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 Jefferson Papers Indexes | Papers of Thomas Jefferson, Index to volume 33 |  R

Ramsay, Dennis [1 reference]

Ramsay, Ephraim [2 references]

Randolph, Anne Cary (TJ's grand-daughter) [2 subentries]

Randolph, Ariana Jenings [2 subentries]

Randolph, Cornelia Jefferson (TJ's grand-daughter) [2 subentries]

Randolph, David Meade [5 subentries]

Randolph, Edmund [5 subentries]

Randolph, Ellen Wayles, II (TJ's granddaughter) [2 subentries]

Randolph, Martha Jefferson (Patsy, Mrs. Thomas Mann Randolph, TJ's daughter) [7 subentries]

Randolph, Mary (Mrs. David M. Randolph, sister of Thomas Mann Randolph) [1 reference]

Randolph, Thomas Jefferson (TJ's grandson) [2 subentries]

Randolph, Thomas Mann (TJ's son-in-law) [11 subentries]

Rapin, Joseph [9 subentries]

Rapin, Mrs. Joseph [3 references]

Rapine & Conrad (Washington, D.C.) [1 reference]

Rapport Fait au Nom de la Commission (Edme Bonaventure Courtois) [2 references]

Rawle, William [2 references]

Rawlings, Benjamin [2 subentries]

Read, George [1 reference]

Read, Jacob [3 references]

Read, John [1 reference]

Read, Martha Meredith [1 reference]

Read, Nathan [1 reference]

Reading, Pa. [2 subentries]

Reed, John [1 reference]

Reed, William [2 subentries]

Reeves, Thomas [1 reference]

Reily, John [2 references]

Reinagle, Alexander [1 reference]

Reinhart (Rhinehart), George [2 references]

Reintzel, Daniel [1 reference]

religion [7 subentries + 3 “see also” entries]

Rely, Mr. C. [1 reference]

Rémusat, Augustin Laurent de [1 reference]

Report of the Secretary of the Navy, Accompanying Sundry Documents Marked No. 1, to 5 inclusive, Relative to the Naval Establishment of the United States (Benjamin Stoddert) [3 references]

Reports of Cases Adjudged in the Superior Court of the State of Connecticut from the year 1785 to May 1788 (Ephraim Kirby) [1 reference]

Republic (Plato) [1 reference]

Republican (Petersburg, Va.) [1 reference]

republicanism [8 subentries]

Republicans [34 subentries]

Réunion [See redirect]

Rhapsody on the Present System of French Politics (Henry Lloyd) [1 reference]

Rhine River [2 references]

Rhoades, Ebenezer [2 references]

Rhode Island [10 subentries + 2 “see also” entries]

Rhode Island College [1 reference]

Rhodes, Matthew [See redirect]

Rhodes, William [2 subentries]

Richardet, Mr. and Mrs. [1 reference]

Richards, John [1 subentry]

Richardson, Hezekiah [1 subentry]

Richardson, Jacob [2 references]

Richardson, Richard [3 subentries]

Richardson, Robert [1 reference]

Richmond, Va. [10 subentries]

Riggin, William [2 references]

Rind, William A. [1 reference]

Ring, Benjamin [2 subentries]

Rio de Janeiro [1 reference]

Rittenhouse, Benjamin [6 subentries]

Rittenhouse, David [3 subentries]

Rives, Robert [1 subentry]

roads [6 subentries]

Robbins, Jonathan [1 reference]

Roberts, John (Ky.) [2 subentries]

Roberts, John, III [2 references]

Robertson, James (Tenn.) [1 reference]

Robinson, Jonathan [1 reference]

Robinson, Mary Fay [1 reference]

Robinson, Moses [5 subentries]

Robinson, Samuel [1 reference]

Rochester, Nathaniel [1 reference]

Rockingham, Charles Watson-Wentworth, second Marquis of [1 reference]

Rodes, Matthew [2 references]

Rodgers, John [2 references]

Rodney, Caesar A. [3 subentries]

Rogers, John [1 reference]

Rogers, Richard [1 subentry]

Rogers, Dr. William [1 reference]

Rohan family [1 reference]

Roman Empire [1 reference]

Roosen, Henry [3 subentries]

Roosevelt, Nicholas J. [3 subentries]

rope [1 subentry]

Rose, Henry [3 subentries]

Rose, Hugh (Amherst Co., Va.) [1 reference]

Rose, Hugh (son of Hugh Rose of Amherst Co., Va.) [3 subentries]

Rose, Robert H. [2 subentries]

Rose, William [1 subentry]

Ross, David [1 reference]

Ross, James [4 subentries]

Ross, Thomas [1 reference]

Rounsavell, Andrew [4 subentries]

Royal Academy of Arts (London) [1 reference]

Royal Institution of Great Britain [1 reference]

Ruines; ou, Méditation sur les Révolutions des Empires (Constantin François Chasseboeuf Volney) [1 reference]

rum [2 references]

Rumford, Count [See redirect]

Rundle, George [1 reference]

Rush, Benjamin [8 subentries]

Rush, William [2 references]

Russell, David [2 references]

Russell, Eleazer [1 reference]

Russell, Jonathan [4 subentries]

Russell, Joseph [2 references]

Russia [9 subentries]

Ryers, Gosen [2 references]