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Main Series | Volume 6 (21 May 1781–1 March 1784) | Documents

From James Callaway, 21 May 1781To the County Lieutenants of Powhatan, Chesterfield, Prince George, and Dinwiddie, 21 May 1781To the County Lieutenants of Goochland and Henrico, 21 May 1781To the County Lieutenants of Hanover and New Kent, 21 May 1781To Benjamin Harrison, Jr., 21 May 1781To Robert Lawson, 21 May 1781To Matthew Pope, 21 May 1781To David Ross, 21 May 1781William Lewis to James Maxwell, 22 May 1781To the Rev. James Madison and Robert Andrews, 22 May 1781To Joseph Reed, 22 May 1781From the Virginia Delegates in Congress, 22 May 1781To Richard Claiborne, 23 May 1781From George Rogers Clark, 23 May 1781From David Ross, 23 May 1781From Samuel Huntington, 24 May 1781[From the Continental Board of War, 25 May 1781]To William Davies, 25 May 1781From John Nelson, 25 May 1781To David Ross, 25 May 1781From Lafayette, 26 May 1781From David Ross, Enclosing a Letter from James Maury, 26 May 1781To David Ross, 26 May 1781From Francis Taylor, 26 May 1781Samuel Patteson to William Davies, 27 May 1781To the County Lieutenants of Washington and Certain Other Counties, 28 May 1781To James Hunter, 28 May 1781To Samuel Huntington, 28 May 1781From Lafayette, 28 May 1781From David Ross, 28 May 1781To the Speaker of the House of Delegates, 28 May 1781From Steuben, 28 May 1781, with enclosure: “Representation of the State of the Virginia Line”To George Washington, 28 May 1781From the Commissioners of the Specific Tax in Fairfax County, 29 May 1781To the County Lieutenants of York and Certain Other Counties, 29 May 1781From Andrew Donnally, 29 May 1781To Lafayette, 29 May 1781From Lafayette, 29 May 1781[From the Virginia Delegates in Congress, 29 May 1781]From the Continental Board of War, 30 May 1781From John Gibson, 30 May 1781From James Hunter, 30 May 1781To Miles King, 30 May 1781To Lafayette, 30 May 1781To Lafayette, 30 May 1781To Robert Scot, 30 May 1781From John Walker, 30 May 1781From Vivian Brooking, 31 May 1781From George Corbin, 31 May 1781To the County Lieutenants of Powhatan and Certain Other Counties, 31 May 1781To William Davies, 31 May 1781[To the Speaker of the House of Delegates, 31? May 1781]To Lafayette, 31 May 1781From Lafayette, 31 May 1781From Matthew Pope, 31 May 1781, with enclosure: List of Necessaries, 31 May 1781From George Slaughter, 31 May 1781Recommendation of the Justices of the Peace for Bedford County, May 1781Petition of Robert Poage and Others, May 1781Speech to Jean Baptiste Ducoigne, [ca. 1] June 1781Bond of John Ellyson and Richard Harvie, 1 June 1781From Samuel Huntington, 1 June 1781From Francis Taylor, 1 June 1781From Robert Wooding, 1 June 1781From John Cabeen, 2 June 1781From William Harrison, 2 June 1781From Samuel Huntington, 2 June 1781To Lafayette, 2 June 1781To Daniel Morgan, 2 June 1781To the Speaker of the House of Delegates, 2 June 1781To Robert Andrews and Rev. James Madison, 3 June 1781From Theodorick Bland, 3 June 1781From Samuel Huntington, 3 June 1781To Joseph Reed, 3 June 1781Steuben to the Speaker of the Senate, [3 June 1781]To the Surveyor of Monongalia County, 3 June 1781From the Virginia Delegates in Congress, [3? June 1781]From James Callaway, 4 June 1781From Arthur Campbell, 4 June 1781From Arthur Campbell, 4 June 1781From La Luzerne, 4 June 1781From Edwin Conway, 6 June 1781From Samuel Huntington, 6 June 1781From John Walker, 6 June 1781 [document added in digital edition]From George Washington, 8 June 1781[From Josiah Parker, before 9 June 1781]To Col. William Fleming, 9 June 1781Henry Young to William Davies, 9 June 1781From George Rogers Clark, 10 June 1781From Robert Morris, 11 June 1781From John Beckley, enclosing a Resolution of the House of Delegates, 12 June 1781Richard Henry Lee to the Virginia Delegates in Congress, 12 June 1781From Col. William Fleming, 14 June 1781From Arthur Campbell, 15 June 1781From Samuel Huntington, enclosing a Resolution of Congress Appointing Peace Commissioners, 15 June 1781From James Monroe, 18 June 1781From Archibald Cary, 19 June 1781From Arthur Campbell, 20 June 1781From Meriwether Smith, 21 June 1781From Lafayette, 26 June 1781From Nathanael Greene, 27 June 1781From Nathanael Greene, 27 [29?] June 1781From Lafayette, 1 July 1781To George Nicholas, 28 July 1781From George Nicholas, 31 July 1781Charges Advanced by George Nicholas, with Jefferson's Answers, [after 31 July 1781]From Horatio Gates, 2 August 1781To Lafayette, 4 August 1781To Thomas McKean, 4 August 1781From Philip Mazzei, 8 August 1781From Thomas McKean, 20 August 1781To Thomas McKean, 7 September 1781From Edmund Randolph, 7 September 1781To Edmund Randolph, 16 September 1781From Hugh Rose, enclosing Affidavits respecting Jefferson's Orders for Militia, 26 September 1781From George Mason, 27 September 1781Jefferson's Certification of William Short as an Attorney, 30 September 1781To James Madison, 30 September 1781To Thomas McKean, 30 September 1781To Robert Morris, 30 September 1781To Richard Peters, 30 September 1781From James Monroe, 1 October 1781[From Philip Mazzei, 2 October 1781]To Benjamin Franklin, to John Adams, and to John Jay, 5 October 1781To James Monroe, 5 October 1781From Edmund Randolph, 9 October 1781From David Watson, [before 28 October 1781]To George Washington, 28 October 1781From Horatio Gates, 15 November 1781From James Madison, 18 November 1781From William Fleming, 23 November 1781From John Harvie, enclosing a Resolution to Inquire into the Conduct of the Executive, 27 November 1781From George Washington, 30 November 1781Jefferson's Account and Attendance Record in the General Assembly for October 1781, [10–22 December 1781]Resolution of Thanks to Jefferson by the Virginia General Assembly, 12–19 December 1781To Duncan Rose, 13 December 1781To Horatio Gates, 14 December 1781To George Rogers Clark, 19 December 1781A Bill for the Relief of Military Pensioners, [19 December 1781]To Thomas McKean, 20 December 1781To Marbois, 20 December 1781To Charles Thomson, 20 December 1781From Nathaniel Harrison, 22 December 1781To Isaac Zane, 24 December [1781]From George Wythe, 31 December 1781From John Lyne, with Jefferson's Memoranda for a Legal Opinion, 13 January 1782From James Madison, 15 January 1782From Marbois, 29 January 1782From Charles Bellini, 13 February 1782The Case of Mace Freeland, 15 February 1782From Harry Innes, 18 February 1782From George Rogers Clark, 20 February 1782From Isaac Zane, 25 February 1782From D'Anmours, 27 February 1782From David Jameson, 7 March 1782From Philip Mazzei, 8 March 1782From Charles Thomson, 9 March 1782From Arthur Lee, 13 March 1782From Jacquelin Ambler, 16 March 1782To Overton Carr, 16 March 1782To Thomas Stone, 16 March 1782From James Madison, 18 March 1782To James Madison, 24 March 1782To Marbois, 24 March 1782From James Madison, 26 March 1782From Charles Bellini, 8 April 1782Election Return for Delegates from Albemarle County, 11 April 1782To Benjamin Harrison, 13 April 1782From James Madison, 16 April 1782From Marbois, 22 April 1782From James Monroe, 6 May 1782To the Speaker of the House of Delegates, 6 May 1782From Thomas Watkins, with Jefferson's Opinion concerning a Will, 9 May 1782From James Monroe, 11 May 1782From John Tyler, 16 May 1782To James Monroe, 20 May 1782From John K. Read, 22 May 1782[Resolutions concerning Peace with England, 25 May 1782]Appointment by the General Assembly of a Committee to Investigate and Publish Findings concerning Virginia's Western Claim, 30 May 1782From Chastellux, 10 June 1782From D'Oyré, 10 June 1782From James Monroe, 28 June 1782From Chastellux, 30 June 1782From Benjamin Franklin, 15 July 1782From Thomas Turpin, [before 7 August 1782]To Benjamin Harrison, 7 August 1782Lines Copied from Tristram Shandy by Martha and Thomas Jefferson, [before 6 September 1782]To Benjamin Harrison, 22 September 1782To Henry Tazewell, 30 September 1782To Elizabeth Wayles Eppes, [3? October 1782]From Benjamin Harrison, 3 October 1782From Arthur Campbell, 7 November 1782From Robert R. Livingston, enclosing Jefferson's Appointment as a Peace Commissioner, 13 November 1782To Chastellux, 26 November 1782To George Rogers Clark, 26 November 1782To Robert R. Livingston, 26 November 1782To James Madison, 26 November 1782From Arthur Campbell, 29 November 1782La Luzerne to Robert Livingston, 29 November 1782Advertisement, 15 December 1782Jefferson's Contemplated Mission to Europe, [31 December 1782–24 January 1783]To Benjamin Franklin, 3 January 1783To John Jay, 3 January 1783To William Livingston, 3 January 178[3]To George Rogers Clark, 6 January 1783To Francis Eppes, 14 January 1783[To Daniel Hylton, 20 January 1783 – redated]Honorary Degree Conferred on Jefferson by the College of William and Mary, 20 January 1783To George Washington, 22 January 1783From Benjamin Rush, 24 January 1783From William Livingston, 25 January 1783Jefferson's Statement of Losses to the British at His Cumberland Plantations in 1781, [27 January 1783]To James Madison, 31 January 1783From Lewis R. Morris, 31 January 1783To La Luzerne, 7 February 1783To Robert R. Livingston, 7 February 1783To James Madison, 7 February 1783From James Monroe, 8 February 1783From George Washington, 10 February 1783From James Madison, 11 February 1783From La Villebrune, 12 February 1783From La Luzerne, 13 February 1783From James Madison, 13 February 1783To Robert R. Livingston, 14 February 1783From Robert R. Livingston, Enclosing a Resolution of Congress, 14 February 1783To James Madison, 14 February 1783To James Madison, 14 February 1783To Francis Eppes, 15 February 1783From James Madison, 15 February 1783To Edmund Randolph, 15 February 1783From Robert R. Livingston, 18 February 1783From James Madison, 18 February 1783From La Villebrune, 19 February 1783To Francis Eppes, 4 March 1783To Edmund Pendleton, 4 March 1783From La Valette, 5 March 1783To Abner Nash, 11 March 1783To Robert R. Livingston, 13 March 1783[To Robert R. Livingston, 27 March 1783]To David S. Franks, [March or April 1783]Resolution of Congress Releasing Jefferson from His Commission to Negotiate Peace, 1 April 1783From Robert R. Livingston, 4 April 1783To Robert R. Livingston, 4 April 1783To John Jay, 11 April 1783To James Madison, 14 April 1783From James Madison, 22 April 1783From James Madison, 6 May 1783To James Madison, 7 May 1783From James Madison, 13 May 1783To Simon Nathan, 18 May 1783From James Madison, 20 May 1783From Wakelin Welch, Sr., with Jefferson's Account with Robert Cary & Co., 31 May 1783From Wakelin Welch, Jr., 31 May 1783To James Madison, 1 June 1783From James Madison, 10 June 1783To James Madison, 17 June 1783Jefferson's Proposed Revision of the Virginia Constitution, [May–June 1783]To Isaac Zane, 17 June 1783[From John Adams, 23 June 1783]From James Madison, 17 July 1783To Edmund Randolph, 18 July 1783To Philip Turpin, 29 July 1783From James Madison, 11 August 1783To James Madison, 31 August 1783From James Madison, 20 September 1783To Thomas Walker, 25 September 1783Bond to James Currie, 30 September 1783From James Madison, 30 September 1783From Archibald Cary, 12 October 1783Benjamin Harrison to the Virginia Delegates in Congress, 25 October 1783Benjamin Harrison to the Virginia Delegates in Congress, 30 October 1783To Isaac Zane, 8 November 1783To Francis Eppes, 10 November 1783From Joseph Reed, [10? November 1783]To Benjamin Harrison, 11 November 1783[To John Key, 11 November 1783]Benjamin Harrison to the Virginia Delegates in Congress, 14 November 1783[From William Jones, 18 November 1783]To James Monroe, 18 November 1783Oliver Pollock to the Virginia Delegates in Congress, 20 November 1783From Benjamin Harrison, 21 November 1783[To John Key, 26 November 1783][To Jacquelin Ambler, 27 November 1783][To Mann Page, 27 November 1783][To William Short, 27 November 1783][To John Tyler, 27 November 1783]Francis Hopkinson to Robert Bremner, 28 November 1783To Martha Jefferson, 28 November 1783Documents Concerning the Residence of Congress, [ca. November–December 1783][To Martha Jefferson Carr, 4 December 1783]To George Rogers Clark, 4 December 1783[To Elizabeth Wayles Eppes, 4 December 1783][To Francis Eppes, 4 December 1783][To Samuel Coleman, 5 December 1783][To James Currie, 5 December 1783]Benjamin Harrison to the Virginia Delegates in Congress, 5 December 1783[To Samuel House, 5 December 1783][To Gabriel Jones, 5 December 1783]To Marbois, 5 December 1783[To Archibald Stuart, 5 December 1783][To Eliza House Trist, 5 December 1783]From Eliza House Trist, [ca. 8 December? 1783]From James Madison, 10 December 1783To Peter Carr, 11 December 1783To Martha Jefferson, 11 December 1783To James Madison, 11 December 1783[To James Maury, 11 December 1783][To Philip Mazzei, 11 December 1783]To Eliza House Trist, [11 December 1783?][To Benjamin Harrison, 12 December 1783][To Joseph Jones, 12 December 1783]Report on the Definitive Treaty of Peace and the Letter from the American Commissioners, [16 December 1783]To Edmund Pendleton, 16 December 1783To Benjamin Harrison, 17 December 1783[To Speaker of the House of Delegates, 18 December 1783][To Martha Jefferson Carr, 19 December 1783][To Speaker of the Senate, 19 December 1783]From Benjamin Harrison, 19 December 1783[To William Short, 19 December 1783]Report on Letters from the American Ministers in Europe, [20 December 1783]George Washington's Resignation as Commander-in-Chief, [20–23 December 1783]From Joseph Jones, 21 December 1783From Francis Eppes, 22 December 1783To Martha Jefferson, 22 December 1783[To Eliza House Trist, 22 December 1783][To Jacquelin Ambler, 23 December 1783][To Francis Hopkinson, 23 December 1783]To Benjamin Harrison, 24 December 1783[To the Rev. James Madison, 24 December 1783][To Charles Carter, 26 December 1783]From Benjamin Harrison, 26 December 1783Benjamin Harrison to the Virginia Delegates in Congress, 26 December 1783[To Henry Skipwith, 26 December 1783]Resolution Providing for Three Vessels to Transmit Definitive Treaty When Ratified, [26 December 1783]Resolution Opposing Ratification of the Definitive Treaty by Less than Nine States, [27 December 1783][To Elizabeth Wayles Eppes, 27 December 1783][To James Currie, 28 December 1783][To Benjamin Hawkins, 28 December 1783][To Thomas Hutchins, 29 December 1783]Report on Gerry's Motion respecting Papers in the Office of Foreign Affairs, [29 December 1783]From Joseph Jones, 29 December 1783[To Bernard Moore, 29 December 1783][To William Short, 29 December 1783][To Edmund Randolph, 30 December 1783][To Edward Fox, 31 December 1783]To Benjamin Harrison, 31 December 1783To Wilson Cary Nicholas, 31 December 1783Notes on British and American Alienage, [1783]To James Madison, 1 January 1784From Benjamin Harrison, 2 January 1784Report of Committee to Revise the Files of Reports, [2 January 1784]Jefferson's Compromise Motion concerning Ratification of the Definitive Treaty, [2 January 1784]Report of the Committee on Jefferson's Compromise Motion concerning Ratification, [3 January 1784]From Francis Hopkinson, with “A Literary Christmas Gambol”, 4 January 1784From John Sullivan, with Petition of John Penhallow, 6 January 1784Report on the Case of the Brig Lusanna, [8 January 1784]Report of the Committee on a Letter of Nathanael Greene, [13 January 1784]Ratification of the Definitive Treaty of Peace, [14 January 1784]Proclamation Announcing Ratification of Definitive Treaty, 14 January 1784To Martha Jefferson, 15 January 1784To Chastellux, 16 January 1784To Benjamin Harrison, 17 January 1784To Benjamin Harrison, 1[7] January 1784[To Martha Jefferson Carr, 18 January 1784][To Elizabeth Wayles Eppes, 18 January 1784][To Francis Eppes, 18 January 1784][To Anna Scott Jefferson, 18 January 1784]To Edmund Pendleton, 18 January 1784[To William Short, 18 January 1784]From Henry Skipwith, 20 January 1784The Connecticut-Pennsylvania Territorial Dispute, [1782–1784]From the Rev. James Madison, 22 January 1784From St. John de Crèvecoeur, 23 January 1784Motion to Obtain an Estimate of Current Expenses, [23 January 1784]Virginia Delegates in Congress to Benjamin Harrison, 23 January 1784Virginia Delegates in Congress to Oliver Pollock, 23 January 1784Report of Committee on Letter of John Allen, [26 January 1784]From Benjamin Harrison, 30 January 1784From Edmund Randolph, 30 January 1784Report on the Powers of the Committee of the States, [30 January–ca. 29. April 1784][To Boinod & Gaillard, 1 February 1784]From Joseph Carleton, with an Estimate of Expenses of the Military Department, 1 February 1784[To Joseph Crockett, 1 February 1784][To Richard Curson, 1 February 1784][To Samuel House, 1 February 1784][To John Key, 1 February 1784][To John Moore, 1 February 1784]To Robert Morris, [1 February 1784][To Thomas Mann Randolph, 1–14 February 1784][To David Watson, 1 February 1784][To Joseph Jones, 2–14 February 1784]From Charles Carter, 9 February 1784From Marbois, [10? February 1784]From Thomas Hutchins, 11 February 1784From James Madison, 11 February 1784[To Jacquelin Ambler, 14 February 1784][To James Buchanan, 14 February 1784][To George Gilmer, 14 February 1784][To James Maury, 14 February 1784]James Monroe to Benjamin Harrison, 14 February 1784From David Ross, 14 February 1784From James Madison, 17 February 1784[To Boinod & Gaillard, 18 February 1784]To Francis Hopkinson, 18 February 1784[To Samuel House, 18 February 1784]To Martha Jefferson, 18 February 1784[To Boinod & Gaillard, 19 February 1784]To James Madison, 20 February 1784Benjamin Harrison to the Virginia Delegates, 20 February 1784Virginia Delegates in Congress to Benjamin Harrison, with Petition from Inhabitants of Kentucky, 20 February 1784From Derieux, 22 February 178[4][To Daniel? Dulany, 22 February 1784]From Francis Hopkinson, 23 February 1784Benjamin Harrison to James Monroe, 24 February 1784From Robert Morris, with Table of Arrears of the States and Jefferson's Notes, 25 February 1784Benjamin Harrison to James Monroe, 27 February 1784From Joseph Jones, 28 February 1784[To the Speaker of the House of Delegates, 28 February 1784]To Edmund Pendleton, 29 February 1784To William Short, 1 March 1784The Virginia Cession of Territory Northwest of the Ohio, [1 March 1784]Plan for Government of the Western Territory, [3 February–23 April 1784]