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Aaron (Hebrew priest; Moses’s brother) [1 reference]

Aaron (slave) [1 subentry]

“Abbe Salemankis” [3 subentries]

Abbey (Abby) (TJ’s slave; b. 1804) [1 subentry]

Abbey (TJ’s slave) [1 subentry]

Abbott, Mr. [1 subentry]

Abby (TJ’s slave; b. 1753) [2 subentries]

Abell, John S. [1 subentry]

Abercrombie, John [1 subentry]

Abigail (Old Testament figure) [1 reference]

Aborn, Henry [1 reference]

Aboville, François Marie, chevalier (later comte) d’ [1 subentry]

Abraham (Old Testament patriarch) [2 references]

Abrahams, A. D. [1 reference]

Abram (TJ’s slave; b. ca. 1740) [1 subentry]

Abram (TJ’s slave; b. ca. 1794) [1 subentry]

Abrégé du Système de la Nature, de Linné, Histoire des Mammaires (J. E. Gilibert) [1 reference]

Un Abridgment des plusieurs cases et resolutions del Common Ley (H. Rolle) [2 references]

An Abridgment of Waldo’s Rudiments of English Grammar (J. Waldo) [1 reference]

Acacia farnesiana. [See redirect]

Acacia nilotica. [See redirect]

Académie des Sciences et Beaux-Arts des États-Unis [1 reference]

Académie Française [2 references]

An Account of Expeditions to the Sources of the Mississippi (Z. M. Pike) [6 references]

An Account of the American Antiquarian Society [1 reference]

An Account of the life, writings, and inventions of John Napier, of Merchiston (D. S. E. Buchan and W. Minto) [3 references]

An Account of the People called Shakers (T. Brown) [2 references]

Acherley, Roger [1 subentry]

Achilles (mythological character) [1 reference]

achilles tendon [1 subentry]

acid, marine (hydrochloric, muriatic) [1 reference]

acoustics [1 subentry]

Acta Sanctorum (J. de Bolland and others) [1 reference]

An Act concerning Consuls and Vice-Consuls (1792) [1 reference]

An Act concerning Election of Members of General Assembly (1787) [1 reference]

An Act concerning the commercial intercourse between the United States and Great Britain and France (1810) [1 reference]

An Act erecting Louisiana into two territories, and providing for the temporary government thereof (1804) [1 reference]

An Act for an amicable settlement of limits with the State of Georgia; and authorizing the establishment of a government in the Mississippi Territory (1798) [1 reference]

An Act for granting lands to the inhabitants and settlers at Vincennes and the Illinois country (1791) [2 references]

Act for regulating Conveyances (1792) [1 reference]

An Act for the assessment and collection of direct taxes and internal duties (1813) [5 references]

An Act for the better organization of the general staff of the Army of the United States (1813) [1 reference]

An Act for the more perfect organization of the Army of the United States (1812) [1 reference]

An Act for the relief of Oliver Evans (1808) [5 references]

An Act further providing for the government of the territory of Orleans (1805) [1 reference]

An Act laying an embargo on all ships and vessels in the ports and harbours of the United States (1813) [1 reference]

Acton, Thomas Harman [1 subentry]

Acts passed at a Congress of the United States of America, begun … in the Year 1789 [1 reference]

An Act to amend the judicial system of the United States (1802) [1 reference]

An Act to authorize the purchase of the library of Thomas Jefferson (1815) [1 reference]

An Act to confirm an act entitled, an act to incorporate certain Persons in every Christian church or congregation in this state (1810) [1 reference]

An Act to enable the people of the Territory of Orleans to form a constitution and state government (1811) [1 reference]

An Act to establish post roads (1810) [1 reference]

An Act to establish Public Schools (1796) [1 reference]

An Act to Incorporate the Union Canal Company, of Pennsylvania [1 reference]

An Act to lay and collect a direct tax within the United States (1798) [1 reference]

An Act to lay and collect a direct tax within the United States (1813) [2 references]

An Act to prevent settlements being made on lands ceded to the United States until authorized by law (1807) [1 subentry]

An Act to prevent the destruction of Sheep in this Commonwealth (1814) [1 reference]

An Act to promote the progress of useful Arts (1793) [2 references]

Adair, James [3 subentries]

Adair, John [1 reference]

Adam, Alexander [1 reference]

Adams, Abigail (John Adams’s granddaughter) [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Adams, Abigail Smith (John Adams’s wife) [15 subentries]

Adams, George [2 subentries]

Adams, George Washington (John Adams’s grandson) [2 references]

Adams, John [118 subentries]

Adams, John Quincy [14 subentries]

Adams, Samuel [1 subentry]

Adams, Samuel G. [1 subentry]

Adams, Sarah Smith (John Adams’s daughter-in-law) [1 subentry]

Adams, Susanna (John Adams’s granddaughter) [2 subentries]

Adams, Susanna Boylston (John Adams’s mother) [1 subentry]

Addington. [See redirect]

Addison, Joseph [2 subentries]

Address at the Opening of the Botanic Garden of Liverpool (Roscoe) [1 reference]

An Address delivered in Havre-de-Grace, June 4, 1812 (Wilmer) [2 references]

Address of the Managers of the Bible Society of Virginia, to the Public [1 reference]

Address to the People of the United States (R. Smith) [7 references]

Address to the People of the United States, on the measures pursued by the Executive with respect to the Batture at New-Orleans (Livingston) [11 references]

Adelung, Friedrich [5 subentries]

Adelung, Johann Christoph [1 subentry]

Adkinson, Mr. [See redirect]

Adlum, John [6 subentries]

Adlum on Making Wine (Adlum) [1 reference]

Adrain, Robert [3 references]

Adresse au Conseil Legislatif du Territoire d’Orleans (Poydras) [2 references]

Adriano in Siria (P. Metastasio) [1 reference]

The Adventurer [1 reference]

Advice to Shepherds (Daubenton; trans. Bowdoin) [3 references]

Aeneid (Virgil) [1 reference]

Aeolus (British ship) [1 reference]

Aeschines [2 subentries]

Aesculapius (god of medicine) [1 reference]

Aesculus hippocastanea (Aesculus hippocastanum). [See redirect]

Aesop’s Fables [3 subentries]

Æthelberht I, king of Kent [1 subentry]

Africa [3 subentries]

African Americans [1 subentry + 2 “see also” entries]

agate [2 references]

The Age of Louis XIV (Voltaire) [1 reference]

The Age of Louis XV (Voltaire) [1 reference]

Aggregate amount of each description of Persons within the United States of America … in the year 1810 [1 reference]

Aggy (E. Randolph’s slave) [1 reference]

Aggy (TJ’s slave) [1 subentry]

Aggy (TJ’s slave; b. 1789). [See redirect]

Aggy (TJ’s slave; b. 1789; daughter of Dinah) [4 subentries]

Aggy (TJ’s slave; b. 1798). [See redirect]

aging [4 subentries]

Agiorgitiko (St. George) (wine) [1 reference]

Agrarian Justice, opposed to Agrarian Law, and to Agrarian Monopoly (Paine) [1 reference]

L’Agricoltore Sperimentato (Trinci) [1 reference]

Agricultural Museum [1 reference]

Agricultural Society of Albemarle [5 subentries]

Agricultural Society of Bavaria [2 subentries]

agriculture [39 subentries + 7 “see also” entries]

Agrippa II, king of Judea [1 reference]

Agrostis stolonifera. [See redirect]

ague and fever.

Aikin, John [1 subentry]

Ainsworth, Robert [1 subentry]

Aird, John [1 subentry]

Akers, John [1 reference]

Alabama River [1 reference]

Alard, Marie Joseph Louis Jean François Antoine [1 subentry]

Albaflor (wine) [5 references]

Albany Congress (1754) [1 subentry]

Albany Register (newspaper) [2 references]

Albemarle Academy [4 references + 12 subentries + 2 “see also” entries]

Albemarle Baptist Church of Christ. [See redirect]

Albemarle County, Va. [23 subentries + 4 “see also” entries]

Albemarle County Court, Va. [13 references]

Albemarle County Superior Court of Law, Va. [6 references]

Albemarle pippin. [See redirect]

Alberoni, Giulio [1 subentry]

Albigensian heresy [1 reference]

Albizia julibrissin. [See redirect]

Albuquerque, Don José Miguel de la Cuerva, duque de [1 reference]

Alcaeus [1 subentry]

Alcocke, Elliott [1 reference]

alcohol [19 subentries + 2 “see also” entries]

ale [1 reference]

Aleck (TJ’s slave; b. 1806) [1 subentry]

Alembert, Jean Le Rond d’ [4 subentries]

Aleutian Islands [1 reference]

Alexander (“the Great”), king of Macedon [4 references]

Alexander I, emperor of Russia [14 subentries]

Alexander, Eli [9 subentries]

Alexander, James [2 references]

Alexander, William [1 subentry]

Alexandria, Egypt [1 subentry]

Alexandria, Va. [6 subentries]

Alexandria Gazette [1 reference]

Alfonso X, king of Castile and León [1 subentry]

Alfred (“the Great”), king of England [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Algiers [3 subentries]

Ali, Hadji, dey of Algiers [3 references]

Alien and Sedition Acts [5 references]

Alisma plantago-aquatica. [See redirect]

Allegany County, Md. [1 subentry]

Allegheny lily [3 references]

Allen, Hancock [1 reference]

Allen, Paul [1 reference + 6 subentries]

Allen, Solomon [1 subentry]

Allen, William [1 reference]

Allen, William O. [4 subentries]

Allison, Mr. [1 subentry]

Allison, Burgess [7 subentries]

Allison, Mary D. [1 reference]

Allison, Thomas [1 reference]

Allone, William B. W. [2 subentries]

allspice [2 references]

almanacs, nautical [2 subentries + 2 “see also” entries]

Almeida, Portugal [1 subentry]

almonds [2 subentries]

Alpine strawberry [6 references]

Alrichs, Jacob [3 subentries]

Alrichs & Dixon (Wilmington, Del., firm) [7 subentries]

Alston, Lemuel James [4 subentries]

Alston, Willis [3 references]

althaea (rose of Sharon) [1 reference]

amaryllis [1 reference]

Amaryllis atamasco (Zephyranthes atamasco). [See redirect]

Amaryllis belladonna. [See redirect]

Ambler, John [1 subentry]

Ambrose (TJ’s slave; b. 1799) [2 subentries]

Amedie (ship) [1 reference]

Amelia County, Va. [1 subentry]

Amelia Island [1 subentry]

Amendments and Notes to Statement on the Batture Case (Thomas Jefferson) [3 references]

Americae Pars Quinta, part five of The Great or American Voyages, Parts I to XI, in Latin (T. de Bry) [6 references]

American Academy of Arts and Sciences [2 references]

American, and Commercial Daily Advertiser (Baltimore newspaper) [2 subentries]

American Antiquarian Society [4 subentries]

American Artillerist’s Companion, or Elements of Artillery (Tousard) [2 references]

The American Artist’s Manual (J. Cutbush) [3 references]

American Biography: or, An Historical Account Of those Persons who have been distinguished in America (Belknap) [1 reference]

American Colonization Society [3 references]

The American Edition of the New Edinburgh Encyclopedia (Parker and Delaplaine) [3 references]

American Fur Company [2 references]

The American Gardener (J. Gardiner and D. Hepburn) [5 references]

The American Gardener’s Calendar (B. McMahon) [6 references]

American Law Journal (J. E. Hall) [9 references]

American Magazine [1 subentry]

American Mineralogical Journal [1 reference]

American Ornithology (A. Wilson) [4 references]

American Philosophical Society [38 subentries]

The American Practical Brewer and Tanner (J. Coppinger) [7 references]

American Principles (Adams) [2 references]

American Revolution [17 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

The American Speaker (A. Small) [4 references]

American State Papers and Public Documents [1 reference]

American Weekly Messenger; or, Register of state papers, history and politics (Philadelphia newspaper) [1 reference]

Ames, Fisher [2 subentries]

Amherst, Sir Jeffery [1 reference]

Amicus. [See redirect]

Amiens [1 subentry]

Amiot, Mme [1 reference]

ammonia (spirit of hartshorn) [1 reference]

ammonium chloride (sal ammoniac) [1 subentry]

Amonett, Thomas [1 subentry]

Amsterdam [1 subentry]

Amy (TJ’s slave; b. 1756) [1 subentry]

Amy (TJ’s slave; b. 1797) [2 subentries]

Anabasis (Xenophon) [1 reference]

The Anabasis (Xenophon; trans. E. Spelman) [1 reference]

Anacreon [1 reference]

The Analogy of Religion (Butler) [1 reference]

Analostan Island. [See redirect]

Analysis of Green Tobacco (Vauquelin) [2 references]

Analysis of Prepared Tobacco (Vauquelin) [2 references]

An Analysis of the Experiment in Education, made at Egmore, near Madras (A. Bell) [1 reference]

“Anas” (Thomas Jefferson) [1 reference]

anatomy [2 subentries]

Anatomy of the Human Body (John Bell) [3 references]

anchovies [1 reference]

Anciennes loix des François (Hoüard, Littleton, and Pothier) [3 references]

Anderson (TJ’s slave; b. 1806) [1 subentry]

Anderson (TJ’s slave; b. 1810; Nanny’s son) [1 subentry]

Anderson (TJ’s slave; b. 1810; Sarah [Sally] Hubbard’s son) [1 subentry]

Anderson, Mr. (of Richmond) [1 reference]

Anderson, David [2 references]

Anderson, Edmund [1 subentry]

Anderson, Joseph [2 subentries]

Anderson, Richard [3 subentries]

Anderson, William [1 subentry]

Anderson, William C. [2 references]

Anderson, William Preston [2 subentries]

Andrei, Giovanni [2 subentries]

Andrews, Henry [2 subentries]

Andrews, Robert [2 subentries]

anemone [1 reference]

anemone, double [1 reference]

Anglo-Saxon laws [2 references]

Angus, Samuel [1 reference]

Ann (ship) [1 reference]

Annales de Chimie [1 reference]

Annales du Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle [2 subentries]

Annales of England. Containing the Reignes of Henry the Eighth. Edward the Sixt. Queene Mary (F. Godwin; trans. and rev. M. Godwin) [1 reference]

Anne (TJ’s slave; b. 1807). [See redirect]

Anne, queen of Great Britain [1 subentry]

Anniversary Oration (Latrobe) [1 reference]

Ann Smith Academy (Lexington) [4 references]

Annual Register [1 subentry]

anonymous correspondence [4 subentries]

Anquetil, Louis Pierre [3 subentries]

An Answer to Mr. Jefferson’s Justification of His Conduct in the Case of the New Orleans Batture (E. Livingston) [4 references]

anteater [1 reference]

anteater, giant [1 reference]

Antholiza aethiopica (Chasmanthe aethiopica). [See redirect]

Anthony, Benjamin [1 reference]

Anthony, Christopher [1 subentry]

Anthony of Egypt, Saint [1 reference]

Antichrist [1 subentry]

Antient Plymouth Society (New London) [3 references]

antimony [4 subentries]

Antiquarian Society of Charleston [5 references]

antiquities [5 subentries]

antiquity [3 subentries]

antislavery [2 subentries]

ant lion [1 reference]

Antoninus. [See redirect]

Antraigues, Emmanuel Henri Louis Alexandre de Launay, comte d’ [2 subentries]

Anville, Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d’ [2 subentries]

Aperçu des Résultats obtenus de la fabrication des Sirops et des Conserves de Raisins (A. A. Parmentier) [1 reference]

Aperçu présenté au Comité des monnoies de l’Assemblée Nationale (Rochon) [2 references]

Apis (Egyptian god) [1 reference]

Apocynum cannabinum. [See redirect]

Apologeticus et ad Scapulam Liber (Q. S. F. Tertullianus) [1 reference]

apoplexy [1 reference]

An Appeal to the Nations of Europe against the Continental System (Staël Holstein) [1 reference]

apples [8 subentries]

Appleton, Thomas [1 subentry]

Appomattox River [4 references]

apricots [2 subentries]

Apuntes ligeros sobre la nueva constitución (Foronda) [4 references]

Aquinas, Saint Thomas. [See redirect]

Aram, Eugene [2 subentries]

Aranda, Conde de.

Arata, Teophane [3 subentries]

Arator; being a series of Agricultural Essays, Practical & Political (J. Taylor) [4 references]

Arblay, Madame d’. [See redirect]

Arbuckle, William B. [3 subentries]

Archaeologiae Americanae Telluris Collectanea et Specimina (B. S. Barton) [1 reference]

Archaeologia, or, Miscellaneous tracts relating to antiquity [1 reference]

Archaionomia (W. Lambarde) [1 reference]

Archbald, James [2 references]

Archbald, Mary Ann Wodrow [3 subentries]

Archer, John [1 reference]

Archer, Stevenson [1 reference]

Archimedes [1 subentry]

architecture [5 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Architecture Hydraulique (B. F. de Bélidor) [2 references]

Archives of Useful Knowledge (Mease) [3 references]

Archy (TJ’s slave; b. 1808) [1 subentry]

Archytas (Greek philosopher) [1 reference]

Arco, L. Graf von [1 reference]

Arctomys [1 reference]

Arcueil, Société de [2 references]

Arden, Daniel D. [1 subentry]

Argand lamps [1 reference]

Argentré, Bertrand d’ [1 subentry]

Argus , USS (brig) [1 reference]

Argus, USS (sloop; second) [1 subentry]

Arikara bean [2 references]

Arikara Indians [1 reference]

Aristides “the Just” [1 subentry]

Aristotle [8 subentries]

Arkansas (trading post) [1 subentry]

Arkansas District (Louisiana Territory) [2 subentries]

Arkansas River [2 references]

Arkwright, Sir Richard [1 subentry]

Armand, Colonel. [See redirect]

Armistead (TJ’s slave; b. 1771) [2 subentries]

Armistead, William [1 subentry]

Arms, William G. [2 subentries]

Armstead (Manuel) (TJ’s slave; b. 1794) [3 subentries]

Armstrong, John [34 subentries]

Armstrong, Robert [1 subentry]

Army, U.S. [21 subentries]

Arnobius [1 subentry]

Arnold, Benedict [2 subentries]

Arrian (Flavius Arrianus) [1 subentry]

Arrowsmith, Aaron [1 subentry]

arson [1 subentry]

artificial horizon [2 subentries]

artillery [2 subentries]

Artois, Charles Ferdinand d’, duc de Berry [1 subentry]

Artois, Charles Philippe, comte d’ (later Charles X, king of France) [2 subentries]

Artzt, Charles [6 subentries]

Aruda (wine) [1 reference]

Ashlin, John [4 subentries]

Asia [4 subentries]

asparagus [8 references]

asparagus beans [5 references]

aspen trees [4 references]

Aspern-Essling, Battle of (1809) [2 references]

Ast, William Frederick [2 references]

Astor, John Jacob [8 subentries]

Astoria (trading settlement on Northwest coast) [2 references]

Astronomical Tables and Precepts, For calculating the true Times of New and Full Moons (J. Ferguson) [3 references]

Astronomie (Lalande) [2 references]

L’Astronomie, Poëme en Quatre Chants (Gudin de la Brenellerie) [2 references]

astronomy [14 subentries]

Astronomy explained upon Sir Isaac Newton’s principles (J. Ferguson) [4 references]

Asturias, Prince of. [See redirect]

Atamasco lily [1 reference]

Athanasius, Saint [2 subentries]

Athens [1 subentry]

Atkinson, John [1 reference]

Atkinson, Michael [1 subentry]

Atkinson, William K. [1 reference]

Atkyns, John Tracy [1 subentry]

Atlantic Ocean [2 subentries]

Atlas Historique, Généalogique, Chronologique et Géographique (Las Cases) [2 references]

Atlas Portatif à l’usage des Colleges (Grenet and R. Bonne) [1 reference]

Attwater, Reuben [1 reference]

Auerstaedt, Duke of. [See redirect]

Auger, Athanese, trans. [4 subentries]

augers [1 subentry]

Augusta County, Va. [2 subentries]

Auguste, Henry [1 reference]

Augustine (Austin) (TJ’s slave; b. ca. 1775) [2 subentries]

Augustine, Saint [1 reference]

auricula [5 references]

Auriol, M. [1 reference]

Aurora (Philadelphia newspaper) [7 subentries]

Austin (TJ’s slave; b. ca. 1775). [See redirect]

Austin, Mr. [1 reference]

Austin, Benjamin [2 references]

Austin, David [1 subentry]

Austin, Eli [1 subentry]

Austin, James [1 reference]

Austin, James Trecothick [6 subentries]

Austin, John [2 subentries]

Austin, John (British writer) [1 subentry]

Australia [1 subentry]

Austria [11 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

“Authentic Anecdote,” [1 reference]

autobiography [1 subentry]

Les Aventures de Télémaque (Fénelon) [1 reference]

avisos [3 references]

axes [1 reference]

Aylett, Philip [1 reference]

azedaracs (chinaberry) [1 reference]

Azuni, Domenico Alberto [1 subentry]