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tabasco [1 reference]

Tabb, Frances Peyton [1 subentry]

Tabb, Philip [5 subentries]

Tableau du Climat et du Sol des États-Unis d’Amérique (Volney) [3 references]

Tableau Œconomique (Quesnay) [1 reference]

Tableaux de la Nature (Humboldt) [2 references]

tablecloths [1 reference]

Table for Computing the Moon’s Motion, with Explanations (Lambert) [3 references]

Table of Post Offices in the United States [1 reference]

Table raisonnée des principes de l’économie politique (Du Pont de Nemours) [1 reference]

tables [1 subentry]

Tables of Logarithms (Callet; trans. Warden) [4 references]

Tables Requisite to be used with the Nautical Ephemeris (J. Garnett) [1 reference]

Tables requisite to be used with the Nautical Ephemeris for finding Latitude and Longitude at Sea (N. Maskelyne) [2 references]

Tabula Cebetis [1 reference]

Tacitus [12 subentries]

Tacitus C. Cornelii Taciti Opera quae supersunt (Tacitus) [5 references]

Taggart, F. B. [1 subentry]

Taggart, John [7 subentries]

Taggart, Samuel [1 reference]

Tait, Edmund. [See redirect]

“The Taking of the City of Washington in America” (G. Thompson) [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Talbot, Isham [2 references]

Tales of Fashionable Life (Edgeworth) [3 references]

Taliafer apple. [See redirect]

Taliaferro, Richard [1 subentry]

Taliaferro apple (Robinson apple) [4 references]

Talinum. [See redirect]

Talleyrand-Périgord, Charles Maurice de [3 subentries]

Tallmadge, Benjamin [1 reference]

tallow [1 reference]

Talpa. [See redirect]

Tamaahmaah (brig) [1 reference]

tamandua [1 reference]

Tammany societies [6 subentries]

Tammany Society, No. 1, Twenty Fourth Anniversary Address (Romaine) [2 references]

Tanesse, Jacques [1 subentry]

Tanner, Henry Schenck [1 subentry]

tar [4 subentries]

Tardieu, Antoine François [3 subentries]

Tarquinius Superbus, Lucius (king of ancient Rome) [1 reference]

tarragon [5 subentries]

tartar emetic (potassium antimony tartrate) [1 reference]

Tartary, coasts of [1 reference]

The Task, A Poem (W. Cowper) [1 reference]

Tasmania [1 reference]

Tate, Edmund [1 subentry]

Tate, Jesse [1 subentry]

Tate, Nahum [1 subentry]

Tatham, William [2 subentries]

The Tatler [1 reference]

taxes [34 subentries]

Tayloe, John [4 subentries]

Taylor, Mrs. [1 subentry]

Taylor, Benjamin (b. ca. 1761) [4 subentries]

Taylor, Benjamin (d. 1807) [1 reference]

Taylor, Bennett (Edmund Randolph’s son-in-law) [1 reference]

Taylor, Creed [1 subentry]

Taylor, George [6 subentries]

Taylor, George Keith [1 subentry]

Taylor, John (of Caroline) [10 subentries]

Taylor, Robert Barraud [1 subentry]

Taylor, Thomas [4 subentries]

Taylor, William [1 reference]

Tazewell, Littleton Waller [15 subentries]

Tazewell, Sarah [1 reference]

tea [9 subentries]

Teach, Edward (Blackbeard) [3 references]

teapots [1 reference]

teazel (teasel) [1 reference]

Tecumseh (Shawnee chief) [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Telegraphe et le General Advertiser (New Orleans newspaper) [2 references]

telescopes [5 subentries]

Telfair, Thomas [1 subentry]

Temora, an Ancient Epic Poem (Macpherson) [1 reference]

Temple, James Bowdoin. [See redirect]

Temple, Sir William [1 reference]

templets [1 reference]

Tennessee [10 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Tenney, Samuel [1 subentry]

tennis ball lettuce [1 reference]

Tenon, Jacques [1 reference]

Ten practical discourses concerning Earth and Water, Fire and Air (Bradley) [1 reference]

Tenskwatawa (“the Prophet”; Shawnee leader) [1 subentry]

Terasson, Antoine [1 subentry]

Terence (Publius Terentius Afer) [1 reference]

Termo (wine) [1 reference]

Terra: A Philosophical Discourse of Earth (Evelyn) [1 reference]

Terrell, Chiles [2 subentries]

Terrell, James H. [1 subentry]

Terril, Mr. (of Albemarle Co.) [1 subentry]

Terril, Joel [1 subentry]

Tertium Quids [4 references]

Tertullianus, Quintus Septimus Florens [1 subentry]

Tessé, Adrienne Catherine de Noailles de [21 subentries]

Tessé, René Mans Froulay, comte de [7 subentries]

Tessier, Alexandre Henri [2 subentries]

Testimony taken before the Committee of Grievances and Courts of Justice, Relative to the Late Riots and Mobs in the City of Baltimore [1 reference]

Teterel, Francis [1 subentry]

Texas (Spanish colony) [2 subentries]

textiles [32 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Thaer, Albrecht Daniel [1 subentry]

Thames, Battle of the (Canada) [2 references]

Thames River (England) [1 subentry]

Le Théâtre d’Agriculture et Mesnage des Champs (O. de Serres) [4 references]

Thebaud, Joseph [1 reference]

Thénard, Louis Jacques [2 references]

Thenia (TJ’s slave; b. 1793) [1 subentry]

Theocritus [3 subentries]

theodolite [2 references]

Theodore I. [See redirect]

Theodore Roosevelt Island. [See redirect]

Theognis [1 subentry]

Theological works (Scott) [1 reference]

Theophili antecessoris Institvtionvm Libri IV (Theophilus) [3 references]

Theophilus [1 subentry]

Théorie des Signes (Sicard) [1 reference]

The Theory and Practice of Brewing (Combrune) [4 references]

The theory and practice of finding the Longitude at Sea or Land (A. Mackay) [1 reference]

thermometers [3 subentries]

Thermometrical Navigation (Williams) [1 reference]

Thesavrvs Graecae Lingvae (Estienne) [1 reference]

Thetis (schooner) [1 reference]

Thierry, Jean Baptiste Simon [7 subentries]

The Third Part of the Institutes of the Laws of England (E. Coke) [1 reference]

Thirty Years’ War [1 reference]

Thomas (TJ’s slave; b. 1813).

Thomas, Miss [1 reference]

Thomas, Antoine Léonard [1 subentry]

Thomas, Isaiah [1 subentry]

Thomas, James [1 reference]

Thomas, Jesse, Jr. [1 subentry]

Thomas, Jesse B. [1 reference]

Thomas, J. L. & N. K. (Richmond firm) [1 subentry]

Thomas, John L. [6 subentries]

Thomas, Moses [1 subentry]

Thomas, N. K., & Company (Richmond firm) [1 reference]

Thomas, Norborne K. [3 subentries]

Thomas Aquinas [2 references]

Thomasius, Christian [1 subentry]

Thos Jefferson the Pride of America (Gimbrede) [3 references + 1 subentry]

Thomas Smart v. The Magistrates and Town Council of the Burgh of Dundee (Brown’s Reports) [3 references]

Thompson, Mr. [1 subentry]

Thompson, Benjamin. [See redirect]

Thompson, Benjamin Franklin [4 subentries]

Thompson, George [1 subentry]

Thompson, George (London publisher) [1 subentry]

Thompson, John [1 subentry]

Thompson (Thomson), John (Campbell Co. landowner) [1 subentry]

Thompson (Tompson), John (clerk in Orleans Territory) [1 reference]

Thompson, John (judge in Orleans Territory) [2 references]

Thompson, John Lewis [1 reference]

Thompson, Philip R. [1 subentry]

Thompson, William [1 subentry]

Thomson, Charles [2 subentries]

Thomson, John. [See redirect]

thorn [3 subentries]

Thornton, Anna Maria Brodeau (William Thornton’s wife) [2 subentries]

Thornton, Francis [1 subentry]

Thornton, Henry [1 reference]

Thornton, Philip [1 subentry]

Thornton, Robert John [1 subentry]

Thornton, William [19 subentries]

Thoughts on Instinctive Impulses (T. Law) [5 references]

Thoughts on Religion, and other curious Subjects (B. Pascal) [1 reference]

Thoüin, André [14 subentries]

thread [2 references]

Three Dissertations on Boylston Prize Questions for the Years 1806 and 1807 (Shattuck) [1 reference]

Threlkeld, Elizabeth (John Threlkeld’s wife) [1 subentry]

Threlkeld, Jane [3 references]

Threlkeld, John [6 subentries]

threshing machines [8 references]

Threshly (Thresly), Mr. [See redirect]

Thrimston (Thrimson) (TJ’s slave; b. ca. 1799). [See redirect]

throat distemper.

Thruston (TJ’s slave; b. 1795). [See redirect]

Thruston, Buckner [1 reference]

Thucydides [3 subentries]

Thurmond, Benjamin [2 subentries]

Thweatt, Archibald [13 subentries]

Thweatt, Lucy Eppes (Archibald Thweatt’s wife) [2 subentries]

Thweatt, Mary (Polly) Eppes (John Wayles Eppes’s sister; Richard Noble Thweatt’s wife) [1 subentry]

Thweatt, Richard Noble [1 reference]

Tibullus (Roman poet) [1 reference]

Ticknor, George [1 subentry]

ticks [2 references]

Tilesius von Tilenau, Wilhelm Gottleib [2 subentries]

Tilghman, Edward [1 subentry]

Tillotson, John [1 subentry]

Tillotson, John C. [1 subentry]

Tilman, Sam C. [1 reference]

Tilsit, Treaty of (1807) [2 subentries]

Tiltis. [See redirect]

Tilton, James [1 subentry]

Timaeus (character in dialogue by Plato) [2 references]

Timberlake, Mr. [1 subentry]

Timberlake, John [2 subentries]

Timor (South Malay Archipelago) [1 reference]

Timpanari Vigano, Guiseppe [1 reference]

tin [5 references]

Tingey, Thomas [2 subentries]

tinning [1 subentry]

Tinsley, Mr. (of Amherst Co.) [1 reference]

Tissot, John [1 reference]

Titian (Tiziano Vecelli) [1 subentry]

Titi Livii Historiarum Libri (Livy) [8 references]

Titi Livii Patavini Historiarum Libri Qui Extant (Livy) [1 reference]

tobacco [39 subentries]

Tobacco Row (Blue Ridge Mountains) [1 reference]

Todd, John Payne [4 subentries]

Todd, Thomas [2 references]

Toledano, Manuel [2 references]

Toledo y Dubois, José Álvarez de [1 subentry]

Toltec Indians [1 reference]

Tom (M. Daingerfield’s slave) [1 reference]

Tom (N. H. Hooe’s slave) [6 references]

Tomahawk plantation (part of TJ’s Poplar Forest estate) [7 subentries]

tomatoes [2 references + 1 subentry]

Tombigbee River [2 references]

Tomlins, Mr. [1 subentry]

Tomlins, Thomas E. [1 subentry]

Tomlinson, Benjamin [3 subentries]

Tompkins, Alexander [2 subentries]

Tompkins, Daniel D. [7 subentries]

Tompkins, Richard [2 references]

Tompkins, William [2 references]

Tompkins & Murray (Richmond firm) [2 references]

Tompson, David [1 reference]

Tompson, John. [See redirect]

Tonquin (ship) [1 reference]

Tonson, Jacob [1 reference]

Tooke, John Horne [1 reference + 2 subentries]

Tooke, William [1 subentry]

tools [23 subentries]

topography [1 subentry]

Tories. [See redirect]

torpedo (mine) [9 references]

Torpedo War, and Submarine Explosions (Fulton) [4 references]

Torrey, John [1 reference]

To the Critical Reviewers of Boston (Lambert) [1 reference]

To the Honourable the Legislature of Virginia. The Memorial of Oliver Pollock, of the State of Maryland (Pollock) [1 reference]

To the Public (I. A. Coles) [1 reference]

Toulongeon, François Emmanuel, vicomte de [1 subentry]

Tour-Maubourg, Anastasie, comtesse de (Lafayette’s daughter) [1 reference]

Tour-Maubourg, Jenny de Fay de la (Lafayette’s granddaughter) [1 reference]

Tournillon, Etienne St. Julien de [1 subentry]

Tournillon, Mary Louisa Brown Trist Jones (wife successively of Hore Browse Trist, Philip Livingston Jones, and Etienne St. Julien de Tournillon) [5 subentries]

Tourtelle, Étienne [1 subentry]

A Tour through Sicily and Malta (P. Brydone) [1 subentry]

Tousard, Anne Louis de [1 subentry]

Towers, Joseph Lomas [2 subentries]

Townsend, Joseph [1 subentry]

Tractatvs de legibus et consuetudinibus regni Anglie, tempore Regis Henrici secundi compositus (R. de Glanville) [1 reference]

Tracts Ethical, Theological and Political (T. Cooper) [1 reference]

Tracy. [See redirect]

Tracy, Elisha [1 subentry]

Tracy, Uriah [1 subentry]

Traduction d’Anciens Ouvrages Latins relatifs à l’Agriculture et à la Médicine Vétérinaire, avec des Notes (Saboureux de La Bonnetrie) [1 reference]

Trafalgar, Battle of [2 references]

Traité d’Économie Politique (J. B. Say) [6 references]

Traité de la Culture du Figuier, suivi d’observations & d’expériences sur la meilleure maniere de cultiver (La Brousse) [1 reference]

Traité de la volonté et de ses effets (Destutt de Tracy) [2 references]

Traité de l’usage des fiefs et autres droits seigneuriaux (Boissieu) [1 reference]

Traité des sensations (Condillac) [1 reference]

Traité du droit de domaine de propriété (Pothier) [1 reference]

Traité Élémentaire de Chimie (A. L. Lavoisier) [1 reference]

Traité Élémentaire de Minéralogie suivant les Principes du Professeur Werner (Brochant de Villiers) [1 reference]

Traité élémentaire de Morale et du Bonheur (J. Z. Paradis de Raymondis) [6 references]

Traité élémentaire de trigonométrie rectiligne et sphérique et d’application de l’algèbre à la géométrie (Lacroix) [1 reference]

Traités sur les Coutumes Anglo-Normandes (D. Hoüard) [1 reference]

Traité sur les Bêtes-à-Laine d’Espagne (C. P. De Lasteyrie) [1 reference]

Traité théorique et pratique sur la Culture de la Vigne (Chaptal, Parmentier, Rozier, Ussieux) [1 reference]

Trattato di Piero Vettori delle lodi e della coltivazione degli ulivi (Vettori) [1 reference]

Travels during the years 1787, 1788 and 1789 (Young) [3 references]

Travels from France to Italy, through the Lepontine Alps (A. Beaumont) [1 reference]

Travels in Greece, Palestine, Egypt, and Barbary, during the years 1806 and 1807 (Chateaubriand) [1 reference]

Travels in North America in the Years 1780, 1781 and 1782 (Chastellux) [1 reference]

Travels in the United States of America (J. Melish) [6 references]

“Travels in the Western Country” (Senter) [1 reference]

Travels into several Remote Nations of the World … by Lemuel Gulliver (J. Swift) [2 references]

Travels in Upper and Lower Egypt (C. N. Sonnini de Manoncourt) [1 reference]

Travels in Various Countries of Europe, Asia, and Africa (Clarke) [1 reference]

Travels, or Observations relating to Several Parts of Barbary and the Levant (Shaw) [1 reference]

Travels to discover the Source of the Nile, In the Years 1768, 1769, 1770, 1771, 1772, and 1773 [1 reference]

Treasury Department, U.S. [11 subentries + 3 “see also” entries]

Treat, John Breck [4 subentries]

A Treatise of Algebra (Simpson) [1 reference]

A Treatise of Equity (Fonblanque) [3 references]

A Treatise of Practical Surveying (Gibson) [2 references]

Treatise of the Pleas of the Crown (Hawkins) [2 references]

A Treatise on Martial Law, and Courts-Martial (Macomb) [1 reference]

A Treatise on Political Economy (Destutt de Tracy) [5 references]

A Treatise on Practical Farming (Binns) [1 reference]

A Treatise on the Culture and Management of Fruit Trees: in which A New Method of Pruning and Training is Fully Described (Forsyth) [3 references]

A Treatise on the Culture of the Apple & Pear, and on the Manufacture of Cider & Perry (Knight) [2 references]

A Treatise on the Culture, Preparation, History and Analysis of Pastel, or Woad (C. P. De Lasteyrie; trans. Dearborn) [1 reference]

Tredwell, Samuel [1 reference]

trees [64 subentries]

Trenck, Frederic, Baron [2 subentries]

Trescot, John Sen [4 subentries]

Trevilian, Mr. [1 reference]

Trevilian, Thomas [1 subentry]

Trial of Col. Aaron Burr (Burr) [1 reference]

Trichechus. [See redirect]

Trieste [1 reference]

Trinci, Cosimo [1 subentry]

Tripoli [1 subentry]

Trist, Elizabeth House [18 subentries]

Trist, Hore Browse (1775–1804) [4 subentries]

Trist, Hore Browse (1802–56) [3 subentries]

Trist, Mary (wife of Hore Browse Trist [1775–1804]). [See redirect]

Trist, Nicholas Philip [4 subentries]

Trist, Virginia Jefferson Randolph (TJ’s granddaughter) [3 subentries]

tritonia fenestrata (open-flowered tritonia; windowed tritonia) [1 reference]

Trokes, Maxwell [2 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Troost, Gerard [2 subentries]

Trott, Benjamin [2 subentries]

Troup, George Michael [1 reference + 3 subentries]

Trudeau, Charles [2 references]

Trudeau, Lavau [3 references]

True American (Trenton, N.J. newspaper) [1 reference]

Trumbull, John [1 subentry]

trunk, lost in return from Washington [4 subentries]

tuberose [2 references]

Tuckahoe cherry (gray cherry) [2 references]

Tucker (TJ’s slave; b. 1810).

Tucker, Mr. [1 subentry]

Tucker, Abraham [1 subentry]

Tucker, George [5 subentries]

Tucker, Maria Ball Carter (George Tucker’s second wife) [1 reference]

Tucker, Mary Byrd Farley (George Tucker’s first wife) [1 reference]

Tucker, St. George [8 subentries]

Tucker, Thomas Tudor [3 references + 1 subentry]

Tudor, Frederic [5 subentries]

Tufton (TJ’s Albemarle Co. estate) [9 subentries]

tulip poplar [1 reference]

tulips [3 subentries]

Tull, Jethro [1 subentry]

Tullos, Richard [2 subentries]

Tunis [1 subentry]

Tunnicliff, Mr. (William Tunnicliff’s son) [1 reference]

Tunnicliff, William [5 subentries]

Tupac Amarú (José Gabriel Condorcanqui) [1 subentry]

Tupper, James Perchard [1 subentry]

Turgot, Anne Robert Jacques [6 subentries]

turkeys [4 subentries]

Turner, Mr. [1 subentry]

Turner, Fielding [1 reference]

Turner, Fleming [4 subentries]

Turner, James [2 subentries]

turnips [3 subentries]

turnips, Swedish. [See redirect]

turnsole plant [1 reference]

turpentine [5 subentries]

Turpin, Baron de [1 subentry]

Turpin, Beverly [1 subentry]

Turpin, Horatio [6 subentries]

Turpin, Mary Ann Bancroft (Horatio Turpin’s wife) [1 reference]

Turpin, Mary Jefferson [1 reference]

Turpin, Philip [7 subentries]

Turpin, Thomas [1 subentry]

Turpin, William [6 subentries]

Turreau de Garambouville, Louis Marie [9 subentries]

Turton, William, trans. [1 subentry]

Tusculan Disputations (Cicero) [1 reference]

Tussac, François Richard de [1 subentry]

Tuttle, Gershom [1 subentry]

twinleaf. [See redirect]

Two Discourses preached before the University of Cambridge (Buchanan) [1 reference]

Two-Penny Act (1758) [2 references]

Two Sermons, Addressed to the Second Congregational Society in Newburyport (Spring) [1 reference]

Twyman, George Buford [4 subentries]

Twysden, Sir Roger [1 subentry]

Tybout, Andrew [1 reference]

Tyler, Benjamin Owen [1 subentry]

Tyler, John (1747–1813) [16 subentries]

Tyler, John (1790–1862) [1 reference]

Tyler, Trueman [1 reference]

Tyler, Walter (Wat) (leader of English peasant revolt) [1 subentry]

Tyler, Wat H. [1 reference]

type foundries [1 reference]

Tyrol [1 subentry]