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Habersham, Joseph [5 subentries]

Habington, Thomas [1 subentry]

Hagerstown, Md. [3 references]

Haley, Nathan [4 subentries]

Hall, David [1 reference]

Hall (Hale), Mr. (Mass.) [1 reference]

Hallé, Noël [1 reference]

Hamburg, Germany [5 subentries]

Hamilton, Alexander [19 subentries]

Hamilton, Gavin [1 reference]

Hamilton, John [1 reference]

Hamilton, Paul [3 references]

Hammond, George [1 subentry]

Hampton, Wade [2 subentries]

Hand, Edward [3 references]

Hanna, John A. [1 reference]

Hanseatic League [1 reference]

Hanson, Mary Key [1 reference]

Hanson, Samuel [4 subentries]

Harper, Robert Goodloe [3 references]

harpsichords [2 references]

Harrisburg, Pa. [1 reference]

Harrison, Benjamin (1726-1791) [1 reference]

Harrison, Benjamin, Jr. [1 reference]

Harrison, Mr. (Carlisle, Pa.) [1 reference]

Harrison, Richard [1 reference]

Harrison Co., Va. [1 reference]

Harriss, P. [1 reference]

Hart, William [2 references]

Hartford, Conn. [3 references]

Harvard College [4 references]

Harvie, John [1 subentry]

Harvie, Richard [1 reference]

Hatch, Israel [2 references]

Hatsell, John [1 subentry]

Havana, Cuba [3 references]

Haverhill, Mass. [1 reference]

Havre [See redirect]

Hawkins, Benjamin [3 subentries]

Hawkins, John Isaac [1 reference]

Haxall, William [4 references]

hay [1 reference]

Hay, William [1 reference]

Helvétius, Claude Adrien [1 subentry]

Hemings, James (b. 1787, Jamy, TJ's slave) [1 reference]

hemp [1 reference]

Henderson, Bennett (d. 1793) [1 reference]

Henderson, Elizabeth Lewis (Mrs. Bennett Henderson) [1 reference]

Henderson, James [2 references]

Henderson, John [4 subentries]

Henderson, McCaul & Co. [2 subentries]

Hendrick, John [1 reference]

Hening, William Waller [1 reference]

Henrico Co., Va. [1 reference]

Henry, John [1 reference]

Henry, Patrick [1 subentry]

Herald of Liberty (Washington, Pa.) [2 references]

Hercules [2 references]

Hereford, Bishop of [See redirect]

Hern, Aggy (1789-1815, TJ's slave) [1 reference]

Hern, Amy (1793-1811, TJ's slave) [1 reference]

Hern, Beverly (b. 1800, TJ's slave) [1 subentry]

Hern, David (b. 1755, Davy, TJ's slave) [2 references]

Hern, David (b. 1784, Davy, TJ's slave) [1 reference]

Hern, Indridge (b. 1797, TJ's slave) [1 reference]

Hern, Isabel (1758-1819, TJ's slave) [2 references]

Hern, James (b. 1776, TJ's slave) [1 reference]

Hern, Lilly (b. 1791, TJ's slave) [1 reference]

Hern, Moses (b. 1779, TJ's slave) [2 references]

Hern, Patty (1781-1806, TJ's slave) [1 reference]

Hern, Thruston (b. 1795, TJ's slave) [1 reference]

Herodianus [1 subentry]

Herostratus [2 references]

Herry, James [2 subentries]

Herschel, Sir William [1 reference]

Herty, Thomas [4 subentries]

Hessian fly [2 subentries]

Heth, Mr. [2 references]

Heurtault de Lamerville, Jean Marie [1 subentry]

Hewat, Alexander [1 subentry]

Hichborn, Benjamin [4 subentries]

Hiester, Daniel [2 references]

Hiester, John S. [1 reference]

Hiester, Joseph [1 reference]

Hiester, Mary Catharine (Maria) Muhlenberg [1 reference]

Higginbotham, David [3 subentries]

Higginson, Stephen, Jr. [3 references]

Higginson, Stephen, Sr. [2 references]

Hill, Henry (Philadelphia) [1 reference]

Hillhouse, James [2 references]

Hindman, William [2 references]

Histoire d'Angleterre (Paul de Rapin Thoyras) [1 reference]

Histoire des mathématiques (Jean Etienne Montucla) [1 reference]

Histoire Naturelle, générale et particulière (Comte de Buffon) [1 reference]

Histoire naturelle des quadrupèdes, ovipares, serpents, poissons et cétacées (Comte de Lacépède) [1 reference]

Historia general de España (Juan de Mariana) [1 reference]

Historiarum Libri VIII (Herodianus) [1 reference]

Historical Account of the Rise and Progress of the Colonies of S. Carolina and Georgia (Alexander Hewat) [1 reference]

Historical and Chronological Deduction of the Origin of Commerce (Adam Anderson) [1 reference]

Historie of Edward the Fourth (Thomas Habington) [1 reference]

Historie of the Pitifull Life, and Unfortunate Death of Edward the Fifth (Thomas More) [1 reference]

Historie of the Reigne of King Henry the Seventh (Francis Bacon) [1 reference]

history [2 subentries]

History and Present State of Virginia (Robert Beverley) [1 reference]

History of America (William Robertson) [2 subentries]

History of England (David Hume) [1 reference]

History of England; from the Accession of James I to That of the Brunswick Line (Catharine Macaulay) [2 references]

History of England, In a Series of Letters from a Nobleman to his Son (Oliver Goldsmith, attributed to Earl of Orrery) [1 reference]

History of Great Britain, from the Revolution to the Accession of the House of Hanover (William Belsham) [2 references]

History of Ireland (Ferdinando Warner) [1 reference]

History of King Richard III (Thomas More) [1 reference]

History of New-Hampshire (Jeremy Belknap) [1 reference]

History of Pennsylvania (Robert Proud) [1 reference]

History of Scotland During the Reigns of Queen Mary and of King James VI (William Robertson) [2 references]

History of the American Revolution (David Ramsay) [1 reference]

History of the British Plantations of America … Part I. Containing History of Virginia (Sir William Keith) [1 reference]

History of the Colony of Nova Caesaria, or New-Jersey (Samuel Smith) [1 reference]

History of the Corruptions of Christianity (Joseph Priestley) [1 reference]

History of the First Discovery and Settlement of Virginia (William Stith) [1 reference]

History of the Life, Reign, and Death of Edward II, King of England (attributed to Sir Henry Cary, Viscount Falkland) [1 reference]

History of the Life of King Henry II (Baron George Lyttelton) [1 reference]

History of the Life of Marcus Tullius Cicero (Conyers Middleton) [1 reference]

History of the Most Renowned and Victorious Princess Elizabeth, Late Queen of England (William Camden) [1 reference]

History of the Province of New York, from the First Discovery (William Smith) [1 reference]

History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England (Edward Hyde, first Earl of Clarendon) [2 references]

History of the Reformation of the Church of England (Gilbert Burnet) [1 reference]

History of the Reign of Philip the Second, King of Spain (Robert Watson) [1 reference]

History of the Reign of Philip the Third, King of Spain (Robert Watson and William Thomson) [1 reference]

History of the Reign of the Emperor Charles V (William Robertson) [1 reference]

History of the Rise, Progress, and Establishment, of the Independence of the United States of America (William Gordon) [1 reference]

Hodgdon, Samuel [1 reference]

hogs [3 references]

holidays [5 subentries]

Holladay, Lewis [3 references]

Holladay, Waller [4 subentries]

Holland Land Company [2 references]

Hollins, John [2 references]

Hollins, Mrs. John [1 reference]

Holmes (Holms), John [3 subentries]

Holstein [3 references]

Holt, Charles [2 subentries]

Holy Roman Empire [2 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Homer [1 subentry]

“Homo” (T. Law pseudonym) [1 reference]

Hooke (Hook), Robert [1 reference]

Hoomes, John [8 subentries]

Hooper, Robert [1 reference]

Hopkins, John, Jr. [1 reference]

Hopkins, Samuel (Ky.) [2 subentries]

Hopkins, Samuel (N.Y.) [1 reference]

Horace [2 subentries]

Horse-Hoeing Husbandry; or, An Essay on the Principles of Vegetation and Tillage (Jethro Tull) [1 reference]

horses [18 subentries]

horticulture [3 subentries]

Hottinguer, Jean Conrad [1 subentry]

Houston, George Smith [3 subentries]

Houston, Jane Smith [1 reference]

Houston, Mary Forman [1 reference]

Houston, William Churchill [1 reference]

Houston, William Churchill (the younger) [1 reference]

Howard, John E. [1 reference]

Hubbard, James (b. 1783, Jame, TJ's slave) [2 references]

Hubbard, Nicholas [1 subentry + 1 “see also” entry]

Hubbard, Philip (1786-1819, Phill, TJ's slave) [1 reference]

Hudson River [4 references]

Huger, Benjamin [1 reference]

Hughes, James [1 subentry]

Hughes, Wormley (1781-1858, TJ's slave) [2 subentries]

Hume, David [2 subentries]

Humphreys, Daniel [1 subentry]

Humphreys, David [6 subentries]

Hunn, John [1 reference]

Hunter, John [1 reference]

Hurt, John [1 reference]

Husbandry of the Ancients (Adam Dickson) [1 reference]

Hutchins, Anthony [2 references]

Hutton, Charles [1 subentry]

Hylton, Daniel L. [2 references]

Hylton, John [1 reference]

Hylton, Sarah Eppes [1 reference]

Hylton, William, Sr. [3 subentries]