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 Jefferson Papers Indexes | Papers of Thomas Jefferson, Index to volume 32 |  D

Dabney, John [1 reference]

Dachosta [See redirect]

Dallarde [See redirect]

Dallas, Alexander J. [4 subentries]

Dalrymple, Sir John [1 subentry]

d'Ambrugeac [See redirect]

Danbury, Conn. [3 subentries]

dancing [1 subentry]

Danville, Ky. [1 reference]

Darien [See redirect]

Darke, Col. William [1 reference]

Darmsdatt, Joseph [2 references]

Darrell, Mrs. Philip [1 reference]

Darrell, Philip [3 subentries]

Dartmouth College [2 references]

Darwin, Erasmus [1 subentry]

Daubenton, Louis Jean Marie [2 subentries]

Daveiss, Joseph Hamilton [2 subentries]

Davenport, Mr. [2 references]

Davenport, William [1 reference]

David, Jacques Louis [1 reference]

Davie, William R. [13 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Davila, Enrico Caterino [1 subentry]

Davis, Augustine [1 subentry]

Davis, Isaac [1 reference]

Davis, Matthew L. [4 subentries]

Davis, William A. [3 subentries]

Davy [See redirect]

Davy (b. 1785, TJ's slave) [1 reference]

Dawson, John [3 subentries]

Deane, Silas [1 subentry]

Debates, Resolutions and Other Proceedings, of the Convention of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts [1 reference]

Debates and other Proceedings of the Convention of Virginia [1 reference]

Debates and Proceedings of the Convention of the State of New-York, Assembled at Poughkeepsie, on the 17th June 1788 [1 reference]

Debates of the Convention of the State of Pennsylvania, on the Constitution [1 reference]

Declaration of Independence [4 references]

Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (Edward Gibbon) [1 reference]

Dedham, Mass. [2 references]

“Defence of Thomas Jefferson” (James Thomson Callender) [1 reference]

Delabar, John [1 reference]

Delamotte, F. C. A. [5 subentries]

Delany, Sharp [2 references]

Delarue, Eugénle Beaumarchais [1 reference]

Delarue, Louis André Toussaint [1 reference]

De la Vie privée des Romains (Jean Rodolphe D'Arnay) [1 reference]

Delaware [27 subentries]

Delaware River [1 reference]

De Leport & Cie. (Paris) [2 references]

Delolme, Jean Louis [1 subentry]

Denmark [9 subentries]

Denniston, David [1 reference]

Dent, George [1 reference]

De officiis (Marcus Tullius Cicero) [1 reference]

Description of a Chart of Biography (Joseph Priestley) [1 reference]

Description of a New Chart of History (Joseph Priestley) [1 reference]

Desultory Reflections on the New Political Aspects of Public Affairs (attributed to John Ward Fenno) [2 references]

Dewey, Elijah [2 references]

DeWitt, Benjamin [1 reference]

Dexter, Samuel [2 references]

Diana (goddess) [1 reference]

Dick [See redirect]

Dickerson (Dickeson), Mr. [1 reference]

Dickinson, John [1 reference]

Dickinson, Jonathan [1 reference]

Dickinson College [2 references]

Dickson, Adam [1 subentry]

Dictionnaire historique et bibliographique portatif (Jean Baptiste Ladvocat) [1 reference]

Dictionnaire Universel d'Agriculture (François Rozier) [2 references]

Diderot, Denis [1 subentry]

Digest of the Laws of Maryland, Being an Abridgment (Thomas Herty) [1 reference]

Digest of the Laws of the United States of America (Thomas Herty) [1 reference]

Digges, Maria [2 subentries]

Dijon, France [3 references]

Dinsmore, James [4 subentries]

Diodati, Marie Élisabeth Tronchin [2 references]

Diodati-Tronchin, Jean, Count de [2 subentries]

Direct Tax (1798) [4 subentries]

Discourses Concerning Government (Algernon Sidney) [1 reference]

Dismal Swamp [1 subentry]

Dispensatory of the Royal College of Physicians, London [1 reference]

“Dissertation on the Law of Nations” (Thomas Paine) [2 references]

distilleries [1 reference]

District of Columbia [7 subentries + 2 “see also” entries]

Divers, George [1 reference]

divorce [1 reference]

Dixon, Jeremiah [2 references]

Doll (b. 1757, TJ's slave) [1 reference]

Dolly (b. 1794, TJ's slave) [1 reference]

Domestic Medicine (William Buchan) [1 reference]

“Don Quixote” (pseudonym) [1 reference]

Douglas, George [6 subentries]

Douglass, William [1 subentry]

Dover, Del. [1 reference]

Dover tract (Va.) [3 references]

D'Oyley, Daniel [2 references]

Drayton, John [2 references]

Droit des Gens (Emmerich de Vattel) [1 reference]

Dryden, John [1 reference]

Duane, William [11 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Dublin, Ireland [1 reference]

Dublin Packet (ship) [1 reference]

Dufief, Nicolas Gouin [7 subentries]

Dufour, John James [3 subentries]

Dugnani, Antonio [2 references]

Duke, Mrs. [1 reference]

Duke, Henry [4 subentries]

Dumas, Mathieu [1 reference]

Dumouriez, Charles François Du Périer [2 subentries]

Dunbar, William [7 subentries]

Duncan, Thomas [1 reference]

Duncanson, William Mayne [2 references]

Dunmore, John Murray, fourth Earl of [2 references]

Dunn, Mr. [1 reference]

Dunwoody's tavern [1 reference]

du Pont, Victor Marie [7 subentries]

Dupont de l'Étang, Pierre [2 references]

du Pont de Nemours, Éleuthère Irénée [4 subentries]

Du Pont de Nemours, Françoise Robin Poivre [2 subentries]

Du Pont de Nemours, Pierre Samuel [16 subentries]

Durand, Claudine [See redirect]

Duvall, Gabriel [1 reference]

Dyer, Samuel [3 subentries]