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Eastern Branch [See redirect]

East Friesland, Germany [1 reference]

Eaton, William (consul at Tunis) [4 references]

Eckstein, Frederick [1 reference]

Eckstein, Johann [3 subentries]

eclipses [2 references]

Eddy, Samuel [3 subentries]

Edinburgh [1 reference]

education [2 subentries]

Edwards, Enoch [4 subentries]

Edwards, Frances Gordon (Mrs. Enoch Edwards) [5 references]

Edwards, Haden [3 subentries]

Edwards, John [1 reference]

Edwards, Pierpont [5 subentries]

Edwin, David [3 references]

Eggleston, Joseph [3 subentries]

Egypt [4 references]

Elam, William B. [1 reference]

“Election, the People's Right” (John Isaac Hawkins) [1 reference]

election of 1796, 77-8, 248, 345n, 549 election of 1800 [19 subentries]

Elements of Fortification (Guillaume Le Blond) [1 reference]

Ellery, Christopher [1 reference]

Ellicott, Andrew [8 subentries]

Ellsworth, Oliver [2 subentries]

Elmendorf, Conrad I. [1 reference]

Elmendorf, Jacobus C. [2 references]

Elmer, Eli [1 reference]

Emden, Germany [1 reference]

Encyclopédie des Voyages (Jacques Grasset de Saint-Sauveur) [2 references]

Enquiry into the Law Merchant of the United States; or, Lex Mercatoria Americana, on Several Heads of Commercial Importance (George Caines) [2 references]

Enterprize (U.S. schooner) [2 references]

Eppes, John Wayles (TJ's son-in-law) [7 subentries]

Eppes, Mary Jefferson (Maria, Polly, Mrs. John Wayles Eppes, TJ's daughter) [12 subentries]

Eppington, Va. [1 reference]

Erving, George W. [3 subentries]

Essay on Man (Alexander Pope) [1 reference]

Essequibo [1 reference]

Essex (U.S. frigate) [3 references]

Essex Junto [1 reference]

ether [1 reference]

Etruria [1 reference]

Etting, Reuben [4 references]

Europe [2 subentries]

Eustis, William [1 reference]

Evans, William [6 subentries]

Ewing, John [2 references]

Examiner (Richmond) [4 subentries]

exequaturs [2 references]

Experience the Test of Government; In Eighteen Essays. Written During the Years 1805 and 1806 (Isaac Weaver, Jr.) [1 reference]

“Experiments on the Production of Air by the Freezing of Water” (Joseph Priestley) [1 reference]

“Extrait d'un ouvrage sur les espèces de quadrupèdes” (Georges Cuvier) [1 reference]