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Pace, Edward [1 reference]


Pacific (ship) [2 references]

Pacific Ocean [3 references]

padlocks [2 references]

Paganel, Pierre [4 subentries]

Page, Carter B. [1 subentry]

Page, Elizabeth Burwell [3 references]

Page, Francis [1 subentry]

Page, Gregory [1 reference]

Page, John [6 subentries]

Page, John Tayloe [1 subentry]

Page, Lucy Gwynn [1 reference]

Page, Mann [2 subentries]

Page, Margaret Lowther (John Page’s wife) [1 reference]

Page, Maria [1 reference]

Page, Mary Tayloe [4 subentries]

Page, Samuel (Poplar Forest overseer) [1 subentry]

Page, William [1 reference]

Pagowski, Jérome [1 reference]

Pahlen, Nicolas [4 references]

Pahlen, Théodore, Count [10 subentries]

Paine, Capt. [See redirect]

Paine, Robert Treat (1731–1814) [4 subentries]

Paine, Robert Treat (1770–98) [1 reference]

Paine, Robert Treat (1773–1811) [1 subentry]

Paine, Samuel [1 subentry]

Paine, Seth [1 subentry]

Paine, Thomas [6 subentries]

paint [2 references]

painting [1 subentry]

paintings [7 references]

paleontology [2 subentries]

Paleske, Charles Gottfried [4 subentries]

Paley, William [2 subentries]

Palisot de Beauvois, Ambroise Marie François Joseph [4 subentries]

Palisot de Beauvois, Mary Ann Rouelle (Jean Rouelle’s widow; A. Palisot de Beauvois’s wife) [1 subentry]

Palladius [1 subentry]

Palm, John [1 subentry]

Palmer, Aaron H. [1 reference]

Palmer, George [1 reference]

Palmer, John [1 reference]

Palmer, Thomas H. [6 subentries]

Palmetto Society (Charleston) [1 reference]

pangolin [1 reference]

Pani (Pawnee) corn [1 reference]

pans, milk [1 reference]

Pantops (TJ’s estate) [6 subentries]

Panza, Sancho (fictional character) [1 reference]

Paoli, Pasquale [2 subentries]

Papebroch, Daniel [2 subentries]

Papendick, George [1 subentry]

paper [3 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

paper mills [1 subentry]

Paradis de Raymondis, Jean Zacharie [1 subentry]

Paradise, John [2 subentries]

Paradise, Lucy Ludwell (John Paradise’s wife) [5 subentries]

Paradise Lost (J. Milton) [3 references]

Paragon (steamboat) [1 reference]

paregoric [1 reference]

The Parent’s Assistant; or, Stories for Children (Edgeworth) [5 references]

Paris [11 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Parish, David [5 subentries]

Parish, Elijah [1 subentry]

Parish, John [1 subentry]

Parker, Mr. [1 subentry]

Parker, Daniel (of Paris) [8 subentries]

Parker, Daniel (of War Department) [2 subentries]

Parker, Edward [6 subentries]

Parker, Sir Peter [1 subentry]

Parker, Thomas [2 subentries]

Parker, William [1 subentry]

Parkinson, Richard [2 subentries]

Parks, William [1 reference]

parlementaires [2 references]

The Parlor Gardener (Cornelia Randolph) [1 reference]

Parmentier, Antoine Auguste [3 subentries]

Parr, Samuel [1 subentry]

Parrott, Richard [1 reference]

parrot tulips [1 reference]

parsnips [3 references]

Parsons, Samuel Pleasants [4 subentries]

Parsons, Theophilus [1 subentry]

Parsons’ Cause [1 subentry]

Partridge, Alden [1 subentry]

partridge, red-legged [2 references]

Partridge, William [4 subentries]

Pascagoula River [1 reference]

Pascal, Blaise [1 subentry]

Passamaquoddy Bay, Me. [1 subentry]

pastel. [See redirect]

Pasteur, William [1 reference]

Pate, Matthew [3 subentries]

Patent Office, U.S. [3 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

patents [35 subentries]

Pathkiller (Cherokee Indian) [1 reference]

patronage [6 subentries]

Patsy (TJ’s slave; b. 1810).

Patsy (TJ’s slave; b. 1815).

Patterson, Capt. [1 reference]

Patterson, Mr. [3 subentries]

Patterson, Dorcas Spear [1 reference]

Patterson, Edward [1 reference]

Patterson, Elizabeth. [See redirect]

Patterson, John [1 subentry]

Patterson, Robert [22 subentries]

Patterson, Robert Maskell [10 subentries]

Patterson, William [1 reference]

Patteson, Mr. R. [1 subentry]

Paul. [See redirect]

Paul, Saint [3 references]

Paulding, James Kirke [1 subentry]

Paulinia aurea. [See redirect]

Pauly, Lewis Abraham [4 subentries]

Pauw, Cornelius de [1 subentry]

Pavia, University of [1 reference]

Pawnee corn. [See redirect]

Pawnee Indians [2 references]

Pawtucket, R.I. [1 subentry]

Paxton, Charles [1 subentry]

Payerne, Francis [1 reference]

Payne, Mary [1 reference]

Payne, Tarlton [1 subentry]

peaches [3 subentries]

Peacock, David [1 subentry]

Peake, Thomas [1 subentry]

Peaks of Otter, Va. [1 reference]

Peale, Benjamin Franklin [1 subentry]

Peale, Charles Willson [23 subentries]

Peale, Hannah Moore (Charles Willson Peale’s wife) [2 subentries]

Peale, James [1 subentry]

Peale, Rembrandt [11 subentries]

Peale, Rubens [3 subentries]

Peale, Titian Ramsay [1 subentry]

Pearney, John. [See redirect]

pears [4 references]

Pearson, Joseph [1 subentry]

peas [6 subentries]

Pease, Horace [1 subentry]

Pease, Seth [6 subentries]

pecans [4 subentries]

Pechin, William [2 subentries]

Peddock, Leonard [1 reference]

Pedesclaux, Pierre [5 references]

Pedro Alcántara de Toledo y Salm-Salm (Duke of Infantado) [1 reference]

Peintures des Vases Antiques (ed. Maisonneuve) [2 references]

Pekin (ship) [1 reference]

Pekins, Joseph. [See redirect]

Pelham, William [3 subentries]

Pelletier. [See redirect]

Pemberton, Mr. [1 subentry]

Pemberton, Israel [1 reference]

Pemberton, James [2 references]

pen, metallic [1 reference]

penal institutions [2 references]

Pendleton, Edmund (1721–1803) [6 subentries]

Pendleton, Edmund (1745–1827) [4 subentries]

pendulum [3 subentries]

Penet, D’Acosta freres & Compagnie (Bordeaux firm) [1 subentry]

Penguin Island (Australia) [1 reference]

penmanship [2 subentries]

Penn, John [1 reference]

Penn, Thomas [1 reference]

Penn, William [1 subentry]

Pennsylvania [26 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Pennsylvania, University of [1 reference]

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (Philadelphia) [7 references]

Pennsylvania Hospital [1 reference]

Pennsylvania Land Office [1 reference]

Pennsylvania Magazine; or, American Monthly Museum [1 reference]

Pensacola, W. Fla. [1 reference]

Pentland, Ephraim [1 subentry]

pepper [4 subentries]

Peray. [See redirect]

Perceval, Spencer [5 subentries]

perch [1 reference]

Percivall, Joseph [1 reference]

Percy, Mr. [1 subentry]

Percy, Fernando [2 references]

Perdido River [4 references]

Périon, Joachim [1 subentry]

Perkins, Elisha [1 subentry]

Perkins, Joseph [1 subentry]

Perkins, Samuel [1 reference]

Pernety, Antoine Joseph, trans. [1 subentry]

Pernier (Purney), John [5 subentries]

Péron, François [2 subentries]

perpetual-motion machines [4 subentries]

Perrault, Claude [1 subentry]

Perrin, John [1 subentry]

perry [1 subentry]

Perry, Jesse [4 subentries]

Perry, John M. [9 subentries]

Perry, Oliver Hazard [2 subentries]

Perry, Reuben [12 subentries]

Perry, Sion (Syon) [1 subentry]

Perseverance (steamboat) [1 reference]

persimmon trees [1 reference]

Persius Flaccus, Aulus [1 reference]

Persoon, Christiaan Hendrik [2 subentries]

Peruvian bark. [See redirect]

Pestalozzi, Johann Heinrich [2 references]

Peter (J. Chamberlain’s slave) [1 reference]

Peter (J. B. Couch’s slave) [1 subentry]

Peter (F. Smith’s slave) [1 reference]

Peter (TJ’s slave; b. 1770). [See redirect]

Peter (TJ’s slave; b. 1815).

Peter II, king of Aragon [1 subentry]

Peter, George [1 reference]

“Peter Porcupine.” [See redirect]

Peters, Richard [3 subentries]

Petersburg, Va. [4 subentries]

Peter’s Mountain (Southwest Mountains) [1 subentry]

Peter the Hermit [1 subentry]

Petty, Sir William [1 subentry]

Peuchet, Jacques [1 subentry]

La Peyrouse (Kotzebue) [1 reference]

Peyton, Bernard [4 subentries]

Peyton, Craven [28 subentries]

Peyton, Harrison [2 references]

Peyton, Jane Jefferson Lewis (Craven Peyton’s wife) [3 subentries]

Peyton, John [5 subentries]

Peyton, Robert [3 subentries]

Peyton v. Henderson [7 subentries]

phaetons [2 subentries]

Pharmacopoeia of the Massachusetts Medical Society [1 reference]

pharmacy [1 subentry]

Pharsalia (Lucan) [1 reference]

Philadelphia [32 subentries]

Philadelphia (ship) [1 reference]

Philadelphia , USS (frigate) [1 reference]

Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture [3 subentries]

Philip (TJ’s slave; b. 1796) [3 subentries]

Philip II, king of Spain [1 subentry]

Philip V, king of Spain [1 subentry]

Philip (Christian Evangelist) [1 reference]

Philip, Mr. [1 subentry]

Philippe II, duc d’Orléans [1 subentry]

Philips, Josiah [1 subentry]

Philis (Chamberlain’s slave) [1 reference]

Phill. [See redirect]

Phill (Phil) (TJ’s slave) [1 subentry]

Phill (Phil) (TJ’s slave; b. 1801) [1 subentry]

Phill (Phil) (TJ’s slave; b. 1808) [1 subentry]

Phillip II, king of France [1 subentry]

Phillips, William [1 subentry]

Phillis (E. Randolph’s slave) [1 reference]

Philo (Philo Judaeus) [1 reference]

philology [2 subentries]

Philosophia Britannica (B. Martin) [1 reference]

Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica (I. Newton) [5 references]

The Philosophical Grammar; being a view of the Present State of Experimental Physiology, or Natural Philosophy (Martin) [1 reference]

The Philosophical Principles of the Science of Brewing (Richardson) [2 references]

The Philosophical Works of the late Right Honourable Henry St. John, Lord Viscount Bolingbroke (Bolingbroke) [1 reference]

philosophy [1 subentry]

Philpotts, Oakley [2 subentries]

Phoenix, Alexander [3 subentries]

Phoenix Insurance Company (N.Y. firm) [1 reference]

Physick, Philip Syng [1 subentry]

physics [3 subentries]

physiology [1 subentry]

pickaxes [1 reference]

Pickering, Timothy [14 subentries]

pickles [1 reference]

Pictet, Marc Auguste [1 reference]

The Picture of Philadelphia, giving an Account of its Origin (Mease) [2 references]

Pieces Probantes [7 references]

Pierce, John [1 reference]

Pierce, William Leigh [1 subentry]

Piernet, Pierre (Peter) [1 subentry]

Piers Plowman. [See redirect]

pies [1 subentry]

pigs [4 subentries]

Pike, Clarissa Brown (Zebulon M. Pike’s wife) [1 subentry]

Pike, Nicolas [1 subentry]

Pike, Zebulon Montgomery [4 subentries]

Pilgrim (ship) [1 reference]

The Pilgrim’s Progress (J. Bunyan) [1 reference]

Pilkington, Matthew [1 subentry]

Pillnitz, Declaration of [2 references]

Pinckney, Charles [9 subentries]

Pinckney, Charles Cotesworthy [1 reference]

Pinckney, Frances Henrietta [1 reference]

Pinckney, Jonathan [1 subentry]

Pinckney, Mary Eleanor [1 reference]

Pinckney, Thomas [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Pindar (Greek poet) [2 subentries]

Pindar, Peter [John Wolcot] [1 subentry]

Pinel, Philippe [1 reference]

pine planking [1 reference]

pine trees [2 references]

Pinkerton, John [3 subentries]

Pinkney, William [16 subentries]

pinks [3 references]

Pintard, John [4 subentries]

Piombo, Sebastiano del. [See redirect]

pippin. [See redirect]

Piré, Hippolyte Marie Guillaume de Rosnyvinen, comte de [1 reference]

Pisistratus [1 subentry]

Pitman, John [7 subentries]

Pitot, James [2 references]

Pitt. [2 See redirects]

Pitt, William (the Younger) [4 subentries]

Pittsburgh, Pa. [3 subentries]

Pius VII, pope [2 subentries]

planes [1 reference]

A Plan of New Orleans & its Environs (Boqueta de Wosieri) [1 reference]

“Plan of the City and Environs of New Orleans” (Lafon) [1 reference]

Plantage coronopus (Plantago coronopus). [See redirect]

plantain [3 subentries]

plant geography [2 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

plants [16 subentries + 2 “see also” entries]

plastering [1 subentry]

plaster (plaister) of paris. [See redirect]

plasters (medicinal) [1 reference]

Plater, George [2 subentries]

Plato [5 subentries]

Plato Redivivus (Neville) [1 reference]

platypus [2 references]

play [1 subentry]

Playfair, William [2 subentries]

Pleasant, Thomas [1 reference]

Pleasants, Mr. [1 reference]

Pleasants, James [8 subentries]

Pleasants, James Jay [2 subentries]

Pleasants, Samuel [9 subentries]

Pleasonton, Stephen [1 subentry]

Les Plees del Coron (Stanford) [1 reference]

Pliny the Elder (Gaius Plinius Secundus) [2 subentries]

Plowden, Francis [1 subentry]

plows. [12 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Plumard, M. [3 subentries]

Plumard de Bellanger, Marie Françoise [1 subentry]

Plumer, William [4 subentries]

plums [2 subentries]

Plutarch [5 subentries]

Plymley, Peter. [See redirect]

pneumatics [1 subentry]

Poème sur le désastre de Lisbonne (Voltaire) [1 reference]

A Poem on the Social State and its Future Progress (Pitman) [2 references]

“Poem on Thomas Jefferson” (Miner) [1 reference]

“Poem on Thomas Jefferson” (Welles) [1 reference]

“Poem on Thomas Jefferson’s Retirement” (Freneau) [1 reference]

Poems Written and Published during the American Revolutionary War (Freneau) [2 subentries]

Poesie (P. Metastasio) [1 reference]

poetry [10 subentries]

Poeyfarré, Juan [2 references]

Poindexter, George [4 subentries]

Poindexter, Samuel [1 subentry]

Poindexter, Thomas [1 reference]

Poinsett, Joel Roberts [1 reference]

Pointe Coupee, La. [1 subentry]

Point of Honor (G. Cabell’s estate near Lynchburg) [1 reference]

Poirey, Joseph Léonard [3 subentries]

Poland [5 subentries]

Poletika, Petr Ivanovich [3 subentries]

Polignac, Melchior de [1 reference]

Political Arithmetic (Cooper) [1 reference]

Political Disquisitions (J. Burgh) [1 reference]

political economy [6 subentries]

politics [15 subentries + 3 “see also” entries]

Politics (Aristotle) [1 reference]

Les Politiqves d’Aristote … traduictes de Grec en François, par Loys le Roy dict Regivs (Aristotle) [1 reference]

Pollock, George [2 references]

Pollock, Oliver [6 subentries]

Pollock, Thomas [1 reference]

Polly (M. Daingerfield’s slave) [1 reference]

Polly, John [1 subentry]

polyanthus [1 reference]

Polybius [1 subentry]

Polygala senega.

polygraph [5 subentries]

Pomeroy, Mr. [1 reference]

Pomona: or, The Fruit-Garden Illustrated (Langley) [1 reference]

Pompadour, Jeanne Antoinette, marquise de [1 reference]

Pompei, Girolamo [1 subentry]

Pompeius Magnus, Gnaeus (Pompey the Great) [3 references]

Poor, Immanuel [1 subentry]

Pope, Alexander [8 subentries]

Pope, John [2 subentries]

Pope, Joseph [1 subentry]

poplar [4 subentries]

Poplar Forest (TJ’s Bedford Co. estate) [67 subentries + 2 “see also” entries]

poppy, oil [1 reference]

Porée, Jean Baptiste [4 subentries]

pork [6 subentries]

Portalis, Jean Etienne Marie [1 subentry]

porter (beer) [3 references]

Porter, David [4 subentries]

Porter, Jane [1 subentry]

Porter, John [4 subentries]

Porter, Peter Buell [9 subentries]

Porterfield, Robert [1 subentry]

Porteus, Beilby [1 subentry]

Port Folio [6 subentries]

Portobello (TJ’s property) [1 subentry]

Portsmouth, Va. [2 subentries]

Portugal [9 subentries]

posterity [1 subentry]

Postlethwayt, Malachy [1 subentry]

postmaster general, U.S. [3 See redirects]

Post Office, U.S. [11 subentries]

potash [1 reference]

potatoes [8 references]

potato oats [1 reference]

Pothier, Robert Joseph [2 subentries]

Potocki, Jean [6 subentries]

Potomac River [4 subentries]

Potoski, Count. [See redirect]

pots [1 subentry]

Potter, John (Archbishop of Canterbury) [1 subentry]

Potter, John (mathematician) [1 subentry]

Potter, Tom [1 reference]

Potter, Walter [2 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Potts, Isaac [1 reference]

Pouncey’s tract (TJ’s property) [2 references]

Power, J. [1 reference]

Power, Thomas [1 subentry]

Powhatan Court House, Va. [3 references]

Poydras, Julien Lalande [7 subentries]

Practical Piety (H. More) [2 references]

A Practical Treatise of Husbandry (Duhamel du Monceau) [2 references]

A Practical Treatise of The Law of Vendors and Purchasers of Estates (Sugden) [1 reference]

A Practical Treatise on Dyeing, and Callicoe Printing (Cooper) [1 reference]

Pradelle (Pradel), Alexandrina de la Chaise [2 references]

Pradelle (Pradel), Jean [2 references]

Pragmatics of Attaliata. [See redirect]

Preble, Edward [1 subentry]

Preble, Henry [3 references]

Precedents of proceedings in the House of Commons (J. Hatsell) [3 references]

The Preceptor (R. Dodsley) [1 reference]

Prenanthes serpentaria. [See redirect]

President, USS (frigate) [2 subentries]

President’s House [12 subentries]

Pressed Shot Factory (Bruff) [1 reference]

presses (furniture) [1 reference]

presses, cast-iron [1 reference]

Preston, James [2 subentries]

Preston, Thomas Lewis [1 reference]

Prevost, George [1 subentry]

Prevot de la Janné [1 reference]

Price, Andrew [2 references]

Price, Chandler [3 subentries]

Price, Joseph [2 subentries]

Price, Mrs. (Joseph Price’s wife) [2 subentries]

Price, Richard (British author and philosopher) [4 subentries]

Price, Richard (of Milton) [5 subentries]

Price, William [1 subentry]

Prichard, William [5 subentries]

Priddy, John [1 reference]

Pride, James [1 reference]

Priestley, Joseph [23 subentries]

Prieur, Denis [1 reference]

Prieur de la Côte-d’Or. [See redirect]

prime meridian [13 references]

Prince (TJ’s slave; b. 1804) [1 subentry]

Prince, Isaac [1 subentry]

Prince, James [4 references]

Princess of Wales. [See redirect]

Principes de Chronologie, pour les Temps Antérieurs aux Olympiades (J. Potocki) [6 references]

Principes raisonnés d’agriculture (a trans. of Grundsätze der rationellen Landwirthschaft) (Thaer) [1 reference]

The Principles of Agriculture and Vegetation (Home) [1 reference]

Principles of Equity (Kames) [1 reference]

The Principles of Health: Elements of hygiene (Williamson) [1 reference]

Pringle, Mr. [1 reference]

printing [2 subentries]

Prior, Matthew [1 subentry]

Prior Documents.

A Private Letter to the Individual Members of Congress (Latrobe) [1 reference]

The Private Life of Lewis XV (trans. J. O. Justamond) [1 reference]

privies [1 reference]

The Proceedings of the Government of the United States, in maintaining the Public Right to the Beach of the Missisipi, Adjacent to New-Orleans, against the Intrusion of Edward Livingston (Thomas Jefferson) [18 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Proclamation of 1763 [1 reference]

Procter, Henry [1 subentry]

Proctor, Joseph B. [2 subentries]

Projet de Code Civil (Portalis) [1 reference]

Prony, Gaspard Clair François Marie Riche de [1 subentry]

Proofs of the Corruption of Gen. James Wilkinson (Clark) [5 references]

Propertius, Sextus [1 reference]

Proposals by Redwood Fisher, for printing by subscription, the American Artist’s Manual, or Dictionary of Practical Knowledge (Cutbush) [2 references]

Propositions for Amending the Constitution of the United States (Hillhouse) [1 subentry]

Prospectus of a National Institution, to be established in the United States (Barlow) [3 references]

Prospectus of a new monthly publication: the Massachusetts Garden [1 reference]

Prost de Royer, Antoine François [1 subentry]

protractor [2 references]

Proud, Robert [1 subentry]

Provenchere de Villiers, Pierre [4 subentries]

Prunner, Leonardo de [3 subentries]

Prussia [6 subentries]

Pryor, John C. [2 subentries]

Pryor, Nicholas Ballow [6 subentries]

Pryor, Susan B. [1 reference]

Prysot (Prisot), Sir John [1 subentry]

Ptolemy I, king of Egypt [1 reference]

Public Advertiser (N.Y. newspaper) [1 subentry]

Pufendorf, Samuel von [1 subentry]

Puller, Christopher [1 reference]

Pumfrey, John [1 reference]

Pumfrey & Fitzwhylsonn (Richmond firm) [1 reference]

Pumham, Aaron (Punkapog sachem) [1 reference]

Pumham, Moses [1 reference]

pumpkins [1 reference + 2 subentries]

punch [2 subentries]

Punic language [1 subentry]

Punkapog Indians [1 reference]

Purdie, Alexander [1 reference]

Purney, John. [See redirect]

Pursh, Frederick [2 subentries]

Purviance, Samuel [3 references]

Purvis, John [1 subentry]

Putnam, Israel [1 subentry]

putty [1 reference]

Pyrenees, Treaty of (1659) [1 subentry]

Pythagoras [3 references + 3 subentries]