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Main Series | Volume 2 (1777–18 June 1779) | Documents

From Thomas Nelson, 2 January 1777From John Goodrich, 20 January 1777From Patrick Henry, 26 February 1777Subscription to Support a Clergyman in Charlottesville, [February 1777]Subscription to Support a Clerk of the Congregation in Charlottesville, [February 1777]From Patrick Henry, 31 March 1777To George Washington, [ca. 1 April 1777]Election Return for Delegates from Albemarle County, [10 April 1777]Receipt for Bounty Money, 15 April 1777From John Harvie, [before 18 April 1777]To George Washington, [18 April 1777]To ——, 18 April 1777From Richard Henry Lee, 29 April 1777Petition from Some Inhabitants of Albemarle County, [before 12 May 1777]Bill for Regulating the Appointment of Delegates to the Continental Congress, [12 May 1777]To John Adams, 16 May 1777From Richard Henry Lee, 20 May 1777From John Adams, 26 May 1777Bill to Prevent the Importation of Slaves, &c., [16 June 1777]Election Writ Issued to Sheriff of Fluvanna County, 30 June 1777To Silas Deane, 13 August 1777To Benjamin Franklin, 13 August 1777To John Adams, 21 August 1777From Richard Henry Lee, 25 August 1777List of British Prisoners and Their Quarters in Albemarle County, [25 September 1777]Account of Guard for British Prisoners, [5 October 1777]From Lucy Chiswell Nelson, 13 October 1777From John Harvie, 18 [October] 1777To Lucy Chiswell Nelson, 24 October 1777From John Hancock, 25 October 1777From John Harvie, [25 October 1777]The Petition of Thomas Johnson (and the Resultant Controversy between the House of Delegates and the Senate concerning the Right of the Latter to Amend Money Bills), [11 November 1777–24 January 1778]Notes and Documents relating to the Transylvania and Other Claims for Lands under Purchases from the Indians, [19 November 1777]Draft of a Bill to Give the Articles of Confederation the Force of Law, [after 15 December 1777]Bill for Dissolving the Vestries of the Parishes of Meherrin and St. Anne, [16 December 1777]Bill for Dividing the Counties of Augusta and Botetourt, [16 December 1777–12 January 1778]Bill Indemnifying the Executive for Removing and Confining Suspected Persons, [16–26 December 1777]To John Adams, 17 December 1777Act to Empower the Justices of Cumberland and Fluvanna Counties to Appoint New Places for Holding Their Courts, 24 December 1777Bill concerning Inoculation for Smallpox, [27 December 1777]From John Harvie, 29 December 1777Oath of Allegiance Signed by Citizens of Albemarle County, [1777]List of Militia by Counties, [1777]To George Rogers Clark, 3 January 1778Bills for Establishing a Land Office and for Adjusting and Settling Titles, [8–14 January 1778]Bill for Sequestering British Property, [13 January 1778]Draft of a Resolution concerning Money Due British Subjects, [ca. 13 January 1778]Bill Appointing the Place for Holding the High Court of Chancery and the General Court, [20 January 1778]From Patrick Henry, 21 February 1778From Edmund Randolph, 22 February 1778To Isaac Zane, 26 February 1778From Richard Henry Lee, 2 May 1778From Richard Henry Lee, 3 May 1778From Richard Henry Lee, 11 May 1778Bill Granting Free Pardon to Certain Offenders, [13 May 1778]Bill for Raising a Battalion for Garrison Duty, [16 May 1778]Bill Establishing a Clerkship of Foreign Correspondence, [18 May 1778]Bill Providing Speedy Remedy against Defaulters to the United States, [18 May 1778]Bill Empowering the High Court of Chancery to Supply Vacant Offices, [19 May 1778]Bill Providing a Supply for the Public Exigencies, [20 May 1778]Bill to Amend an Act for Raising a Supply of Money, [21 May 1778]Bill to Enforce Attendance of Members of Assembly, [26 May 1778]Bill to Enable Judges of the General Court to Hold Two Additional Sessions, [27 May 1778]Bill to Attaint Josiah Philips and Others, [28 May 1778]To Richard Henry Lee, 5 June 1778To Giovanni Fabbroni, 8 June 1778To Samuel Henley, 9 June 1778To James Mercer, 14 June 1778From Richard Henry Lee, 16 June 1778From Richard Henry Lee, 23 June 1778To David Rittenhouse, 19 July 1778From Richard Henry Lee, 20 July 1778From Rev. James Madison, 26 July 1778From Robert Carter, 27 July 1778From Alexander Purdie, 27 July 1778From Richard Henry Lee, 10 August 1778From John Page, 19 August 1778To Richard Henry Lee, 30 August 1778From John Harvie, 15 September 1778Virginia Troops in Continental Service, [30 September 1778]From Richard Henry Lee, 5 October 1778From Cyrus Griffin, 6 October 1778Bill to Amend an Act for Raising a Supply of Money, [14 October 1778]To John Hancock, 19 October 1778Bill to Amend the Act Establishing a General Court, [27 October 1778]To George Wythe, 1 November 1778Bill for Giving the Members of the General Assembly an Adequate Allowance, [12 December 1778]From John Hook, 5 January 1779From Edward Rutledge, 12 February 1779To George Wythe, 1 March 1779From Richard Henry Lee, 15 March 1779To Patrick Henry, 27 March 1779To George Rogers Clark, [March or April 1779]From Samuel Stanhope Smith, [March? 1779]From George Mason, 3 April 1779From William Phillips, 11 April 1779From William Phillips, 12 April 1779From Samuel Stanhope Smith, 19 April 1779To Richard Henry Lee, 21 April 1779George Rogers Clark to Patrick Henry, 29 April 1779To Gabriel Jones, 29 April 1779To William Phillips, [April? 1779]From Richard Henry Lee, 3 May 1779From William Fleming, 10 May 1779From Edmund Pendleton, 11 May 1779From William Fleming, 22 May 1779From Richard Henry Lee, 22 May 1779Bill for the Removal of the Seat of Government of Virginia, [29 May 1779]Bill Amending Act for Fixing the Allowance of Members of the General Assembly, [31 May 1779]Bill for Allowing Salaries to Certain Officers of Government, [May 1779]Bill for Lessening the Evils of Securityship, [before June 1779?]Message Accepting Election as Governor, [2 June 1779]From John Page, 2 June 1779To John Page, [3 June 1779]Bill concerning Escheats and Forfeitures from British Subjects, [4 June 1779]Evan Shelby to Patrick Henry, 4 June 1779[To Benjamin Harrison, 7 June 1779]To Theodorick Bland, 8 June 1779To William Fleming, 8 June 1779To Conrad Alexandre Gérard, 8 June 1779To Benjamin Harrison, 8 June 1779To Charles de Klauman, 12 June 1779From Theodorick Bland, 14 June 1779From John Jay, 16 June 1779Order of Virginia Council Placing Henry Hamilton and Others in Irons, 16 June 1779Inventory of Furniture in the Governor's Palace, 16 June 1779[To Benjamin Harrison, 17? June 1779]To Richard Henry Lee, 17 June 1779To Theodorick Bland, 18 June 1779To the Continental Board of War, 18 June 1779Thomas Jefferson and George Wythe to Benjamin Harrison, 18 June 1779The Revisal of the Laws 1776–1786
Editorial Note: Revisal of the Laws 1776–1786I. Plan Agreed upon by the Committee of Revisors at Fredericksburg, [13 January 1777]II. Catalogue of Bills Prepared by the Committee of Revisors, 1–5 June 1779III. Bills Reported by the Committee of Revisors
1. A Bill to Arrange the Counties into Senatorial Districts, 18 June 17792. A Bill concerning the Election of Members of General Assembly, 18 June 17793. A Bill Empowering One of the Privy Council to Officiate in Certain Cases as Lieutenant Governor, 18 June 17794. A Bill Empowering the Governor, with Advice of the Privy Council, to Lay Embargoes, 18 June 17795. A Bill for Regulating and Disciplining the Militia, 18 June 17796. A Bill Making Provision against Invasions and Insurrections, 18 June 17797. A Bill Giving Certain Powers to the Governor and Council for a Limitted Time, 18 June 17798. A Bill Establishing a Board of War, 18 June 17799. A Bill Establishing a Board of Trade, 18 June 177910. A Bill for the Annual Appointment of Delegates to Congress, and of a Member for the Committee of the States, 18 June 177911. A Bill Establishing a Board of Auditors, 18 June 177912. A Bill concerning the Public Treasurer, 18 June 177913. A Bill for Appointing Naval Officers, 18 June 177914. A Bill for the Appointment of Clerks to the Governor and Council, 18 June 177915. A Bill for the Enlistment of Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, 18 June 177916. A Bill for Apprehending Deserters, and Preventing the Loss of Arms and Other Things Delivered to Soldiers, 18 June 177917. A Bill concerning Seamen, 18 June 177918. A Bill for Supplying the Public with Lead, 18 June 177919. A Bill for Establishing Cross Posts, 18 June 177920. A Bill Directing the Course of Descents, 18 June 177921. A Bill concerning Wills; the Distribution of Intestate's Estates; and the Duty of Executors and Administrators, 18 June 177922. A Bill for Regulating Conveyances, 18 June 177923. A Bill Securing the Rights Derived from Grants to Aliens, 18 June 177924. A Bill concerning Escheators, 18 June 177925. A Bill to Prevent Frauds and Perjuries, 18 June 177926. A Bill of Mortmain, 18 June 177927. A Bill concerning the Dower and Jointures of Widows, 18 June 177928. A Bill for the Preservation of the Estates of Ideots and Lunatics, 18 June 177929. A Bill Providing that Wrongful Alienations of Lands Shall Be Void So Far as They Be Wrongful, 18 June 177930. A Bill for Amending an Act, Intitled, “An Act for Raising a Supply of Money for Public Exigencies”, 18 June 177931. A Bill for Levying County Rates, 18 June 177932. A Bill for Support of the Poor, 18 June 177933. A Bill for Ascertaining the Salaries and Fees of Certain Officers, 18 June 177934. A Bill Declaring Bills of Credit to Be Equal to Gold and Silver Coin of the Same Denominations, 18 June 177935. A Bill to Prevent the Circulation of Private Bank Notes, 18 June 177936. A Bill for Withholding British Property, to Indemnify Citizens Who May Suffer by Confiscation and to Prevent Succour to the Enemy Thereby, 18 June 177937. A Bill to Prevent Losses by Pirates, Enemies, and Others on the High Seas, 18 June 177938. A Bill for Preservation of Vessels Wrecked, or in Distress, and of Their Crews and Cargoes, 18 June 177939. A Bill concerning Estrays, 18 June 177940. A Bill for Restitution of Stolen Goods, 18 June 177941. A Bill for Preventing Infection of the Horned Cattle, 18 June 177942. A Bill for Improving the Breed of Horses, 18 June 177943. A Bill for Preservation of Deer, 18 June 177944. A Bill for Preventing Frauds by the Dealers in Flour, Beef, Pork, Tar, Pitch and Turpentine, 18 June 177945. A Bill for Licensing and Regulating Taverns, 18 June 177946. A Bill concerning Public Roads, 18 June 177947. A Bill for Establishing Public Ferries, 18 June 177948. A Bill concerning Mill Dams and Other Obstructions of Water Courses, 18 June 177949. A Bill for Unlading Ballast and Burial of Dead Bodies from on Board Ships, 18 June 177950. A Bill concerning Public Store-Houses, 18 June 177951. A Bill concerning Slaves, 18 June 177952. A Bill concerning Servants, 18 June 177953. A Bill for Apprehending and Securing Runaways, 18 June 177954. A Bill Declaring What Persons Shall Be Deemed Mulattoes, 18 June 177955. A Bill Declaring Who Shall Be Deemed Citizens of This Commonwealth, 18 June 177956. A Bill concerning Aliens, 18 June 177957. A Bill Declaring that None Shall Be Condemned without Trial, and that Justice Shall Not Be Sold or Deferred, 18 June 177958. A Bill Directing What Prisoners Shall Be Let to Bail, 18 June 177959. A Bill Directing the Mode of Suing Out and Prosecuting Writs of Habeas Corpus, 18 June 177960. A Bill concerning Guardians, Infants, Masters, and Apprentices, 18 June 177961. A Bill to Enable Guardians and Committees to Perform Certain Acts for the Benefit of Those Who Are under Their Care, 18 June 177962. A Bill for the Restraint, Maintenance, and Cure of Persons not Sound in Mind, 18 June 177963. A Bill for Registering Births and Deaths, 18 June 177964. A Bill for Proportioning Crimes and Punishments in Cases Heretofore Capital, 18 June 177965. A Bill Punishing Persons Guilty of Certain Forgeries, 18 June 177966. A Bill concerning Treasons, Felonies and Other Offences Committed Out of the Jurisdiction of this Commonwealth, 18 June 177967. A Bill concerning Truces, Safe Conducts, Passports, Licenses and Letters of Marque, 18 June 177968. A Bill for the Employment, Government and Support of Malefactors Condemned to Labour for the Commonwealth, 18 June 177969. A Bill to Encourage the Apprehending of Horse Stealers, 18 June 177970. A Bill for Preserving the Privileges of Ambassadors, 18 June 177971. A Bill for the Suppression and Punishment of Riots, Routs, and Unlawful Assemblies, 18 June 177972. A Bill Forbidding and Punishing Affrays, 18 June 177973. A Bill against Conspirators, 18 June 177974. A Bill against Conveying or Taking Pretensed Titles, 18 June 177975. A Bill to Punish Bribery and Extortion, 18 June 177976. A Bill Prescribing the Punishment of Those Who Sell Unwholesome Meat or Drink, 18 June 177977. A Bill to Prevent the Spreading of the Small-Pox, 18 June 177978. A Bill for Compelling Vessels and Persons Coming, and Goods Brought from Infected Places, to Perform Quarantine, 18 June 177979. A Bill for the More General Diffusion of Knowledge, 18 June 177980. A Bill for Amending the Constitution of the College of William and Mary, and Substituting More Certain Revenues for Its Support, 18 June 177981. A Bill for Establishing a Public Library, 18 June 177982. A Bill for Establishing Religious Freedom, 18 June 177983. A Bill for Saving the Property of the Church Heretofore by Law Established, 18 June 177984. A Bill for Punishing Disturbers of Religious Worship and Sabbath Breakers, 18 June 177985. A Bill for Appointing Days of Public Fasting and Thanksgiving, 18 June 177986. A Bill Annulling Marriages Prohibited by the Levitical Law, and Appointing the Mode of Solemnizing Lawful Marriage, 18 June 177987. A Bill against Usury, 18 June 177988. A Bill to Prevent Gaming, 18 June 177989. A Bill to Prevent Forestalling, Regrating, and Engrossing, and Sales by Auction, 18 June 177990. A Bill Constituting the High Court of Chancery, 18 June 177991. A Bill Constituting the General Court, 18 June 177992. A Bill Constituting the Court of Admiralty, 18 June 177993. A Bill Constituting the Court of Appeals, 18 June 177994. A Bill for Constituting Courts Martial, 18 June 177995. A Bill Constituting Justices of the Peace and County Courts, 18 June 177996. A Bill concerning Sheriffs, 18 June 177997. A Bill for Licensing Counsel, Attorneys at Law, and Proctors, 18 June 177998. A Bill Prescribing the Oath of Fidelity, and the Oaths of Certain Public Officers, 18 June 177999. A Bill to Prevent the Sale of Public Offices, 18 June 1779100. A Bill Directing the Method of Proceeding upon Impeachments, 18 June 1779101. A Bill for Regulating Proceedings in Courts of Equity, 18 June 1779102. A Bill for Regulating Proceedings in Courts of Common Law, 18 June 1779103. A Bill Directing the Method of Proceeding against, and Trying Free Persons Charged with Certain Crimes, 18 June 1779104. A Bill Directing the Method of Trying Slaves Charged with Treason or Felony, 18 June 1779105. A Bill for Reforming the Method of Proceeding in Writs of Right, 18 June 1779106. A Bill concerning Partitions and Joint Rights and Obligations, 18 June 1779107. A Bill for the Speedy Determination of Suits Wherein Foreigners Are Parties, 18 June 1779108. A Bill for Speedy Recovery of Money Due from Certain Persons to the Public, 18 June 1779109. A Bill for Recovering Demands of Small Value in a Summary Way, 18 June 1779110. A Bill Providing That Actions Popular, Prosecuted by Collusion, Shall Be No Bar to Those Which Be Pursued with Good Faith, 18 June 1779111. A Bill for Preventing Vexatious and Malicious Prosecutions and Moderating Amercements, 18 June 1779112. A Bill Providing a Means to Help and Speed Poor Persons in Their Suits, 18 June 1779113. A Bill Providing that an Infant May Sue by His Next Friend, 18 June 1779114. A Bill Declaring When the Death of Persons Absenting Themselves Shall be Presumed, 18 June 1779115. A Bill Prescribing a Method of Protesting Inland Bills of Exchange and Allowing Assignees of Obligations to Bring Actions Thereupon in Their Own Names, 18 June 1779116. A Bill for Limitation of Actions, 18 June 1779117. A Bill for Granting Attachments against the Estates of Debtors Removing Privately or Absconding, 18 June 1779118. A Bill concerning Inquests, 18 June 1779119. A Bill Permitting Those Who Will Not Take Oaths to Be Otherwise Qualified, 18 June 1779120. A Bill for Regulating the Commencement of the Year, and the Computation of Time, 18 June 1779121. A Bill Allowing a Bill of Exceptions to Be Sealed, 18 June 1779122. A Bill for Enforcing Performance of Awards Made by Rule of Court, 18 June 1779123. A Bill concerning Executions, 18 June 1779124. A Bill concerning Rents and Distresses, 18 June 1779125. A Bill Providing Remedy and Punishment in Cases of Forcible Entries and Detainers, 18 June 1779126. A Bill for Repealing Certain Acts of Parliament and of General Assembly, 18 June 1779
IV. Appendix