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To John Harvie, 14 January 1760To John Page, 25 December 1762To John Page, 20 January 1763To John Page, 15 July 1763To John Page, 7 October 1763To William Fleming, [ca. October 1763]To John Page, 19 January 1764To John Page, 23 January 1764To William Fleming, 20 March 1764To John Page, 9 April 1764George Gilmer to John Morgan, 11 May 1766To John Page, 25 May 1766To Francis Willis, 23 July 1766Notice of a Land Lottery, 8 April 1768To William Preston, 18 August 1768To Thomas Turpin, 5 February 1769To Alexander White, 19 April 1769Resolutions for an Answer to Governor Botetourt's Speech, 8 May 1769Virginia Nonimportation Resolutions, 17 May 1769To John Walker, 3 September 1769Advertisement for a Runaway Slave, 7 September 1769From Perkins, Buchanan & Brown, 2 October 1769To John Page, 21 February 1770From Thomas Nelson, Sr., 6 March 1770From Thomas Nelson, Jr., 6 March 1770From John Page, 6 March 1770From George Wythe, 9 March 1770From James Ogilvie, 28 March 1770[From Mary Walker Lewis, 14 [April?] 1770 – document redated and moved]From John Page, Jr., April 1770Commission as Lieutenant of Albemarle, 9 June 1770Virginia Nonimportation Resolutions, 22 June 1770To Thomas Adams, 11 July 1770To Peyton Randolph, 23 July 1770From Alexander McCaul, 26 August 1770Thomas Burke to Neil Jamieson, 28 August 1770From Thomas Burke, 3 September 1770Notice of Sale of Bernard Moore's Property, 10 January 1771Notice of Bidding for the Erection of a Prison, 31 January 1771To Thomas Adams, 20 February 1771To James Ogilvie, 20 February 1771Advertisement of Sale of Other Property and Effects of Bernard Moore, 21 February 1771Further Advertisement of Sale of Bernard Moore's Property, 28 February 1771From Mrs. Drummond, 12 March 1771Agreement with John Randolph, 11 [April?] 1771From James Ogilvie, 26 April 1771From Thomas Burke, [ca. April] 1771From Thomas Mann Randolph, 10 May 1771To Messrs. Inglis and Long, 11 May 1771To Thomas Adams, 1 June 1771To Thomas Burke, 30 June 1771To ——, 30 June 1771From Thomas Burke, 10 July 1771From Robert Skipwith, 17 July 1771From John Ogilvie, 19 July 1771To Robert Skipwith, with a List of Books for a Private Library, 3 August 1771From Thomas Burke, 19 August 1771From Robert Skipwith, 20 September 1771From Thomas Burke, 24 September 1771To Thomas Burke?, 6 December 1771Bond for Marriage License, 23 December 1771Project for Making the Rivanna River Navigable, 1771Amendments to a Bill concerning the Keeping of Roads and Bridges, [April?] 1772To Messrs. Inglis and Long, 11 June 1772To Messrs. Inglis and Long, 4 July 1772From Alexander McCaul, 8 July 1772To William Wood, 17 July 1772To William Cabell, 3 September 1772To Samuel Inglis, 13 October 1772From John Wayles, 20 October 1772To Charles McPherson, 25 February 1773To William Fleming, 19 May 1773Notice concerning Legal Fees, 20 May 1773Commission as Surveyor of Albemarle County, 6 June 1773Notice of Sale of Wayles Properties, 15 July 1773James Macpherson to Charles Macpherson, 7 August 1773From Charles McPherson, 12 August 1773From James Taylor, 20 August 1773Further Notice of Sale of Wayles Properties, 9 September 1773From John Blair, 2 March 1774Notes on the Progress of Certain Bills, [9–25 May 1774]Resolution of the House of Burgesses Designating a Day of Fasting and Prayer, 24 May 1774Association of Members of the Late House of Burgesses, 27 May 1774Proceedings of a Meeting of Representatives in Williamsburg, 30 May 1774From Peyton Randolph and Others to Members of the Late House of Burgesses, 31 May 1774Petition of George Mason for Warrants for Lands in Fincastle County, [June 1774]Thomas Jefferson and John Walker to the Inhabitants of the Parish of St. Anne, [before 23 July 1774]Resolutions of the Freeholders of Albemarle County, [26 July 1774]Draft of a Declaration of Rights Prepared for the Virginia Convention of August 1774, [ca. 26 July 1774]Draft of Instructions to the Virginia Delegates in the Continental Congress (MS Text of A Summary View, &c.), [July 1774]Resolutions and Association of the Virginia Convention of 1774, [1–6 August 1774]Instructions by the Virginia Convention to Their Delegates in Congress, August 1774From Ebenezer Hazard, with Jefferson's MS Memoranda, 23 August 1774Continental Association, 20 October 1774To Archibald Cary and Benjamin Harrison, 9 December 1774Plan of Philip Mazzei's Agricultural Company, 1774Draft of Resolution concerning Adherence of New York to Articles of Association, [24 March 1775]Report of Committee to Prepare a Plan for a Militia, [25 March 1775]Resolution on Land Grants, [27 March 1775]From George Wythe, 5 April 1775From George Wythe, 6 April 1775To Ebenezer Hazard, 30 April 1775To William Small, 7 May 1775From St. George Tucker, 8 June 1775To St. George Tucker, 10 June 1775Virginia Resolutions on Lord North's Conciliatory Proposal, 10 June 1775To Francis Eppes, 26 June 1775From Ebenezer Hazard, 30 June 1775Jefferson's Annotated Copy of Franklin's Proposed Articles of Confederation, [June–July 1775]Financial and Military Estimates for Continental Defense, [June–July 1775]To Francis Eppes, 4 July 1775To George Gilmer, [5 July 1775]Declaration of the Causes and Necessity for Taking Up Arms, [26 June–6 July 1775]Second Petition from Congress to the King, 8 July 1775To the President of the Virginia Convention, 11 July 1775Resolutions of Congress on Lord North's Conciliatory ProposalVirginia and Pennsylvania Delegates in Congress to the Inhabitants West of Laurel Hill, 25 July 1775From the Virginia Delegates in Congress to George Washington, 26 July 1775From George Gilmer, [26 or 27 July 1775]From St. George Tucker, 12 August 1775To John Randolph, 25 August 1775From Edmund Randolph, 31 August 1775From John Randolph, 31 August 1775From Thomas Walker and Others, 13 September 1775Commission as Lieutenant of Albemarle, 26 September 1775To Francis Eppes, 10 October 1775Memoranda on the Connecticut-Pennsylvania Boundary Dispute, [17 October 1775?]To Francis Eppes, 24 October 1775From Archibald Cary, 31 October 1775To John Page, 31 October 1775To Francis Eppes, 7 November 1775Continental Congress: Agreement of Secrecy, 9 November 1775From Robert Carter Nicholas, 10 November 1775From John Page, 11 November 1775From Edmund Pendleton, 16 November 1775From Charles Lynch, 20 November 1775From Charles Lynch to the Virginia Delegates in Congress, 20 November 1775To Francis Eppes, 21 November 1775From John Page, 24 [November 177]5From Robert Carter Nicholas to the Virginia Delegates in Congress, 25 November 1775To John Randolph, 29 November 1775To John Page, [ca. 10 December 1775]From Robert Carter Nicholas to the Virginia Delegates in Congress, 12 December 1775Draft of Report on the Powers of a Committee of Congress to Sit during Recess, [15 December 1775]Report of Committee to Ascertain Unfinished Business before Congress, 23 December 1775Draft of a Declaration on the British Treatment of Ethan Allen, [2 January 1776]Refutation of the Argument that the Colonies were Established at the Expense of the British Nation, [after 19 January 1776]From Thomas Nelson, Jr., 4 February 1776From James McClurg, 6 April 1776From John Page, 6 April 1776From John Page, 26 April 1776Resolutions of the Virginia Convention Calling for Independence, 15 May 1776To Thomas Nelson, 16 May 1776To John Page, 17 May 1776Virginia Delegates in Congress to the Virginia Convention, 18 [May] 1776Amendment to Report of Committee on Letters from Washington, Schuyler, and the Commissioners in Canada, [21 May 1776]From Edmund Pendleton, 24 May 1776From Edmund Pendleton, 1 June 1776Resolution of Independence Moved by R. H. Lee for the Virginia Delegation, 7 June 1776Notes of Proceedings in the Continental Congress, 7 June–1 August 1776The Virginia Constitution, [13–29 June 1776]From William Fleming, 15 June 1776From the Virginia Committee of Safety to the Virginia Delegates in Congress, 17 June 1776First Report of the Committee to Digest the Resolutions of the Committee of the Whole respecting Canada, &c., [17 June 1776]Additional Report of the Committee to Digest the Resolutions of the Committee of the Whole respecting Canada, [17 June 1776]Major Sherburne's Testimony on the Affair at the Cedars, [17 June 1776]Report of the Committee on the Cedars Cartel, [17 June 1776]To Benjamin Franklin, [21 June 1776?]From William Fleming, 22 June 1776From Edmund Randolph, 23 June 1776To Edmund Pendleton, [ca. 30 June 1776]To William Randolph, [ca. June] 1776To George Wythe, [June? 1776]Proposed Resolution for Rotation of Membership in the Continental Congress, [before 2 July 1776]To William Fleming, 1 July 1776The Declaration of Independence, [11 June–4 July 1776]Notes of Witnesses' Testimony concerning the Canadian Compaign, [1–27 July 1776]From John Page, 6 July 1776To Richard Henry Lee, 8 July 1776Report of the Committee to Draw Up Rules of Procedure in Congress, [before 10 July 1776]To Francis Eppes, 15 July 1776Virginia Delegates in Congress to the Executive of Virginia (Patrick Henry), [15 July 1776]From John Page, 15 July 1776From Edmund Pendleton to the Virginia Delegates in Congress, 15 July 1776Virginia Delegates in Congress to the Speaker of the Pennsylvania Convention, 15 July 1776To Patrick Henry, [16 July 1776]Virginia Delegates in Congress to Fielding Lewis, 16 July 1776From Richard Stockton, 19 July 1776From John Page, 20 July 1776From Richard Henry Lee, 21 July 1776From Edmund Pendleton, 22 July 1776To Francis Eppes, 23 July 1776Memorandum on Testimony concerning Major Hughes, 24 July 1776From William Fleming, 27 July 1776From George Wythe, 27 July 1776To Richard Henry Lee, 29 July 1776Resolution on the Case of General Sullivan, [29 July 1776]From Edmund Pendleton, 29 July 1776From Adam Stephen, 29 July 1776To John Page, 30 July 1776From Edmund Pendleton, 3 August 1776To John Page, 5 August 1776To Francis Eppes, 9 August 1776From Edmund Pendleton, 10 August 1776To Edmund Pendleton, 13 August 1776Report on a Seal for the United States, with Related Papers, [20 August 1776]To John Page, 20 August 1776Draft of Resolutions on Lord Drummond's Peace Proposals, [22? August 1776]From Robert Carter Nicholas, 24 August 1776To Edmund Pendleton, 26 August 1776From Edmund Pendleton, 26 August 1776Report of a Plan to Invite Foreign Officers in the British Service to Desert, 27 August 1776DuSimitière's Design for a Coat of Arms for Virginia, [August 1776]Notes for the Report on the Value of Gold and Silver Coins, [2 September 1776]Draft Report on the Value of Gold and Silver Coins, [2 September 1776]From Giovanni Fabbroni, 15 September 1776From Francis Lightfoot Lee, 17 September 1776Resolution of Congress Appointing Franklin, Deane, and Jefferson as Commissioners to France, 26 September 1776From Richard Henry Lee, 27 September 1776From John Hancock, 30 September 1776To John Hancock, 11 October 1776Notes and Proceedings on Discontinuing the Establishment of the Church of England, [11 October–9 December 1776]Bill for the Naturalization of Foreigners, [14 October 1776]Bill to Enable Tenants in Fee Tail to Convey Their Lands in Fee Simple, [14 October 1776]Bill for the Revision of the Laws, [15 October 1776]Bills for Dividing Fincastle County, [15 and 26 October 1776]Additional Instructions by Congress to Franklin, Deane, and Jefferson, 16 October 1776Bill for Raising Six Additional Battalions of Infantry, [28 October 1776]From George Wythe, 28 October 1776From William Irvin, [before 1 November 1776]Petition of Dissenters in Albemarle and Amherst Counties, [before 1 November 1776]From Richard Henry Lee, 3 November 1776Bill to Establish the Places of Holding Courts in the Counties of Pittsylvania and Henry, [4 November 1776]Memoranda on the Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland Boundaries, [5 November 1776]Bill for Altering the Rates of Copper Coin in Virginia, [7 November 1776]From George Wythe, 11 November 1776Bill for the Removal of the Seat of Government of Virginia, 11 November 1776Notes concerning the Bill for the Removal of the Seat of Government of Virginia, [11 November 1776?]From George Wythe, 18 November 1776Drafts of Bills Establishing Courts of Justice, [25 November–4 December 1776]Report on the Petition of Arthur Upshur, [28 November 1776]Bill to Establish Auditors of Public Accounts, [5 December 1776]Bill for the Trial of Offenses Committed out of Virginia, [5 December 1776]Bill for Suspending Executions for Debts, [6 December 1776]From Patrick Henry, 19 December 1776From Adam Stephen, [ca. 20] December 1776Declaration of the Virginia Association of Baptists, [25 December 1776]Memorandum concerning Military Service of Baptists, 1776Memorandum concerning British Forts in the West, 1776Militia Return as County Lieutenant, 1776