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 Jefferson Papers Indexes | Papers of Thomas Jefferson, Index to volume 32 |  A

“A.B.” (pseudonym) [2 subentries]

Abeille Americaine [1 reference]

Abert, Geneviève Marie [See redirect]

abolition [4 subentries]

Abraham (ca. 1740-1818, Abram, TJ's slave) [1 reference]

Abram (b. 1794, TJ's slave) [1 reference]

Abridgment of the Public Permanent Laws of Virginia (Edmund Randolph) [2 references]

“Account of the Capitol in Virginia” (Thomas Jefferson) [1 reference]

Adair, Douglass [1 reference]

Adams, Abigail [2 subentries]

Adams, George [1 subentry]

Adams, John [6 subentries]

Adams, John Quincy [2 references]

Adams, Louisa Catherine Johnson [1 reference]

Adams, Samuel [3 subentries]

Address to the People of the United States (John Beckley) [1 reference]

Ad Lucilium Epistulae Morales (Lucius Annaeus Seneca) [2 references]

Advice to the People in General, with Regard to Their Health (Samuel Auguste André David Tissot) [1 reference]

Advice to Shepherds (Louis Jean Marie Daubenton) [2 references]

Africa [5 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

African Americans [1 subentry]

Age of Reason. Part the Second (Thomas Paine) [2 references]

Aggy [2 See redirects]

agriculture [17 subentries]

Alabama [2 references]

Albany, N.Y. [3 references]

Albemarle Co., Va. [17 subentries + 2 “see also” entries]

alcoholism [2 references]

Aldridge, William J. [3 subentries]

Alembert, Jean Le Rond d' [1 subentry]

Alexander, Mr. [2 references]

Alexander, Amos [5 subentries]

Alexander, Andrew [4 subentries]

Alexander, Robert [1 reference]

Alexander the Coppersmith [1 reference]

Alexandria, Bank of [1 reference]

Alexandria, Egypt [1 reference]

Alexandria, Va. [15 subentries]

Alexandria Mechanical Relief Society [1 reference]

Algiers [2 subentries]

Alien Friends Act (1798) [3 subentries]

Allarde, Pierre Gilbert Leroy, baron d' [3 references]

Allen, Hancock [3 references]

Allen, John [2 references]

Allen, Mrs. (mother of Hancock Allen) [1 reference]

Alston, Joseph [2 subentries]

Alston, Theodosia Burr [1 reference]

Altona [1 reference]

>Ambler, John [1 reference]

Ambrugeac, Alexandre Charles Louis d' [4 subentries]

American (Baltimore) [2 references]

American Academy of Arts and Sciences [3 references]

American Atlas (Mathew Carey) [1 reference]

American Citizen and General Advertiser (New York) [2 references]

“American Merchant” (T. Coxe) [1 reference]

American Mercury (Hartford, Conn.) [1 reference]

American Monitor [See redirect]

American Museum (New York) [1 reference]

American Museum; or, Annual Register of Fugitive Pieces, Ancient and Modern. For the Year 1798 (Mathew Carey) [1 reference]

American Philosophical Society [16 subentries]

American Revolution [18 subentries]

American Universal Geography (Jedidiah Morse) [1 reference]

“Americanus” (pseudonym) [1 subentry]

“Americanus Urban” (pseudonym) [1 reference]

American Vine-Dresser's Guide (John James Dufour) [1 reference]

Amesbury, Mass. [1 reference]

Amiens, France [1 reference]

Amsterdam [3 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Amy [See redirect]

Amy (TJ's slave) [1 reference]

Anacharsis [See redirect]

anarchy [2 subentries]

Anatomy of the Human Body (William Cheselden) [1 reference]

Anderson, Adam [1 subentry]

Anderson, Robert [1 reference]

Anderson, William (London merchant) [2 references]

Annales of England (Francis Godwin, Bishop of Hereford) [1 reference]

Annan, Robert [1 reference]

Annapolis, Md. [2 references]

Annapolis Convention (1786) [1 reference]

Anne, Queen (Great Britain) [2 references]

Annual Register, and Virginian Repository, for the Year 1800 (George Douglas) [4 references]

Answer to Alexander Hamilton's Letter (Citizen of New York) [2 references]

Anthony, Joseph (Philadelphia) [2 subentries]

Antifederalists [2 references]

Apology for the Bible (Richard Watson, Bishop of Llandaff) [2 references]

“Apotheosis of Washington” (John James Barralet) [1 reference]

Appel a l'Impartiale Postérité (Marie Jeanne Phlipon Roland de la Platière) [1 reference]

Appendix to the Notes on Virginia Relative to the Murder of Logan's Family [2 subentries]

Appleton, Thomas [4 references]

Archaeologica Graeca; Or, the Antiquities of Greece (John Potter) [1 reference]

Argentina [1 reference]

Argus (New York) [2 references]

“Aristides” (pseudonym) [2 references]

Aristotle [1 reference]

Arlington, Vt. [2 references]

Armstrong, John (1755-1816) [3 subentries]

Armstrong, Gen. John [3 subentries]

Arnay, Jean Rodolphe d' [1 subentry]

Arrowsmith, Aaron [2 subentries]

Artemis, temple of [2 references]

Arthur, William [3 subentries]

artisans [1 subentry]

Asia [2 subentries]

Asinius Pollio, Gaius [2 references]

Ast, William Frederick [1 reference]

Astronomie (Joseph Jérôme Le Français de Lalande) [1 reference]

astronomy [8 subentries]

Astronomy (James Ferguson) [1 reference]

Atlas Portatif à l'Usage des Colleges (L'Abbé Grenet and Rigobert Bonne) [1 reference]

attorneys [13 subentries]

Augusta Co., Va. [2 references]

Aurora (Philadelphia) [12 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Austin, William (editor) [1 reference]

Austria [9 subentries]

Authentic Account of an Embassy from the King of Great Britain to the Emperor of China (George Leonard Staunton) [2 references]

Aventures de Télémaque (François de Salignac de La Mothe-Fénelon) [2 references]

Azara, José Nicolás de [2 references]