mode of Teaching Language to Man (Nicolas Gouin Dufief) [1 reference]

Nauman, George [1 reference]

Nautical Almanac and Astronomical Ephemeris [2 references]

Nautilus (Fulton submarine) [1 reference]

Nazareth [2 references]

Neale, Leonard [1 reference]

Ned [See redirect]

Nepos, Cornelius [1 subentry]

Netherlands [1 subentry + 1 “see also” entry]

neutrality, league of armed [7 subentries]

New and Complete Dictionary of Arts and Sciences [1 reference]

New and Complete System of Arithmetic (Nicolas Pike) [1 reference]

New and Elegant General Atlas (Aaron Arrowsmith) [1 reference]

New and Impartial History of England (John Baxter) [1 reference]

Newark, N.J. [1 reference]

New Brunswick, N.J. [1 reference]

Newburgh, N.Y. [1 subentry]

New England [14 subentries]

New England Mississippi Land Company [1 reference]

New Hampshire [9 subentries]

New Haven, Conn. [3 subentries]

New Jersey [17 subentries]

New Jersey, College of (Princeton) [6 references]

New London, Conn. [1 reference]

New London, Va. [2 references]

New Orleans [3 references]

New Physical System of Astronomy (Joseph Young) [2 references]

New System of Geography (Anton Friedrich Büsching) [1 reference]

New System of Modern Geography; or, A Geographical, Historical, and Commercial Grammar (William Guthrie) [1 reference]

Newton, Sir Isaac [2 references]

Newton, Thomas [4 subentries]

New World (Philadelphia) [1 reference]

New York [29 subentries]

“New York, Citizen of” (pseudonym) [1 subentry]

New York City [28 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

New-York Evening Post [1 reference]

New-York Gazette and General Advertiser [2 references]

Niagara Falls [1 reference]

Nicholas, John (brother of W. C. Nicholas) [3 subentries]

Nicholas, John, Jr. (clerk of Albemarle County Court) [1 reference]

Nicholas, Philip Norborne [7 subentries]

Nicholas, Robert Carter [1 reference]

Nicholas, Wilson Cary [8 subentries]

Nichols, Stiles [1 reference]

Nicholson, Elizabeth Hopper [1 reference]

Nicholson, Joseph, Jr. [1 reference]

Nicholson, Joseph H. [6 subentries]

Nicholson, William [1 subentry]

Nicolson, George [3 references]

Niemcewicz, Julian Ursin [5 subentries]

Niemcewicz, Susan Livingston Kean [1 reference]

Niles, Elizabeth Lothrop [1 reference]

Niles, Elizabeth Marston Watson [1 reference]

Niles, Nathaniel [5 subentries]

Noble, E. (Naples) [2 references]

Nogent, France [1 reference]

Nolan, Philip [4 references]

Norfolk, Va. [7 subentries]

Norfolk Co., Va. [1 reference]

North Carolina [16 subentries]

North-Carolina Minerva (Raleigh, N.C.) [1 reference]

Northern Antiquities; or, A Description of the Manners, Customs, Religion and Laws of the Ancient Danes, and Other Northern Nations (Paul Henri Mallet) [1 reference]

Northumberland, Pa. [1 reference]

Northwest Territory [5 subentries]

Norwalk, Conn. [1 reference]

Notes on the State of Virginia [7 subentries]

Nott, Abraham [1 reference]

Nova Scotia [2 references]