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Main Series | Volume 2 (1777–18 June 1779) | Documents | The Revisal of the Laws 1776–1786

Editorial Note: Revisal of the Laws 1776–1786I. Plan Agreed upon by the Committee of Revisors at Fredericksburg, [13 January 1777]II. Catalogue of Bills Prepared by the Committee of Revisors, 1–5 June 1779III. Bills Reported by the Committee of Revisors
1. A Bill to Arrange the Counties into Senatorial Districts, 18 June 17792. A Bill concerning the Election of Members of General Assembly, 18 June 17793. A Bill Empowering One of the Privy Council to Officiate in Certain Cases as Lieutenant Governor, 18 June 17794. A Bill Empowering the Governor, with Advice of the Privy Council, to Lay Embargoes, 18 June 17795. A Bill for Regulating and Disciplining the Militia, 18 June 17796. A Bill Making Provision against Invasions and Insurrections, 18 June 17797. A Bill Giving Certain Powers to the Governor and Council for a Limitted Time, 18 June 17798. A Bill Establishing a Board of War, 18 June 17799. A Bill Establishing a Board of Trade, 18 June 177910. A Bill for the Annual Appointment of Delegates to Congress, and of a Member for the Committee of the States, 18 June 177911. A Bill Establishing a Board of Auditors, 18 June 177912. A Bill concerning the Public Treasurer, 18 June 177913. A Bill for Appointing Naval Officers, 18 June 177914. A Bill for the Appointment of Clerks to the Governor and Council, 18 June 177915. A Bill for the Enlistment of Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, 18 June 177916. A Bill for Apprehending Deserters, and Preventing the Loss of Arms and Other Things Delivered to Soldiers, 18 June 177917. A Bill concerning Seamen, 18 June 177918. A Bill for Supplying the Public with Lead, 18 June 177919. A Bill for Establishing Cross Posts, 18 June 177920. A Bill Directing the Course of Descents, 18 June 177921. A Bill concerning Wills; the Distribution of Intestate's Estates; and the Duty of Executors and Administrators, 18 June 177922. A Bill for Regulating Conveyances, 18 June 177923. A Bill Securing the Rights Derived from Grants to Aliens, 18 June 177924. A Bill concerning Escheators, 18 June 177925. A Bill to Prevent Frauds and Perjuries, 18 June 177926. A Bill of Mortmain, 18 June 177927. A Bill concerning the Dower and Jointures of Widows, 18 June 177928. A Bill for the Preservation of the Estates of Ideots and Lunatics, 18 June 177929. A Bill Providing that Wrongful Alienations of Lands Shall Be Void So Far as They Be Wrongful, 18 June 177930. A Bill for Amending an Act, Intitled, “An Act for Raising a Supply of Money for Public Exigencies”, 18 June 177931. A Bill for Levying County Rates, 18 June 177932. A Bill for Support of the Poor, 18 June 177933. A Bill for Ascertaining the Salaries and Fees of Certain Officers, 18 June 177934. A Bill Declaring Bills of Credit to Be Equal to Gold and Silver Coin of the Same Denominations, 18 June 177935. A Bill to Prevent the Circulation of Private Bank Notes, 18 June 177936. A Bill for Withholding British Property, to Indemnify Citizens Who May Suffer by Confiscation and to Prevent Succour to the Enemy Thereby, 18 June 177937. A Bill to Prevent Losses by Pirates, Enemies, and Others on the High Seas, 18 June 177938. A Bill for Preservation of Vessels Wrecked, or in Distress, and of Their Crews and Cargoes, 18 June 177939. A Bill concerning Estrays, 18 June 177940. A Bill for Restitution of Stolen Goods, 18 June 177941. A Bill for Preventing Infection of the Horned Cattle, 18 June 177942. A Bill for Improving the Breed of Horses, 18 June 177943. A Bill for Preservation of Deer, 18 June 177944. A Bill for Preventing Frauds by the Dealers in Flour, Beef, Pork, Tar, Pitch and Turpentine, 18 June 177945. A Bill for Licensing and Regulating Taverns, 18 June 177946. A Bill concerning Public Roads, 18 June 177947. A Bill for Establishing Public Ferries, 18 June 177948. A Bill concerning Mill Dams and Other Obstructions of Water Courses, 18 June 177949. A Bill for Unlading Ballast and Burial of Dead Bodies from on Board Ships, 18 June 177950. A Bill concerning Public Store-Houses, 18 June 177951. A Bill concerning Slaves, 18 June 177952. A Bill concerning Servants, 18 June 177953. A Bill for Apprehending and Securing Runaways, 18 June 177954. A Bill Declaring What Persons Shall Be Deemed Mulattoes, 18 June 177955. A Bill Declaring Who Shall Be Deemed Citizens of This Commonwealth, 18 June 177956. A Bill concerning Aliens, 18 June 177957. A Bill Declaring that None Shall Be Condemned without Trial, and that Justice Shall Not Be Sold or Deferred, 18 June 177958. A Bill Directing What Prisoners Shall Be Let to Bail, 18 June 177959. A Bill Directing the Mode of Suing Out and Prosecuting Writs of Habeas Corpus, 18 June 177960. A Bill concerning Guardians, Infants, Masters, and Apprentices, 18 June 177961. A Bill to Enable Guardians and Committees to Perform Certain Acts for the Benefit of Those Who Are under Their Care, 18 June 177962. A Bill for the Restraint, Maintenance, and Cure of Persons not Sound in Mind, 18 June 177963. A Bill for Registering Births and Deaths, 18 June 177964. A Bill for Proportioning Crimes and Punishments in Cases Heretofore Capital, 18 June 177965. A Bill Punishing Persons Guilty of Certain Forgeries, 18 June 177966. A Bill concerning Treasons, Felonies and Other Offences Committed Out of the Jurisdiction of this Commonwealth, 18 June 177967. A Bill concerning Truces, Safe Conducts, Passports, Licenses and Letters of Marque, 18 June 177968. A Bill for the Employment, Government and Support of Malefactors Condemned to Labour for the Commonwealth, 18 June 177969. A Bill to Encourage the Apprehending of Horse Stealers, 18 June 177970. A Bill for Preserving the Privileges of Ambassadors, 18 June 177971. A Bill for the Suppression and Punishment of Riots, Routs, and Unlawful Assemblies, 18 June 177972. A Bill Forbidding and Punishing Affrays, 18 June 177973. A Bill against Conspirators, 18 June 177974. A Bill against Conveying or Taking Pretensed Titles, 18 June 177975. A Bill to Punish Bribery and Extortion, 18 June 177976. A Bill Prescribing the Punishment of Those Who Sell Unwholesome Meat or Drink, 18 June 177977. A Bill to Prevent the Spreading of the Small-Pox, 18 June 177978. A Bill for Compelling Vessels and Persons Coming, and Goods Brought from Infected Places, to Perform Quarantine, 18 June 177979. A Bill for the More General Diffusion of Knowledge, 18 June 177980. A Bill for Amending the Constitution of the College of William and Mary, and Substituting More Certain Revenues for Its Support, 18 June 177981. A Bill for Establishing a Public Library, 18 June 177982. A Bill for Establishing Religious Freedom, 18 June 177983. A Bill for Saving the Property of the Church Heretofore by Law Established, 18 June 177984. A Bill for Punishing Disturbers of Religious Worship and Sabbath Breakers, 18 June 177985. A Bill for Appointing Days of Public Fasting and Thanksgiving, 18 June 177986. A Bill Annulling Marriages Prohibited by the Levitical Law, and Appointing the Mode of Solemnizing Lawful Marriage, 18 June 177987. A Bill against Usury, 18 June 177988. A Bill to Prevent Gaming, 18 June 177989. A Bill to Prevent Forestalling, Regrating, and Engrossing, and Sales by Auction, 18 June 177990. A Bill Constituting the High Court of Chancery, 18 June 177991. A Bill Constituting the General Court, 18 June 177992. A Bill Constituting the Court of Admiralty, 18 June 177993. A Bill Constituting the Court of Appeals, 18 June 177994. A Bill for Constituting Courts Martial, 18 June 177995. A Bill Constituting Justices of the Peace and County Courts, 18 June 177996. A Bill concerning Sheriffs, 18 June 177997. A Bill for Licensing Counsel, Attorneys at Law, and Proctors, 18 June 177998. A Bill Prescribing the Oath of Fidelity, and the Oaths of Certain Public Officers, 18 June 177999. A Bill to Prevent the Sale of Public Offices, 18 June 1779100. A Bill Directing the Method of Proceeding upon Impeachments, 18 June 1779101. A Bill for Regulating Proceedings in Courts of Equity, 18 June 1779102. A Bill for Regulating Proceedings in Courts of Common Law, 18 June 1779103. A Bill Directing the Method of Proceeding against, and Trying Free Persons Charged with Certain Crimes, 18 June 1779104. A Bill Directing the Method of Trying Slaves Charged with Treason or Felony, 18 June 1779105. A Bill for Reforming the Method of Proceeding in Writs of Right, 18 June 1779106. A Bill concerning Partitions and Joint Rights and Obligations, 18 June 1779107. A Bill for the Speedy Determination of Suits Wherein Foreigners Are Parties, 18 June 1779108. A Bill for Speedy Recovery of Money Due from Certain Persons to the Public, 18 June 1779109. A Bill for Recovering Demands of Small Value in a Summary Way, 18 June 1779110. A Bill Providing That Actions Popular, Prosecuted by Collusion, Shall Be No Bar to Those Which Be Pursued with Good Faith, 18 June 1779111. A Bill for Preventing Vexatious and Malicious Prosecutions and Moderating Amercements, 18 June 1779112. A Bill Providing a Means to Help and Speed Poor Persons in Their Suits, 18 June 1779113. A Bill Providing that an Infant May Sue by His Next Friend, 18 June 1779114. A Bill Declaring When the Death of Persons Absenting Themselves Shall be Presumed, 18 June 1779115. A Bill Prescribing a Method of Protesting Inland Bills of Exchange and Allowing Assignees of Obligations to Bring Actions Thereupon in Their Own Names, 18 June 1779116. A Bill for Limitation of Actions, 18 June 1779117. A Bill for Granting Attachments against the Estates of Debtors Removing Privately or Absconding, 18 June 1779118. A Bill concerning Inquests, 18 June 1779119. A Bill Permitting Those Who Will Not Take Oaths to Be Otherwise Qualified, 18 June 1779120. A Bill for Regulating the Commencement of the Year, and the Computation of Time, 18 June 1779121. A Bill Allowing a Bill of Exceptions to Be Sealed, 18 June 1779122. A Bill for Enforcing Performance of Awards Made by Rule of Court, 18 June 1779123. A Bill concerning Executions, 18 June 1779124. A Bill concerning Rents and Distresses, 18 June 1779125. A Bill Providing Remedy and Punishment in Cases of Forcible Entries and Detainers, 18 June 1779126. A Bill for Repealing Certain Acts of Parliament and of General Assembly, 18 June 1779
IV. Appendix