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Lady Washington's Chapel (Washington, D.C.) [2 references]

Lafayette, Anastasie Louise Pauline du Motier de [See redirect]

Lafayette, George Washington Louis Gilbert du Motier de [1 reference]

Lafayette, Marie Adrienne Françoise de Noailles, Marquise de [2 references]

Lafayette, Marie Antoinette Virginie du Motier de (Virginie, daughter of the Marquis de Lafayette) [1 reference]

Lafayette, Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de [3 subentries]

La Fontaine, Jean de [3 references]

La Grange, France [1 reference]

Lamb, John [1 reference]

Lambert, John [1 reference]

Lambert, William [4 subentries]

Lamorinnière, Fournier [2 subentries]

lampblack [1 reference]

lamps [3 references]

land speculation [4 subentries]

Langdon, Elizabeth Sherburne [2 references]

Langdon, John [6 subentries]

Langdon, Woodbury [2 references]

Larimore, Jane [2 references]

La Rochefoucauld, Alexandrine Charlotte Sophie de Rohan-Chabot, Duchesse de [2 references]

Latimer, George [4 subentries]

Latimer, John [2 references]

La Tour-Maubourg, Anastasie du Motier Lafayette de [2 references]

La Tour-Maubourg, Charles de [1 reference]

Latrobe, Benjamin Henry [2 references]

law [13 subentries]

Laws of Maryland (William Kilty) [1 reference]

Lawson, Robert [4 subentries]

Leach, Gean [2 subentries]

Leach, Thomas, Jr. [2 subentries]

lead [1 reference]

Leamy, John [1 reference]

Lear, Tobias [3 subentries]

Learner, Michael [1 reference]

leather [1 subentry]

Lebon, Philippe [1 reference]

Lebrun, Charles François [1 reference]

Leçons d'Anatomie Comparée (Georges Cuvier) [1 reference]

Lectures on Rhetoric and Belles Lettres (Hugh Blair) [1 reference]

Lee, Charles [1 reference]

Lee, John (Me.) [2 references]

Lee, Richard (English barrister) [1 subentry]

Lee, Silas [4 references]

Lee, William (1772–1840) [4 subentries]

Lee family [1 reference]

Leghorn (Livorno), Italy [1 subentry]

Lego (TJ's estate) [1 reference]

Le Havre, France [4 subentries]

Leib, Michael [2 references]

Leiper, Thomas [2 references]

Lemaire, Étienne [3 subentries]

lemons [1 reference]

L'Enfant, Pierre Charles [1 reference]

Leslie, Robert [6 subentries]

Létombe, Philippe André Joseph de [11 subentries]

Letters from His Excellency George Washington, President of the United States of America (Sir John Sinclair) [1 reference]

Lettsom, John Coakley [1 reference]

Levant [1 reference]

Levy, Nathan [1 reference]

Lewis, Eli [4 subentries]

Lewis, Elizabeth Jane Woodson Lewis [1 reference]

Lewis, Jacob [5 subentries]

Lewis, Joel [4 subentries]

Lewis, Lilburne (TJ's nephew) [1 reference]

Lewis, Lucy Jefferson (Mrs. Charles Lilburne Lewis, TJ's sister) [1 reference]

Lewis, Mary [1 subentry]

Lewis, Mary Howell Lewis [1 reference]

Lewis, Meriwether [6 subentries]

Lewis, Randolph (TJ's nephew) [1 reference]

Lewis, Samuel [1 subentry]

Lexington, Ky. [2 references]

Lexington, Va. [1 reference]

libel [3 references]

Liberty [1 subentry]

liberty poles [1 reference]

Library of Congress [2 subentries]

Lilly, Gabriel [4 subentries]

lime [1 reference]

lime syrup [1 reference]

Lincoln, Benjamin [3 references]

Lincoln, Levi [15 subentries]

Linn, James [4 subentries]

lions [1 reference]

liqueurs [1 reference]

Lisbon [1 subentry]

Liston, Robert [2 references]

Litchfield Monitor [1 reference]

Little (British subject) [1 reference]

Little, George [1 reference]

Little Kanawha River [1 reference]

Littlepage, John Carter [2 subentries]

Littlepage, Lewis [5 references]

Littleton, Sir Thomas [2 references]

Little Turkey (Cherokee chief) [1 reference]

Livermore, Edward St. Loe [2 references]

Livermore, Samuel [1 reference]

Livingston, Edward [2 references]

Livingston, Robert R. [21 subentries]

Livy [1 reference]

Lloyd, James [1 reference]

Locke, John [1 reference]

locks [2 references]

Logan, Deborah Norris [1 reference]

Logan, George [4 subentries]

Lomax, John Tayloe [1 reference]

Lomax, Thomas [2 subentries]

London [7 subentries]

London Vaccine Institution [1 reference]

Long, Frederick [1 reference]

longitude [5 references]

Loomis, Lebeus [1 reference]

Lora, Reverend [1 reference]

Lormerie, Louis Philippe Gallot de [3 subentries]

lotteries [1 reference]

Louis I, King of Etruria [2 references]

Louis XVI, King of France [1 reference]

Louisiana [12 subentries]

Love, John S. [1 reference]

Lovell, William [1 subentry]

“Lover of Republicanism” (pseudonym) [2 subentries]

Low, Rufus [3 subentries]

Lowell, John [2 references]

Lower, Christian [1 reference]

Loyalists [See redirect]

Ludlow, Daniel [4 subentries]

Ludwig, John [1 reference]

Lunéville, Treaty of [2 references]

Lyman, Micah J. [1 reference]

Lyman, William [3 references]

Lynchburg, Va. [1 reference]

Lyon, James [5 subentries]