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Main Series | Volume 7 (2 March 1784–25 February 1785) | Documents

[To Francis Eppes, 2 March 1784][To John Key, 2 March 1784][To Thomas Mann Randolph, 2 March 1784][From Francis Eppes, 3 March 1784]To Benjamin Harrison, 3 March 1784From George Washington, 3 March 1784[To the Speaker of the Senate, 4 March 1784]To George Rogers Clark, 4 March 1784Report of Committee on Instructions to Indian Commissioners, [4 March 1784]Samuel Hardy to Benjamin Harrison, 5 March 1784[To Edmund Randolph, 5 March 1784]Report of Committee on Reductions in the Civil List, 5 March 1784To George Washington, 6 March 1784[From John Key, 7 March 1784][To D'Anmours, 9 March 1784][To Richard Curson, 9 March 1784]From David Ross, 9 March 1784[To William Short, 9 March 1784]From William Short, [ca. 10] March 1784[To D'Anmours, 12 March 1784]Samuel Hardy to Benjamin Harrison, 12 March 1784From Francis Hopkinson, 12 March 1784[To Ralph Izard, 12 March 1784]From John Sullivan, with John McDuffee's Answers to Queries concerning the Moose, 5 March 1781–12 March 1784[From Francis Hopkinson, 14 March 1784][To Jacquelin Ambler, 15 March 1784][To Benjamin Harrison, Jr., 15 March 1784][To David Ross, 15 March 1784]To George Washington, 15 March 1784From George Washington, 15 March 1784From William Whipple, with Answers to Queries concerning the Moose, 15 March 1784To James Madison, 16 March 1784From James Madison, 16 March 1784[To the Speaker of the Senate, 17 March 1784][To James McClurg, 17 March 1784][To Eliza House Trist, 17 March 1784]To Isaac Zane, 17 March 1784To Benjamin Harrison, with Extract from Franklin's Letter, 18 March 1784[To William Short, 18 March 1784][To the Speaker of the House of Delegates, 18 March 1784]To Martha Jefferson, 19 March 1784[From Edmund Pendleton, 19 March 1784][To James Currie, 22 March 1784]Virginia Delegates in Congress to Benjamin Harrison, 22 March 1784From Benjamin Harrison, 23 March 1784[To Benjamin Harrison, 24 March 1784][From John Key, 24 March 1784][To Abner Nash, 24 March 1784][From William Short, 24 March 1784]From George Washington, 24 March 1784James Monroe to Benjamin Harrison, 26 March 1784From George Washington, 29 March 1784To Robert Morris, with Draft of a Circular Letter to the States, 30 March 1784[From Martha Jefferson, 30 March 1784][From James Maury, 30–31 March 1784]From Francis Hopkinson, 31 March 1784To George Washington, 31 March 1784[From Elizabeth Wayles Eppes, 1 April 1784][To Francis Hopkinson, 1 April 1784]From Mary Jefferson, 1 April 1784[From Walker Maury, 1 April 1784][To John Banister, 2 April 1784][From Francis Eppes, 2 April 1784]To Benjamin Harrison, 2 April 1784To Edmund Pendleton, 2 April 1784Benjamin Harrison to Samuel Hardy, 2 April 1784[To Richard Curson, 3 April 1784][From John Sullivan, 3 April 1784]To Martha Jefferson, 4 April 1784From Philip Mazzei, 4 April 1784Report on Arrears of Interest on the National Debt, [5 April 1784]From G. K. van Hogendorp, [ca. 6 April 1784]To George Washington, 6 April 1784From Robert Morris, 8 April 1784From Eliza House Trist, 8 April 1784From George Washington, 8 April 1784To Benjamin Harrison, 9 April 1784[From Benjamin Harrison, 9 April 1784]To Robert Morris, 9 April 1784To Timothy Pickering, 9 April 1784[From William Short, 9 April 1784]Samuel Hardy to Benjamin Harrison, 10 April 1784[From Martha Jefferson, 10 April 1784][To Walker Maury, 10 April 1784]John Francis Mercer to Executive Council of Virginia, 10 April 1784[From Martha Jefferson, 12 April 1784][From James McClurg, 12 April 1784][To Carter Braxton, 13 April 1784]From Richard Curson, 13 April 1784[From Francis Hopkinson, 13 April 1784][To David Jameson, 13 April 1784]From Eliza House Trist, 13 April [1784]From John Banister, 15 April 1784[From Martha Jefferson Carr, 15 April 1784]Resolution on Steuben's Memorial, [15 April 1784][To Benjamin Harrison, 16 April 1784]From Benjamin Harrison, 16 April 1784Benjamin Harrison to the Virginia Delegates in Congress, 16 April 1784[From Francis Hopkinson, 16 April 1784][To William Short, 16 April 1784][From William Short, 16 April 1784]To George Washington, 16 April 1784[To Richard Curson, 17 April 1784]To Martha Jefferson, 17 April 1784[From John Tyler, 18 April 1784][From James Maury, 19 April 1784][From Edmund Pendleton, 19 April 1784][To Francis Hopkinson, 20 April 1784][To Mary Johnson Hopkinson, 20 April 1784][To Samuel House, 20 April 1784]From Walker Maury, [ca. 20 April 1784][To St. John de Crèvecoeur, 22 April 1784][To Elizabeth Wayles Eppes, 22 April 1784][To Francis Eppes, 22 April 1784][To Mary Jefferson, 22 April 1784][To Henry Skipwith, 22 April 1784][To John Banister, 23 April 1784][To James Buchanan, 23 April 1784]From Benjamin Harrison, 23 April 1784[From Benjamin Harrison, Jr., 23 April 1784][To Thomas Mann Randolph, 23 April 1784][To John Christian Senf, 23 April 1784][From William Short, 23 April 1784][From Francis Eppes, 24 April 1784][To James McClurg, 24 April 1784]From Edmund Randolph, 24 April 1784[To Richard Curson, 25 April 1784][To Joseph Jones, 25 April 1784]To James Madison, 25 April 1784From James Madison, 25 April 1784[To Boinod & Gaillard, 26 April 1784]To Robert Morris, 26 April 1784From Timothy Pickering, 26 April 1784[To Benjamin Harrison, 27 April 1784]From Ralph Izard, 27 April 1784Report of a Committee concerning Hugh Mercer, [27 April 1784][To John Sullivan, 27 April 1784][To William Whipple, 27 April 1784][To James Currie, 28 April 1784]From the Rev. James Madison, 28 April 1784[To Philip Mazzei, 28 April 1784][To Edmund Pendleton, 28 April 1784][To Edmund Randolph, 28 April 1784]To Philip Turpin, 28 April 1784From Robert Morris, 29 April 1784To Benjamin Harrison, 30 April 1784Samuel Hardy to Benjamin Harrison, 30 April 1784Report of a Committee to Establish a Land Office, [30 April 1784]To William Short (Extract), [30 April 1784]Samuel Hardy and John F. Mercer to Jefferson and James Monroe, April 1784Jefferson's Notes on CoinageResolution on Treaties of Amity and Commerce, [April? 1784][From Marbois, 2 May 1784]To Francis Hopkinson, 3 May 1784Resolution of Secrecy concerning Letters of Ministers, [3 May 1784]To G. K. van Hogendorp, with Papers, [4 May 1784]Report concerning Continental Bills of Credit, [7 May 1784][To D'Anmours, 7 May 1784][To Martha Jefferson Carr, 7 May 1784][To Benjamin Dudley, 7 May 1784][To Elizabeth Wayles Eppes, 7 May 1784]To Horatio Gates, 7 May 1784To Benjamin Harrison, 7 May 1784To Benjamin Harrison, 7 May 1784[To Francis Hopkinson, 7 May 1784][From David Jameson, 7 May 1784][To Mary Jefferson, 7 May 1784][To John Key, 7 May 1784]To James Madison, 7 May 1784[To William Short, 7 May 1784]To William Short, 7 May 1784[To Anne Wayles Skipwith, 7 May 1784][To Henry Skipwith, 7 May 1784][To the Speaker of the House of Delegates, 7 May 1784][To Charles Bellini, 8 May 1784][To Benjamin Harrison, 8 May 1784]From Benjamin Harrison, 8 May 1784[To the Rev. James Madison, 8 May 1784]To James Madison, 8 May 1784[From James Madison, 8 May 1784][To Philip Mazzei, 8 May 1784][To James McClurg, 8 May 1784]From William Short, 8 May 1784[To George Gilmer, 9 May 1784]From G. K. van Hogendorp, 9 May 1784[To Anna Scott Jefferson, 9 May 1784][To John Key, 9 May 1784][To Nicholas Lewis, 9 May 1784]Power of Attorney to Francis Eppes and Nicholas Lewis, [9 May 1784][To John Walker, 9 May 1784]List of Books Sold to James Monroe, [10 May 1784]Statement of Account with James Monroe, [10 May 1784][To Thomas Mann Randolph, 10 May 1784][To James Buchanan, 11 May 1784][To James Currie, 11 May 1784][To Richard Curson, 11 May 1784]From Richard Curson, 11 May 1784Jefferson's Account of Expenses, with Order on Treasurer, 31 May 1784[To David Ross, 11 May 1784]To the Speaker of the House of Delegates, [11 May 1784][To the Speaker of the Senate, 11 May 1784]From Francis Hopkinson, 12 May 1784[From John Key, 12 May 1784]Virginia Delegates to Benjamin Harrison, 13 May 1784From Benjamin Harrison, 14 May 1784[From James Madison, 14 May 1784]From James Monroe, 14 May 1784From William Short, 14 May 1784From William Short, 1[5] May 1784From James Madison, 15 May 1784From Henry Martin, 15 May 1784From Edmund Randolph, 15 May 1784From Charles Thomson, with Instructions and Commissions, 16 May 1784Enclosure I: Commission for Negotiating Treaties of Amity and Commerce, 16 May 1784Enclosure II: Instructions for Negotiating Treaties of Amity and Commerce By The United States in Congress Assembled, 29 October 1783Enclosure III: Instructions to the Commissioners for Negotiating Treaties of Amity and Commerce, 7 May 1784[From Edmund Pendleton, 17 May 1784][From Elbridge Gerry, 19 May 1784]From Charles Thomson, 19 May 1784From Philip Mazzei, 20 May 1784From Thomas Mifflin, 20 May 1784From James Monroe, 20 May 1784From John Tyler, 20 May 1784[From Elizabeth Wayles Eppes, 21 May 1784]From Samuel Hardy, 21 May 1784To James Monroe, 21 May 1784To Charles Thomson, 21 May 1784[To Ralph Izard, 22 May 1784][To John Rutledge, 22 May 1784]From G. K. van Hogendorp, 22 May 1784From William Short, 22 May 1784[To Samuel Hardy, 25 May 1784]From Francis Hopkinson, with Enclosure, 25 May 1784To James Madison, 25 May 1784[To James Monroe, 25 May 1784]From James Monroe, 25 [May] 1784To Edmund Pendleton, 25 May 1784[To Edmund Randolph, 25 May 1784]Benjamin Harrison to the Virginia Delegates, 28 May 1784[To James Monroe, 28 May 1784][To Eliza House Trist, 28 May 1784]Resolution of Congress for the Arrest of Longchamps, 29 May 1784From Francis Hopkinson, 30 May [1784]From G. K. van Hogendorp, with Questions concerning America, 30 May 1784[To James Madison, ca. 1 June 1784]From James Monroe, 1 June 1784From George Washington, 2 June 1784From Wilson Miles Cary, 4 June 1784Extract from the Diary of Ezra Stiles, [8 June 1784]From William Livingston, 10 June 1784To Ezra Stiles, 10 June 1784From Charles Thomson, 18 June 1784Charles Thomson to the American Commissioners, 18 June 1784To John Adams, 19 June 1784To Benjamin Franklin, 19 June 1784To David Humphreys, 21 June 1784From Ezra Stiles, 21 June 1784From John Trumbull, 21 June 1784From John Sullivan, with Memoranda on the Moose, 22 June 1784To David Humphreys, 27 June 1784From William Short, 28 June 1784Notes on Commerce of the Northern States, [May–July 1784][To St. John de Crèvecoeur, 1 July 1784][To Francis Eppes, 1 July 1784][To Samuel Hardy, 1 July 1784][To Samuel House, 1 July 1784][To Nicholas Lewis, 1 July 1784]To James Madison, 1 July 1784[To Philip Mazzei, 1 July 1784][To Charles Williamos, 1 July 1784]To Elbridge Gerry, 2 July 1784From Isaac Zane, 2 July 1784From James Madison, 3 July 1784[To Robert Morris, 3 July 1784]To David Humphreys, 4 July [1784]From Ezra Stiles, 7 July 1784From Neil Jamieson, 12 July 1784From Neil Jamieson, 14 July 1784From St. John de Crèvecoeur, 15 July 1784Charles Thomson to the American Commissioners, 16 July 1784From Benjamin Harrison, 20 July 1784From James Monroe, 20 July 1784To John Adams, 24 July 1784[To George Cabot, 24 July 1784][To Archibald Cary, 24 July 1784][To G. K. van Hogendorp, 24 July 1784][To Alexander Moore, 24 July 1784][To Wakelin Welch, 24 July 1784][To Samuel Hardy, 26 July 1784]From William Short, 28 July 1784From Wakelin Welch, 28 July 1784Philip Mazzei's Memoranda Regarding Persons and Affairs in Paris, [ca. July 1784]From James Monroe, 9 August 1784From Samuel House, 10 August 1784Charles Thomson to the American Commissioners, 13 August 1784[To Nathaniel Tracy, 14 August 1784]From Beesly Edgar Joel, 15 August 1784[To William Carmichael, 16 August 1784][To Francis Eppes, 16 August 1784]From Horatio Gates, 16 August 1784From Horatio Gates, 16 August 1784To Matthew Clarkson, 17 August 1784To William Temple Franklin, 18 August 1784To Benjamin Harrison, 20 August 1784From James Madison, 20 August 1784From Chastellux, 24 August 1784From Elbridge Gerry, 24 August 1784From St. John de Crèvecoeur, 1 September 1784[To John Stockdale, 1 September 1784]From John Bondfield, 4 September 1784From James Madison, 7 September 1784From Henry Martin, 7 September 1784American Commissioners to De Souza, 9 September 1784American Commissioners to De Thulemeier, 9 September 1784From James Madison, 15 September 1784[From Francis Eppes, 16 September 1784]Aide-Mémoire from David Hartley, 16 September 1784From Wakelin Welch, 17 September 1784[To Henry Martin, 18 September 1784]American Commissioners to D'Aranda and Others, 22 September 1784De Pio to the American Commissioners, 26 September 1784Riviere to the American Commissioners, [26 September 1784]De Scarnafis to the American Commissioners, 26 September 1784D'Aranda to the American Commissioners, 27 September 1784Delfino to the American Commissioners, 27 September 1784From John Christian Senf, 27 September 1784De Souza to the American Commissioners, 27 September 1784American Commissioners to Stael de Holstein, 28 September 1784From Alexander Moore, 28 September 1784[American Commissioners to Favi, 30 September 1784]To Benjamin Harrison, [ca. September 1784]From Charles Thomson, 1 October 1784From Robert Crew, 5 October 1784[From Joseph Mayo, 5 October 1784]Stael de Holstein to the American Commissioners, 5 October 1784From Uriah Forrest, 8 October 1784De Thulemeier to the American Commissioners, 8 October 1784Favi to the American Commissioners, 10 October 1784From Lafayette, 11 October 1784From James Madison, 11 October 1784From Elizabeth Wayles Eppes, 13 October 1784From Francis Eppes, [14 October 1784]Lease of House in the Cul-de-sac Taitbout, 16 October 1784To John Adams and Benjamin Franklin, 17 October 1784From James Madison, 17 October 1784To Uriah Forrest, 20 October 1784From John Dickinson, 25 October 1784From Charles Thomson, 26 October 1784From Charles Thomson, with Letter from Joseph Wharton, 26 October 1784American Commissioners to D'Aranda, 28 October 1784American Commissioners to Dorset, 28 October 1784American Commissioners to Dorset, 28 October 1784From James Monroe, 1 November 1784[To William Carmichael, 2 November 1784][To John Christian Senf, 5 November 1784]Jefferson's “General Form” of a Treaty, [4 September–10 November 1784]American Commissioners to De Thulemeier, with Observations on Treaty, 10 November 1784American Commissioners to the President of Congress, 11 November 1784[To Thomas Barclay, 11 November 1784][To Martha Jefferson Carr, 11 November 1784][To James Currie, 11 November 1784][To Elizabeth Wayles Eppes, 11 November 1784][To Francis Eppes, 11 November 1784]To Elbridge Gerry, 11 November 1784[To Francis Hopkinson, 11 November 1784][To Nicholas Lewis, 11 November 1784]To James Madison, 11 November 1784[To the Rev. James Madison, 11 November 1784]To James Monroe, 11 November 1784To John Page, 11 November 1784To Jacob Read, 11 November 1784To David Rittenhouse, 11 November 1784To Charles Thomson, 11 November 1784From Benjamin Harrison, 12 November 1784From Jacques Le Maire, 15 November 1784From Henry Martin, with enclosures, 15 November 1784Enclosure I: Circular Letter to Merchants and Tobacco Growers of Virginia, 5 November 1784Enclosure II: Henry Martin to Patrick Henry, [before 15 November 1784]Enclosure III: Henry Martin to Sydney, 3 November 1784Enclosure IV: Sydney to Henry Martin, 4 November 1784Enclosure V: Henry Martin to Sydney, 6 November 1784Enclosure VI: Sydney to Henry Martin, 8 November 1784Enclosure VII: Law Officers of the Crown to Sydney, 7 November 1784Enclosure VIII: Henry Martin to Sydney, 19 November 1784Favi to the American Commissioners, 16 November 1784From Thomas Barclay, 17 November 1784From Francis Hopkinson, 18 November 1784From James Currie, 20 November 1784[To C. W. F. Dumas, 20 November 1784]Jefferson's Reply to the Representations of Affairs in America by British Newspapers, [before 20 November 1784]To G. K. van Hogendorp, 20 November 1784From Benjamin Franklin, 23 November 1784Dorset to the American Commissioners, 24 November 1784From William Carmichael, 25 November 1784To Benjamin Franklin, 25 November 1784American Commissioners to De Souza, 30 November 1784From C. W. F. Dumas, 1 December 1784To Benjamin Franklin, 1 December 1784From André Limozin, 3 December 1784From Philip Mazzei, 6 December 1784From Henry Martin, 7 December 1784To James Madison, 8 December 1784American Commissioners to Dorset, 9 December 1784American Commissioners to Favi, 9 December 1784To James Monroe, 10 December 1784De Thulemeier to the American Commissioners, 10 December 1784To George Washington, 10 December 1784From Wakelin Welch, 10 December 1784From Marbois, 11 December 1784From Hugh Williamson, 11 December 1784To Horatio Gates, 13 December 1784From James Monroe, 14 December 1784American Commissioners to the President of Congress, 15 December 1784[To Thomas Barclay, 15 December 1784][To William Carmichael, 15 December 1784][To Anthony Garvey, 15 December 1784][To Jean Holker, 15 December 1784]The Papal Nuncio to the American Commissioners, 15 December 1784From Anthony Garvey, 18 December 1784To John Lowell, 18 December 1784[To John Bondfield, 19 December 1784]From Thomas Barclay, 19 December 1784From Jean Holker, 22 December 1784De Souza to the American Commissioners, 22 December 1784To Chastellux, 24 December 1784From Eliza House Trist, 25 December 1784From Chastellux, 27 December [1784][To Anthony Garvey, 29 December 1784][To Jean Holker, 29 December 1784]From Jean Holker, 30 December 1784From David S. Franks, 1 January 1785[To Wakelin Welch, 5 January 1785]From James Madison, 9 January 1785To Benjamin Harrison, 12 January 1785[To James Buchanan, 13 January 1785][To Francis Eppes, 13 January 1785]To Francis Hopkinson, 13 January 1785[To Neil Jamieson, 13 January 1785]From Thomas Shore, 13 January 1785[To St. John de Crèvecoeur, 14 January 1785]To James Currie, [14 January 1785]John Jay to the American Commissioners, 14 January 1785To James Monroe, 14 January 178[5][To Commissioners of the Treasury, 15 January 1785][To Robert Crew, 15 January 1785][To David S. Franks, 15 January 1785]From G. K. van Hogendorp, 20 January 1785From Jacques Le Maire, 20 January 1785American Commissioners to De Thulemeier, 21 January 1785De Pio to the American Commissioners, 22 January 1785From James Madison, 22 January 1785De Thulemeier to the American Commissioners, with Translation of Treaty and Observations Thereon, 24 January 1785From —— Clouet, 28 January 1785To Benjamin Franklin, 28 January 1785[To David Hartley, 29 January 1785][To Ralph Izard, 29 January 1785][To Thomas Shore, 29 January 1785][To William Carmichael, 30 January 1785]To Richard Price, 1 February 1785From De Walterstorff, 1 February 1785De Scarnafis to the American Commissioners, 2 February 1785To De Walterstorff, 3 February 1785From Henry Martin, 4 February 1785[To James Currie, 5 February 1785]To Francis Eppes, 5 February 1785[To Wilson Miles Cary, 6 February 1785]To James Monroe, [6 February 1785]To Hugh Williamson, 6 February 1785To Richard Henry Lee, 7 February 1785[To Marbois, 7 February 1785][From John Banister, 8 February 1785][To Charles Thomson, 8 February 1785]Extract from Proceedings of the American Commissioners, 8 February 1785From John Banister, 9 February 1785American Commissioners to President of Congress, [9] February 1785To the Governor of Virginia, 9 February 1785[To John Jay, 9 February 1785]Favi to the American Commissioners, 10 February 1785De Thulemeier to the American Commissioners, 11 February 1785From Lafayette, 14 February 1785[To Henry Martin, 20 February 1785]From Elbridge Gerry, 25 February 1785