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 Jefferson Papers Indexes | Papers of Thomas Jefferson, Index to volume 33 |  D

Dale, Richard [1 reference]

Dallas, Alexander J. [3 subentries]

Dalton, Tristram [3 references]

Dandridge, Bartholomew, Jr. [4 references]

Darke, William [1 reference]

Darne, Thomas [3 references]

Darrell, Edward [3 subentries]

Dartmouth College [1 reference]

Daubenton, Louis Jean Marie [2 references]

Davie, William R. [3 subentries]

Davis, Augustine [1 reference]

Davis, Daniel [1 subentry]

Davis, John [2 references]

Davis, Matthew L. [3 references]

Davis, Thomas T. [5 subentries]

Dawson, John [15 subentries]

Day, Augustus [1 reference]

Dayton, Elias [1 reference]

Dayton, Isaac [1 reference]

Dayton, Jonathan [5 subentries]

Dearborn, Henry [15 subentries]

Death of General Montgomery in the Attack on Quebec (John Trumbull) [1 reference]

Death of General Warren at the Battle of Bunker's Hill (John Trumbull) [1 reference]

Deblois, Lewis [1 reference]

Declaration of Independence [4 subentries]

DeHart, Stephen [1 reference]

Delabigarre, Peter [3 subentries]

Delamotte, F. C. A. [3 subentries]

Delaware [12 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Delaware Indians [1 reference]

Delaware River [2 references]

Demerara [1 reference]

Democratic-Republican societies [4 references]

Deneale, George [1 reference]

Denmark [7 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Dennie, Joseph [1 subentry]

Dennis, John [1 reference]

Dent, George [3 subentries]

Derby, Richard [1 reference]

Derieux, Justin Pierre Plumard [1 reference]

Derieux, Maria Margarita Martin (Mme Justin Pierre Plumard Derieux) [1 reference]

Dermott, James Reed [3 subentries]

DeSaussure, Henry William [1 reference]

desserts [1 reference]

Detroit [4 references]

Dexter, Aaron [2 references]

Dexter, Samuel [5 subentries]

Dick, Elisha Cullen [2 references]

Dickerson, Mahlon [1 reference]

Dickinson, John [9 subentries]

Diderot, Denis [1 subentry]

Dinsmore, James [2 subentries]

Direct Tax (1798) [5 subentries]

“Dirge” (John Isaac Hawkins and Rembrandt Peale) [1 reference]

Discourse Introductory to a Course of Lectures on the Science of Nature (Charles Willson Peale) [2 references]

Dissent of the Minority, of the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, From the Address to the President of the United States, adopted by Said House, December, 1798 [1 reference]

District of Columbia [14 subentries + 3 “see also” entries]

Divine, John [1 subentry]

Dobell, Peter [2 subentries]

Doctrine of Phlogiston Established, and that of the Composition of Water refuted (Joseph Priestley) [1 reference]

Dohrman, Arnold Henry [2 references]

Dole, James [3 references]

Don Quixote (Miguel de Cervantes) [1 reference]

Dorchester, Lord (Sir Guy Carleton) [2 references]

Dorsey, William H. [2 references]

Dougherty, Joseph [3 references]

Dowse, Edward [1 subentry]

D'Oyley, Daniel [1 subentry]

Drayton, John [2 references]

Duane, William [9 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Dublin, Ireland [3 references]

Duckett, Thomas [2 subentries]

duels [2 references]

Dufief, Nicolas Gouin [3 subentries]

Dugnani, Antonio [1 subentry]

Duke, Henry [1 subentry]

Dunbar, William [1 reference]

Duncan, David [2 references]

Duncan, Thomas [2 references]

Duncanson, William M. [2 subentries]

Dundas, Henry [1 reference]

Dunham, Aaron [1 subentry]

Dunkirk, France [1 subentry]

Dunn, Thomas [2 references]

Du Ponceau, Peter Stephen [1 subentry]

du Pont, Victor Marie [2 references]

Du Pont de Nemours, Françoise Robin Poivre [1 reference]

Du Pont de Nemours, Pierre Samuel [7 subentries]

Duvall, Gabriel [9 subentries]

Dyer, Samuel [1 reference]

dysentery [1 reference]

Dyson, Thomas A. [1 reference]