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 Jefferson Papers Indexes | Papers of Thomas Jefferson, Index to volume 34 |  V

Van Buren, Martin [1 reference]

Van Cortlandt, Catharine Clinton Taylor [2 references]

Van Cortlandt, Joanna Livingston [1 reference]

Van Cortlandt, Philip [3 subentries]

Van Cortlandt, Pierre, Jr. [2 references]

Van Cortlandt, Pierre, Sr. [1 reference]

Vanderhorst, Arnoldus [1 reference]

Van Polanen, R. G. [2 references]

Van Staphorst & Hubbard [3 references]

Van Vleck, Laurence [1 subentry]

Varnum, Joseph Bradley [1 subentry]

Vattel, Emmerich de [1 subentry]

Vaughan, Benjamin [4 subentries]

Vaughan, Eliza Lewis (wife of Dr. John Vaughan) [1 reference]

Vaughan, Dr. John [7 subentries]

Vaughan, John (Philadelphia) [3 subentries]

Vaughan, William [2 subentries]

Vengeance (French frigate) [2 references]

ventilators [1 reference]

Ventura, Caesar, marquis de Gallinetta [2 references]

venus flytrap [1 reference]

Veracruz, Mexico [1 reference]

Vermonnet, Jean Arthur Marie de [1 reference]

Vermont [18 subentries]

Vermont Gazette [1 reference]

Vermont Journal [2 references]

“Verus” (Carlos Martínez de Irujo) [1 reference]

veterans [See redirect]

Vichy, France [1 reference]

Victoria Neo-Aureliana (James Ross) [1 reference]

View of South Carolina, as Respects Her Natural and Civil Concerns (John Drayton) [1 reference]

View of the Soil and Climate of the United States of America (Constantin François Chasseboeuf Volney) [1 reference]

Vinson, Samuel [1 subentry]

Virgil [2 references]

Virginia [11 subentries]

Virginia (revenue cutter) [1 reference]

Virginia Argus (Richmond) [1 reference]

Voigt, Henry [2 subentries]

Volney, Constantin François Chasseboeuf [6 subentries]

Voltaire, François Marie Arouet [1 reference]

Voyage dans la Basse et la Haute Égypte (Vivant Denon) [1 reference]

Voyage to the Cape of Good Hope (Anders Sparrman) [2 references]