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Mabillon, Jean [1 subentry]

Mably, Gabriel Bonnot de [1 subentry]

McAllister, James [2 subentries]

macaroni [2 references]

Macarty, Jean Baptiste [1 subentry]

Macaulay, Alexander [4 subentries]

Macaulay, Catharine [1 subentry]

McCaleb, Samuel [1 subentry]

M’Calla, Daniel [1 subentry]

McCally, Hugh [1 reference]

McCandless, William [3 subentries]

McCaul, Alexander [1 reference]

McCauley, John [1 subentry]

McCauley, Thomas [1 reference]

McCleland, Thomas Stanhope [5 subentries]

McClenachan, Blair [1 reference]

McClure, Col. [1 subentry]

McClure, David [1 subentry]

McClure, George [1 subentry]

McClure (McLure), William [9 subentries]

McClure (McLure), Mrs. (William McClure’s wife) [2 subentries]

McCorry, Thomas [4 subentries]

McCoy, Joseph [7 subentries]

McCraw, Samuel [2 subentries]

McCreery, William [1 subentry]

McCulloch, James H. (father of James H. McCulloh) [1 subentry]

McCulloh, James H. (son of James H. McCulloch) [8 subentries]

McCullough, Thomas [1 subentry]

McDermut, Robert [3 subentries]

McDonald & Ridgely (Baltimore firm) [1 reference]

Macdonough, Thomas [1 subentry]

mace (spice) [3 references]

Macedonian , HMS (frigate) [1 reference]

McGavock, Jacob [1 subentry]

McGehee, William [7 subentries]

McGehee, William, Sr. [1 reference]

MacGowty, John [4 subentries]

McHenry, James [1 subentry]

Machiavelli, Niccolò [1 reference]

machines [38 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

McIlhenny, William [1 subentry]

McIntire, Alexander [1 subentry]

McIntosh, George [6 subentries]

Mackay, Andrew [1 subentry]

McKay, George [1 reference]

McKenny. [See redirect]

Mackenzie, Alexander [1 subentry]

McKenzie, William [1 subentry]

Mackey, John [1 subentry]

Mackinac. [See redirect]

McKinney, James [15 subentries]

Mackintosh, James [2 references]

Macklin, Thomas [1 subentry]

McLane, Thomas [1 reference]

MacLaurin, Colin [1 reference]

McLaurin, Robert [1 reference]

McLean, James Sylvanus [4 subentries]

McLean, Norman [3 subentries]

McLure. [2 See redirects]

Maclure, Mr. [1 subentry]

Maclure, Alexander [1 subentry]

Maclure, William [2 subentries]

McMahon, Bernard [18 subentries]

McMahon, Thomas Paine [4 subentries]

Macomb, Alexander [3 subentries]

Macon, Nathaniel [7 subentries]

McPherson, Christopher [2 subentries]

McPherson, Isaac [6 subentries]

Macpherson, James [4 subentries]

McPherson’s Blues (Philadelphia military unit) [1 reference]

McRae, Alexander [13 subentries]

madder, dyer’s [3 references]

Madeira (wine) [1 reference]

Madison (TJ’s slave; b. 1805). [See redirect]

Madison, Dolley Payne Todd (James Madison’s wife) [19 subentries]

Madison, George (clerk in Frankfort, Ky.) [1 reference]

Madison, James [180 subentries]

Madison, James, Bishop [13 subentries]

Madison, Va. [1 reference]

madrepore [1 reference]

Madrid, Treaty of (1801) [1 subentry]

Maella, Mariano Salvador [1 subentry]

Magellan, Ferdinand [1 subentry]

Mager, John (captain of Dolphin of York ) [2 references]

Magnalia Christi Americana: or, the Ecclesiastical History of New-England (C. Mather) [1 reference]

magnetism [1 subentry]

magnolia trees [1 reference]

Magruder, Allan B. [1 reference]

Magruder, James [1 subentry]

Magruder, John Bowie [12 subentries]

Magruder, Patrick [4 subentries]

Magruder’s Mill (Fluvanna Co.) [3 references]

Mahanes, Lewis [1 subentry]

Maille, Antoine [1 subentry]

Mailly, Jean Baptiste [2 subentries]

Main (Maine), Thomas [8 subentries]

Maine [1 subentry]

Maintenon, Françoise d’Aubigné, madame de [1 reference]

Mairan, Jean Jacques d’Ortous de [1 reference]

Maisonneuve, Dubois, ed. [1 subentry]

Maison Rustique, or the Countrie Farme (Estienne and Liebault) [2 references]

Maittaire, Michael [4 references]

maize. [See redirect]

Maklure, Mr. [1 reference]

Malcom, Catharine Van Rensselaer Schuyler (Samuel Malcom’s wife) [1 reference]

Malcom, Samuel Bayard [3 subentries]

Malta [1 subentry]

Malthus, Thomas Robert [2 subentries]

mammoth [12 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

mammoth, Asiatic (Chemung mammoth) [1 reference]

mammoth, Ohio. [See redirect]

manatee [1 reference]

Manby, George William [1 reference]

Manchester, Va. [2 subentries]

Manchester Academy (Va.) [1 reference]

Mancius, George W. [1 subentry]

Mandan Indians [6 references]

Mandeville, Bernard [1 subentry]

Manilius, Marcus [2 subentries]

Manis. [See redirect]

Mann, William [6 subentries]

Manners, John [4 subentries]

“Man of Ross.” [See redirect]

Mansfield family [1 subentry]

Mansfield, Jared [2 references]

Mansfield, Reuben [2 subentries]

Mansfield, William Murray, 1st Earl of [4 subentries]

Mansuy Pelletier, Charles V. [1 subentry]

A Manual of Parliamentary Practice (Thomas Jefferson) [8 subentries]

Manuel (TJ’s slave; b. 1794). [See redirect]

Manuel D’Histoire Naturelle (J. F. Blumenbach) [1 reference]

manufacturing, household [26 subentries]

Map of the Country Thirty Miles Round the City of New York (Eddy) [2 references]

Map of the Northern Part of the State of New York (Lay) [1 reference]

Map of the Seat of War in North America (J. Melish) [3 references]

A Map of the State of New York (DeWitt) [1 reference]

Map of the Western Part of the State of New York (Eddy and Maverick) [1 reference]

Map of Upper Canada (Smyth) [1 reference]

maps [22 subentries + 2 “see also” entries]

Marbeuf, Louis Charles René, comte de [1 subentry]

marble [2 subentries]

Marbois. [See redirect]

Marbury v. Madison [2 subentries]

Marcet, Jane Haldimand [1 subentry]

March, John [1 reference]

Marck, Frederik Adolf van der [1 subentry]

Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (121–180), Roman emperor [2 references]

Maria (TJ’s slave) [1 subentry]

Maria (TJ’s slave; b. 1776) [1 subentry]

Maria (TJ’s slave; b. 1797). [See redirect]

Maria (TJ’s slave; b. 1798) [2 subentries]

Maria (TJ’s slave; b. 1807). [See redirect]

Maria I, queen of Portugal [1 reference]

Maria Theresa, archduchess of Austria and queen of Hungary and Bohemia [2 subentries]

Marie Antoinette, queen of France [2 references]

Marie Louise, empress of France [5 references]

The Mariner’s Compass Rectified (A. Wakely) [1 reference]

Marinot, Michael [2 references]

Marion, Robert [1 reference]

Marius, Gaius [1 subentry]

Mark, Jacob [1 reference]

Markham, Mary [1 reference]

Markley, Benjamin A. [1 subentry]

Markoe, John [1 reference]

Markoe, Peter [2 subentries]

Marks, Dr. [1 reference]

Marks, Anne Scott Jefferson (TJ’s sister; Hastings Marks’s wife) [11 subentries]

Marks, Hastings (TJ’s brother-in-law; Anne Scott Jefferson Marks’s husband) [3 subentries]

Marks, James [1 subentry]

Marks, John [2 references]

Marr, George Washington Lent [1 subentry]

Marr, James [1 subentry]

marriage [6 subentries]

marrons d’Inde. [See redirect]

Marshall, Edward [1 reference]

Marshall, John [14 subentries]

Marshall, William [4 subentries]

martagon. [See redirect]

martial law [1 subentry]

Martin (J. W. Eppes’s slave) [1 subentry]

Martin (TJ’s slave; b. 1809) [1 subentry]

Martin, Mr. [1 subentry]

Martin, Benjamin [2 subentries]

Martin, François Xavier [6 subentries]

Martin, James [6 subentries]

Martin, James (of New York) [10 subentries]

Martin, Luther [1 reference]

Martin, Maria Margherita. [See redirect]

Martin, Richard G. [2 references]

Martin, Thomas C. [1 subentry]

Martin, William Peters [5 subentries]

marvel-of-Peru [1 reference]

marvel-of-Peru, sweet-scented [1 reference]

Marx, George [1 reference]

Mary (TJ’s slave; b. 1776) [1 subentry]

Mary (TJ’s slave; b. 1780). [See redirect]

Mary (TJ’s slave; b. 1788) [1 subentry]

Mary (TJ’s slave; b. 1792) [1 subentry]

Mary (TJ’s slave; b. 1801). [See redirect]

Mary and Her Cat (Fenwick) [1 reference]

Mary Anne (TJ’s slave) [1 subentry]

Maryland [16 subentries]

Maryland Herald, and Hagers-Town Weekly Advertiser (newspaper) [2 subentries]

Maryland Republican (Annapolis newspaper) [1 reference]

Mascouten Indians [1 reference]

Maskelyne, Nevil [2 subentries]

Mason, Anna Maria Murray (John Mason’s wife) [2 references]

Mason, Elizabeth Beltzhoover (John T. Mason’s wife) [2 subentries]

Mason, George [4 subentries]

Mason, Jeremiah [1 subentry]

Mason, John (British author) [1 subentry]

Mason, John (of Georgetown) [11 subentries]

Mason, John Mitchell [2 subentries]

Mason, John Thomson (1765–1824) [6 subentries]

Mason, John Thomson (1787–1850) [2 subentries]

Mason, Maria Jefferson [1 reference]

Mason, Richard [1 subentry]

Mason, Stevens Thomson [2 subentries]

Mason, William [1 reference]

Mason’s Island (Analostan Island; later Theodore Roosevelt Island) [2 subentries]

Massachusetts [24 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Masséna, André, Duc de Rivoli and Prince d’Essling [1 reference]

Massillon, Jean Baptiste [1 subentry]

Massinger, Philip [1 reference]

Masson, Francis De [1 subentry]

mastodon (mammoth, Ohio) [7 subentries]

mastodonte. [See redirect]

Mat (laborer) [1 subentry]

A Mathematical and Philosophical Dictionary (C. Hutton) [1 reference]

The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy (I. Newton) [5 references]

Mathematical Tables (C. Hutton) [2 references]

Mathematical Tables (Sherwin) [1 reference]

mathematics [12 subentries]

Mather, Cotton [1 subentry]

Mather, James [8 subentries]

Mathers, James [1 subentry]

Mathews, Benjamin [1 subentry]

Mathews, George [2 subentries]

Mathurin, Antoine René Charles, comte de La Forest [1 reference]

Matilda (TJ’s slave; b. 1811).

Matlack, Timothy [4 subentries]

Maturin, Charles Robert [1 subentry]

Maupin [1 subentry]

Mauray, George. [See redirect]

Maury, Fontaine [4 subentries]

Maury, James [8 subentries]

Maury, Mrs. James [1 reference]

Maury, James, Sr. [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Maury, Matilda Hill.

Maury, Matthew [3 references]

Maury, Reuben [2 subentries]

Maury, Thomas T. [1 subentry]

Maury, Thomas Walker [6 subentries]

Maury, Walker [1 reference]

Maverick, Peter [2 subentries]

Maximes of Reason: or, the Reason of the Common Law of England (E. Wingate) [1 reference]

Maximus of Tyre [1 subentry]

Maxwell, James [2 references]

May dukes cherry [1 reference]

Mayer, Christian [1 subentry + 1 “see also” entry]

Mayer & Brantz (Philadelphia firm) [4 subentries]

Mayetiola destructor. [See redirect]

Mayo, John [1 reference]

Mayo, Philip [1 reference]

Mayo, William [1 subentry]

Mazarin, Jules [1 subentry]

Mazzei, Antonia Antoni (Philip Mazzei’s second wife) [1 subentry]

Mazzei, Elisabetta (Philip Mazzei’s daughter) [4 subentries]

Mazzei, Marie Hautefeuille “Petronille” Martin (Philip Mazzei’s first wife) [1 reference]

Mazzei, Philip [23 subentries]

Mazzionetti, Mr. [1 subentry]

Meacham, Banks [2 subentries]

Mead, William [2 references]

Meade, Richard Worsam [1 subentry]

Means of Preserving Health, and Preventing Diseases (Ricketson) [2 references]

Mease, James [11 subentries]

mechanics [1 subentry]

Mechanics Hall (New York City) [1 reference]

Mechunk River (Albemarle Co.) [1 reference]

Medical Inquiries and Observations, upon the Diseases of the Mind (B. Rush) [4 references]

Medical Reports, on the Effects of Water, Cold and Warm, as a remedy in Fever, and Febrile Diseases (J. Currie) [1 reference]

Medical Repository (1810) [1 reference]

Medici, Lorenzo [1 subentry]

medicine [50 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Mediterranean Sea [1 subentry]

megalonyx [2 references]

Meigs, Josiah [11 subentries]

Meigs, Return Jonathan (1740–1823) [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Meigs, Return Jonathan (ca. 1765–1825) [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Meigs, Timothy [1 reference]

Meikle, Andrew [1 subentry]

Meikleham, Septimia Anne Randolph (TJ’s granddaughter) [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Meister, Jacques Henri [1 subentry]

melaena (black vomit) [1 reference]

Melampus, HMS [1 reference]

Melia azedarach. [See redirect]

Melinda (TJ’s slave; b. 1809) [1 subentry]

Melish, John [13 subentries]

Mellimelli, Sidi Soliman [1 subentry]

Melvin, James [1 reference]

Mémoire a Consulter, sur la Réclamation de la Batture, Située en Face du Faubourg Sainte-Marie de la Nouvelle-Orléans (Derbigny) [3 references]

“Mémoire au soutien des droits des Etats-unis à la Batture du faubourg Ste Marie” (Moreau Lislet) [6 subentries]

Mémoire en forme de consultation (Du Ponceau) [2 references]

Mémoires Agricoles de 1806 [1 reference]

Mémoires de Frédérique Sophie Wilhelmine de Prusse, Margrave de Bareith (Frédérique Sophie Wilhelmine, margravine de Bayreuth; included in Book of Kings compiled by TJ) [7 references]

Mémoires de la Société d’Agriculture du département de la Seine [4 subentries]

Memoires de Maximilien de Bethune, Duc de Sully (Sully) [1 reference]

Mémoires du Cardinal de Retz (Gondi) [1 reference]

Mémoires soumis à Troisième Classe de l’Institut (Du Pont de Nemours) [1 reference]

Mémoire sur la culture d’olivier et la maniere d’extraire l’huile des olives [1 reference]

Mémoire sur le micromètre de cristal de Roche (A. M. Rochon) [4 references]

Mémoire sur les Etats-généraux, leurs droits, et la maniere de les convoquer (Antraigues) [1 reference]

Memoir on American Forest Management (L. P. G. de Lormerie) [3 references]

Memoir on a subterranean graphometer (Komarzewski) [1 reference]

A Memoir on the Cultivation of the Vine in America, and the Best Mode of Making Wine (Adlum) [1 reference]

Memoirs (E. Ludlow) [3 references]

Memoirs of Bareuth. [See redirect]

Memoirs of Bryan Perdue: A Novel (T. Holcroft) [1 reference]

Memoirs of General Wilkinson (Wilkinson) [6 references]

Memoirs of Great Britain and Ireland (J. Dalrymple) [1 reference]

Memoirs of several Persons and Families, who, by females are allied to, or descended from, the Protectorate-House of Cromwell (M. Noble) [1 reference]

Memoirs of the Hon. Thomas Jefferson (Carpenter) [1 reference]

Memoirs of the Kings of Great Britain of the House of Brunswic-Lunenburg (W. Belsham) [2 references]

Memoirs of the Late Reverend Theophilus Lindsey, M.A. (T. Belsham) [10 references]

Memoirs of the Life of David Rittenhouse (W. Barton) [6 references]

Memoirs of the Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture [4 references]

Memoirs of the Reign of George III (Belsham) [1 reference]

Memoirs of the War in the Southern Department of the United States (H. Lee) [1 reference]

Memoirs written by himself (R. Cumberland) [2 references]

Memorial to Congress on Evans’ Patent [4 references]

Memorie di matematica e fisica della Società Italiana delle scienze [1 reference]

Memorie Idraulico-Storiche sopra la Val-di-Chiana (V. Fossombroni) [2 references]

Mengotti, Francesco [1 subentry]

Mentor (ship) [4 subentries]

Mercantile Advertiser (New York City newspaper) [2 references]

Mercer, Charles Fenton [1 subentry]

Mercer, Hugh [1 subentry]

Mercer, John Francis [1 subentry]

merchants [2 subentries]

Mercier, Louis Sébastien [1 subentry]

mercury [1 subentry]

Meredith, Samuel [1 subentry]

Meredith, William [1 subentry]

meridian (astronomical instrument) [1 reference]

merino sheep [37 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Meriwether, David [1 reference]

Meriwether, Thomas [2 references]

Meriwether, William Douglas [17 subentries]

Merry, Anthony [1 subentry]

Message from his Excellency the Governor (Gerry) [1 subentry]

Message from the President of the United States, communicating A Report of the Surveyor of the Public Buildings at the City of Washington (1806) [1 reference]

A Message of the President of the United States to Congress Relative to France and Great-Britain (George Washington) [2 references]

Messages to Congress (Thomas Jefferson) [1 reference]

Metamorphoses (Ovid) [1 subentry]

metaphysics [2 subentries]

Metastasio, Pietro [2 subentries]

Meteor (brig) [1 reference]

meteorological observations [9 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

meteorology [1 subentry]

meteors [1 reference]

Méthode de Nomenclature Chimique (Guyton de Morveau) [1 reference]

Methodists [1 subentry]

The Method of Fluxions (Saunderson) [1 reference]

Methuen, John [1 subentry]

Methuen Treaty (1703) [3 subentries]

Methuselah (Old Testament figure) [1 reference]

Metternich, Klemens Wenzel Nepomuk Lothar von [1 subentry]

Mexico [6 subentries]

Mezentius (mythological Etruscan king) [1 reference]

Miami Indians [1 reference]

mice [2 references]

Michaud, Joseph François [1 subentry]

Michaux, André [3 subentries]

Michaux, François André [14 subentries]

Michie, David [13 subentries]

Michie, John A. [1 subentry]

Michigan Territory [2 subentries + 2 “see also” entries]

Michilimackinac (Mich. Territory) [1 subentry]

Michilimackinac Company (Canadian firm) [1 reference]

The Microscope made easy (Baker) [1 reference]

Middleton, Arthur [1 subentry]

Middleton, Conyers [3 subentries]

Middleton, Henry [5 subentries]

Mifflin, Anne Emlen [2 subentries]

Mifflin, Daniel [1 subentry]

Mifflin, Elizabeth Johns (Warner Mifflin’s wife) [1 subentry]

Mifflin, Samuel E. [4 subentries]

Mifflin, Thomas [1 reference + 3 subentries]

Mifflin, Warner (1745–ca. 1799) [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Mifflin, Warner (17771840) [1 subentry]

mignonette [1 reference]

military [9 subentries]

A Military and Topographical Atlas of the United States (J. Melish) [2 references]

A Military Dictionary (Duane) [2 references]

militia [8 subentries]

milk [3 subentries]

milkpans [1 reference]

Milledge, John [12 subentries]

Milledge, Martha Galphin (John Milledge’s wife) [4 references]

Miller, Mr. (of New York) [1 subentry]

Miller, Mr. (of Virginia) [1 subentry]

Miller, James [1 subentry]

Miller, John (of Maryland) [1 reference]

Miller, Joseph [6 subentries]

Miller, Philip [2 subentries]

Miller, Robert (patent agent) [1 subentry]

Miller, Samuel [1 reference]

Miller, Samuel (of New York) [1 subentry]

Miller, Sylvanus [1 subentry]

Miller, William [4 subentries]

millet [3 references]

Milligan, Joseph [18 subentries]

Millot, Claude François Xavier [4 subentries]

mills [21 subentries + 2 “see also” entries]

Mills, Eliza Barnwell Smith (Robert Mills’s wife) [2 references]

Mills, Joseph [1 subentry]

Mills, Robert [9 subentries]

Millwood (Frederick Co.) [1 reference]

Milly (TJ’s slave; b. 1797) [2 subentries]

Milly (TJ’s slave; b. 1806) [1 subentry]

Milly (TJ’s slave; b. 1807). [See redirect]

Milton, Homer Virgil [2 references]

Milton, John [3 subentries]

Milton, Va. [24 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

mimosa tree. [See redirect]

Miner, Charles [2 subentries]

Mineralogical and Statistical Survey of Estates (Bakewell) [1 reference]

mineralogy [10 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Minerva (TJ’s slave; b. 1771) [2 subentries]

Mingo Indians [2 references]

Mingus, William A. [1 reference]

mink [2 references]

Minor, Dabney [6 subentries]

Minor, Garrett [1 reference]

Minor, James [1 subentry]

Minor, John (1761–1816) [7 subentries]

Minor, John (1797–1862) [1 subentry]

Minor, Lancelot [5 subentries]

Minor, Lucy Walker Gilmer (Peter Minor’s wife) [1 reference]

Minor, Mary Overton Tompkins (Lancelot Minor’s wife) [1 reference]

Minor, Peter [19 subentries]

Minot, George Richards [1 subentry]

Mint, U.S. [3 subentries]

Minto, Walter [1 subentry]

Mirabaud, Jean Baptiste de. [See redirect]

Mirabeau, Victor Riqueti, marquis de [1 subentry]

Mirabilis jalapa. [See redirect]

Mirabilis longiflora. [See redirect]

Miranda, Francisco de [3 references]

Mirifici Logarithmorum Canonis descriptio (J. Napier) [1 reference]

The Mirror [1 reference]

mirrors [1 subentry]

Miscellaneous and philosophical pieces (Franklin) [1 reference]

Miscellaneous Works (Middleton) [1 reference]

Mississippi River [11 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Mississippi scheme [1 reference]

Mississippi Territory [9 subentries]

Missonnet, Pierre François [1 reference + 2 subentries]

Missouri River [2 subentries]

Missouri scaly bark [1 reference]

Missouri Territory [3 subentries]

Mitchell, Mr. [1 subentry]

Mitchell, John [5 subentries]

Mitchell, Reuben [3 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Mitchell, Thomas Rothmaler [1 subentry]

Mitchell, William [3 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Mitchell, William & Reuben (Lynchburg firm) [6 subentries]

Mitchill, Samuel Latham [5 subentries]

Mitford, William [1 subentry]

Mithridates: Oder Allgemeine Sprachenkunde (Adelung) [2 references]

Mobile, W. Fla. (later Ala.) [3 subentries]

mockingbirds [1 subentry]

Modern Atlas (Pinkerton) [1 reference]

Modern Geography (J. Pinkerton) [2 subentries]

The Modern Griselda: A Tale (Edgeworth) [3 references]

Modern Reports, or Select Cases Adjudged in the Courts of King’s Bench, Chancery, Common Pleas, and Exchequer [1 reference]

modesty shrub [1 reference]

Mœurs des Sauvages Ameriquains (Lafitau) [3 references]

Mohican Indians [1 reference]

Moira, Francis Rawdon Hastings, 1st Marquess of Hastings and 2d Earl of [2 references]

molasses [3 subentries]

moldboards [1 subentry + 1 “see also” entry]

moles [1 reference]

Molesworth, St. George [1 subentry]

Molière, Jean Baptiste Poquelin [1 reference]

Molitor, Gabriel Jean Joseph, comte [1 reference]

Moll, Karl Marie Ehrenbert von, baron [4 subentries]

“The Moment” (McCoy) [1 reference]

Le Moniteur Universel (Paris newspaper). [See redirect]

Monitor (Washington newspaper) [1 reference]

Monroe, Daniel [1 reference]

Monroe, Eliza (James Monroe’s daughter). [See redirect]

Monroe, Elizabeth Kortright (James Monroe’s wife) [4 references + 2 subentries]

Monroe, Harriet [1 reference]

Monroe, James [89 subentries]

Monroe, John [5 subentries]

Monroe, Joseph Jones [9 subentries]

Monroe, Martha Amanda Carr Lewis (TJ’s niece; Daniel Monroe’s wife) [4 subentries]

Monroe, Thomas. [See redirect]

Monroe-Pinkney Treaty (1806) [3 references]

Montalto (part of TJ’s Monticello estate) [1 reference]

Montbeillard, Philibert Guéneau [1 subentry]

Monteagle (C. Peyton’s Albemarle Co. estate) [2 references]

Montebello, Duc de. [See redirect]

Montebello, Duchesse de. [See redirect]

Monterey, Calif. [1 reference]

Montesquieu, Charles Louis de Secondat [6 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Montfaucon, Bernard de [1 subentry]

Montfort, Simon de [1 reference]

Montgaillard, Jean Gabriel Maurice Roques, comte de [1 subentry]

Montgolfier, Joseph [1 reference]

Montgomery, John [2 references]

Montgomery County, Pa. [1 reference]

Monthly Anthology, and Boston Review [2 references]

Monticello (TJ’s estate) [97 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

“Monticello” (Lomax) [1 reference]

Montmorin de Saint-Herem, Armand Marc, comte de [2 references]

Montpellier (Montpelier; J. Madison’s Orange Co. estate) [10 subentries]

Montpellier, France [1 subentry]

Montreal [7 references]

Montucla, Jean Étienne [1 subentry]

Moody, John [4 subentries]

moon [2 subentries]

Moon, William [1 subentry]

Mooney, William [1 reference]

Moore, Mr. [1 reference]

Moore, Mr.

Moore, Andrew [8 subentries]

Moore, Bernard (d. ca. 1775) [4 references + 2 subentries]

Moore, Bernard, Jr. [2 subentries]

Moore, Edward [2 references]

Moore, Gabriel [1 subentry]

Moore, Sir John [2 subentries]

Moore, John, trans. [1 subentry]

Moore, Mildred Lewis [1 reference]

Moore, Thomas (1779–1852) [1 subentry]

Moore, Thomas (of Campbell Co.) [1 reference]

Moore, Thomas (of Montgomery Co., Md.) [5 subentries]

Moore’s Ford (Albemarle Co.) [3 references]

Moorhead, Forgus [1 subentry]

Moorman, Mr. [1 subentry]

Moors, Spanish [1 reference]

Moraea flexuosa (iris) [1 reference]

Moral & Political Truth; or Reflections Suggested by reading History and Biography (Heston) [2 references]

Moral Essays (Pope) [1 reference]

Moral Tales for young people (M. Edgeworth) [3 references]

More, Hannah [1 subentry]

More, Thomas [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Moreau, Jean [7 subentries]

Moreau de Saint Méry, Médéric Louis Elie [1 subentry]

Moreau Lislet, Louis [9 subentries]

Morellet, André [1 subentry]

Moreman, John H. [1 reference]

Moreton, Mr. [See redirect]

Morgan, Abel [3 subentries]

Morgan, Benjamin [9 subentries]

Morgan, George [1 subentry]

Morgan, Rufus [3 subentries]

Morgan, Willoughby [1 subentry]

Morizot, Gratepain [1 subentry]

Morneveck, Charles [2 subentries]

Morrell, Robert [4 subentries]

Morris, Ann Cary Randolph (Gouverneur Morris’s wife) [1 subentry]

Morris, Gouverneur [3 references + 1 subentry]

Morris, Richard Valentine [1 subentry]

Morris, Robert (miller) [1 subentry]

Morris, Robert (17351806) [3 subentries]

Morris, Tandy [1 subentry]

Morris, William [1 reference]

Morris, Zachariah [3 subentries]

Morris & Dunnington (Lynchburg firm) [5 references]

Morrison, James [1 reference]

Morse, Mr. [1 reference]

Morse, Jedidiah [2 subentries]

Morse, Samuel [1 subentry]

Mortimer, John [1 subentry]

Morton, Jacob [1 subentry]

Morton, John Archer [6 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Morton, Nathaniel [1 subentry]

Morton, Perez [3 subentries]

Morton, Sara Wentworth Apthorp (Perez Morton’s wife) [1 subentry]

Morton, Thomas [4 subentries]

Morton, Walter [1 subentry]

Morton, William [1 subentry]

Morton & Russell (Bordeaux firm) [8 references]

Mosby, Mr. [1 subentry]

Mosby, Ben [1 reference]

Moscadello de Montalcino (wine) [1 reference]

Moseley, Anne [1 subentry]

Moses (Hebrew prophet) [9 references]

Moses (E. Randolph’s slave) [1 reference]

Moses (TJ’s slave; b. 1779). [See redirect]

Moses (TJ’s slave; b. 1792) [3 subentries]

Moses (TJ’s slave; b. 1803). [See redirect]

Moses (TJ’s slave; b. 1811) [1 subentry]

Moses, Myer [4 subentries]

Mosheim, Johann Lorenz [1 subentry]

mosquitoes [2 references]

Moss, Mr. [1 subentry]

Mostyn v. Fabrigas [2 references]

Motte, Andrew [1 subentry]

Motte, Richard [1 reference]

Moultrie, William [1 reference]

mountain laurel [1 reference]

Mount Crillon [1 reference]

Mount Dougherty, Va. [1 reference]

Mount St. Elie [1 reference]

Mourelle de la Rúa, Francisco Antonio [1 subentry]

Mourning (slave) [1 reference]

mourning bride [2 references]

Moussier, J. B. [4 subentries]

Moussier, Jean Baptiste [1 reference]

Moustier, Clément Edouard, comte de [1 reference]

Moustier, Eléonore François Elie, marquis de [1 reference]

Mouton, Georges, comte de Lobau [1 reference]

Mr. Ingersoll’s Speech on the Loan Bill, Tuesday, 15 February, 1814 (C. J. Ingersoll) [1 reference]

Muhammad (founder of Islam) [5 references]

Muhlenberg, Henry (Gotthilf Heinrich Ernst) [6 subentries]

mulberry [5 subentries]

mules [2 subentries]

mules (textile machines) [1 reference]

Muller, Jacob [1 reference]

Mumford, W. C. [1 reference]

Mun, Alexandre François, comte de [2 subentries]

Muncaster, John [1 reference]

Munford, William [5 subentries]

Muñoz, Don Juan Bautista [1 subentry]

Munroe (Monroe), Thomas [4 subentries]

Munster, Treaty of. [See redirect]

Muratin, Mr. [1 subentry]

murder [2 subentries]

Murdock, William [1 subentry]

Murphy, Arthur, trans. [1 subentry]

Murphy Brown & Company (firm) [1 reference]

Murray, Mr. [1 reference]

Murray, George [4 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Murray, Lindley [1 subentry]

Murray, William. [See redirect]

Murray & Sons [1 reference]

Murray, Draper, Fairman & Company (Philadelphia firm) [4 subentries]

Mus. [See redirect]

Mus bursarius. [See redirect]

muscatel raisins [1 reference]

Muschell, Walter [1 reference]

muscovado sugar [2 references]

Muséum Impérial d’Histoire Naturelle [2 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

museums [5 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

music [3 subentries]

muskmelon. [See redirect]

musk ox, Canadian [1 reference]

muslin [2 references]

Musschenbroek, Pieter van [1 subentry]

Mussi, Joseph [1 reference]

mustard [1 subentry]

Mutter, Mr. [1 reference]

Mutter & Stewart (firm) [1 reference]

mutton [5 references]

Mutual Assurance Society [6 subentries]

Muzzy, John [1 subentry]

My Companion; or, A Familiar Elucidation of the Most Interesting Problems on the Terrestrial and Celestial Globes (Nimmo) [1 reference]

Myers, Samuel [2 subentries]

Myrmecophaga jubata. [See redirect]