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Lachaise, Auguste [1 reference]

La Coraña, Spain [1 reference]

Lafayette, George Washington Louis Gilbert du Motier de [1 reference]

Lafayette, Marie Adrienne Françoise de Noailles, Marquise de [1 reference]

Lafayette, Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de [8 subentries]

La Greca, Baron Luigi [1 reference]

Lake Champlain [1 reference]

La Luzerne, Anne César, Chevalier de [1 reference]

Lamar, Marien [2 references]

Lambert, William [1 subentry]

Lancaster, Pa. [6 subentries]

Land Act (1800) [1 reference]

land speculation [7 subentries]

Lane, George [1 reference]

Lane, Presley Carr [2 subentries]

Langdon, John [4 subentries]

La Rochefoucauld, Alexandrine Charlotte Sophie de Rohan-Chabot, Duchesse de [1 reference]

Latimer, George [3 subentries]

Latrobe, Benjamin Henry [2 references]

Latrobe, Lydia Sellon [1 reference]

laundresses [1 reference]

Laurens, Henry [1 reference]

law [2 subentries]

Law, Thomas [5 subentries]

Laws of Maryland (William Kilty) [1 reference]

Leach, John [1 reference]

Lear, Tobias [7 subentries]

Le Blond, Guillaume [1 subentry]

Lebrun, Citoyen [1 subentry]

Leçons d'Anatomie Comparée (Georges Cuvier) [2 references]

Lee, Charles [3 references]

Lee, Henry [3 references]

Lee, John (Me.) [4 references]

Lee, John (State Department employee) [1 reference]

Lee, Silas [1 subentry]

Lee, Susan Palfrey [2 references]

Lee, Thomas Ludwell [1 reference]

Lee, Thomas Sim [2 references]

Lee, William (1772-1840) [5 subentries]

Lee, William (father of William) [1 reference]

Lee, William R. [1 reference]

Leeds [1 reference]

Lee & Son (Smyrna) [1 reference]

Legaux, Peter [7 subentries]

Le Havre, France [3 subentries]

Lehré, Thomas [3 references]

Leib, John L. [1 reference]

Leib, Michael [4 subentries]

Leiper, Thomas [7 subentries]

Lemaire, Étienne [2 references]

L'Enfant, Pierre Charles [1 reference]

Leonidas (king of Sparta) [1 reference]

Leslie, Robert [2 subentries]

Létombe, Philippe André Joseph de [8 subentries]

Letter from Robert Goodloe Harper, of South Carolina, to His Constituents (Robert Goodloe Harper) [1 reference]

Letter from the Assistant Post-Master General (Charles Burrall) [1 reference]

Letters to the Inhabitants of Northumberland and its Neighborhood, on Subjects Interesting to the Author, and to them (Joseph Priestley) [1 reference]

Letters to the People. By a Farmer (Levi Lincoln) [1 reference]

Letter to the Right Honourable William Pitt, On the Influence of the Stoppage of Issues in Specie at the Bank of England, on the Prices of Provisions, and other Commodities (Walter Boyd) [2 references]

Lettre d'un Français á M. Pitt (Louis André Pichon) [1 reference]

lettuce [1 reference]

Lewis, Charles (son of Charles Lilburne Lewis) [1 reference]

Lewis, Jacob [4 subentries]

Lewis, Joel [3 references]

Lewis, Lucy Meriwether [1 reference]

Lewis, Meriwether [8 subentries]

Lewis, Nicholas [1 reference]

Lewis, Samuel, Sr. [1 subentry]

Lewis, Thomas (Cherokee agent) [1 reference]

Lewis, Thomas, Jr. [3 subentries]

Lewis, Thomas, & Son (Boston) [1 reference]

Lewis, William (father of Meriwether Lewis) [1 reference]

Lexington, battle of (1775) [1 reference]

Liberty [1 subentry]

liberty poles [1 reference]

Library of Congress [2 references]

Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy (Laurence Sterne) [1 reference]

lighthouses [1 reference]

Lille, France [1 reference]

Lilly, Gabriel [3 subentries]

Lincoln, Abraham [1 reference]

Lincoln, Benjamin [4 subentries]

Lincoln, Levi [25 subentries]

linen [1 reference]

Lingan, James M. [4 subentries]

Linn, Alexander [1 reference]

Linn, James [6 subentries]

Linn, Mary Livingston [1 reference]

Lisbon [1 reference]

Liston, Robert [2 references]

Littell, Eliakim [3 subentries]

Littell, Squier [3 subentries]

Little, Charles [3 subentries]

Livermore, Edward St. Loe [2 subentries]

Liverpool [4 references]

Livingston, Edward [2 subentries]

Livingston, Gilbert [2 references]

Livingston, Robert R. [18 subentries]

Livingston, Schuyler [1 reference]

Livingston, William [1 reference]

Lloyd, Henry [2 subentries]

Lofrede op George Washington, te Oldenbarneveld, den 22sten van Sprokkelmaand 1800 in Oneida district, staat van New York (Francis Adrian Van der Kemp) [2 references]

Logan, Deborah Norris [1 reference]

Logan, George [6 subentries]

Lomax, John Tayloe [1 reference]

Lomax, Thomas [3 subentries]

London [7 subentries]

London Courant [1 reference]

London Evening Post [2 references]

Long, Kennedy [1 subentry]

longitude [1 subentry]

L'Orient (Lorient), France [2 references]

Louisiana [3 subentries]

Louis of Parma [1 reference]

Louis XVI, King of France [1 reference]

Loval, Thomas [1 reference]

Lowell, John [2 references]

Lowry, Thomas [5 references]

Loyal Company [1 reference]

Loyalists [See redirect]

Lübeck, Germany [1 reference]

Ludlow, Daniel [2 references]

Lunéville, France [1 subentry]

Lutze, Friedrich Wilhelm [1 reference]

Lyle, Andrew [2 references]

Lyle, James [2 references]

Lyman, Daniel [4 references]

Lyon, James [4 subentries]

Lyon, Matthew [9 subentries]